How To Be On The Frequency And Vibration Of Luxe

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For some time now I’ve been working towards living the luxe life.

I've dreamed about it. Pinned about it. Reblogged about it. Posted about it on my Instagram.

I've watched Gossip Girl on rerun to feel into the feelings of having an excess of money and beautiful clothes and freshly blow dried hair.

I've listened to music that took me to a luxe place in my mind. I'd close my eyes in my grubby jumper, in my small room that had chipped paint and ugly blue window sills and feel into luxury. Even when my surroundings told me that everything was NOT luxe, I still carried on. I set my eyes on what I desired and I followed it all.

Then came the time that I sold my stuff, finished my lease in my humble little apartment where I built my online business. I remember clearing out the room and literally burst out crying because I saw the nicks and the smallness of the room, and how old and imperfect it was with the lightbulb askew.

This room was where I had built my dreams. This room was where I had the desire to live luxe. And I was becoming a digital nomad traveling the world.

In this moment right now, I am living my dream luxe life. I am sitting on my hotel balcony at a luxury hotel on a Greek island looking out in the ocean through the glass barrier. There's a pool downstairs and umbrellas and sun-beds. It's a complete dream.

The way that I got here was by putting myself onto the VIBRATION and the frequency of the luxe life I desired.

So - how do you put yourself onto the vibe of the luxe life?

You surround yourself with the feelings of luxury.

Whether that is with friends who inspire you because they have those things you desire. Or you go to your favourite cafe and you order a sparkling water to journal with. No matter what your budget, living luxe is possible. At the start, it's simple. The more you live it and breathe it and embody it - the better it gets (what used to be a one night stay at Airbnbs to feel luxe has turned into 3 night stays in 5 star hotels in Paris for me!)

Be with people who live luxe.

I used to think that it was wrong to want to be with abundant people. But then I realised these were just my own money beliefs. When you desire to be with abundant people from a place of love and grace, you create beautiful connections unlike any other that make you feel elevated. You feel like you're in the vibe of being abundant also! For me, it looked like hiring a coach who had what I wanted. Speaking to her weekly gave me a glimpse of the energy it took to BE in luxe and wealth.

Just the slightest connection you have to someone can IMMEDIATELY align yourself with the vibe of luxe that attracts more and more into your life.


Be okay with the fact that you don't know HOW it's all going to happen. The fact is no matter what job you're in, what lifestyle you're in right now - you can live the luxe life. Working out how it's going to come about is not your job, just like finding out how to get to your destination with a GPS is not your job. You let the GPS take the wheel! Like the universe take the wheel. Your job is to be on the vibe of luxe and abundance and do the aligned action that comes with it.

Become unapologetic about wanting the luxe life.

As long as you're judging people who have it, or judging yourself for wanting it, the more you'll subconsciously sabotage your ability to create it. Know that wanting beautiful things is not independent of being a good person. YOU CAN BE AND HAVE BOTH! You can be a kind, rich girl.

Shine bright when you receive any experience that is luxe for you!

When you're sitting on the balcony of a luxury hotel, don't hide it, don't feel like you can't post it. When you are given a raise and a new office because of being on this vibration - don't sweep that under the rug!! SHARE ABOUT IT if you feel called! Take the photos you desire to. When you celebrate your wins and you share it unapologetically you are saying "thank you universe, more please!"

These are my tips for living the luxe life girls! And the best part is this is not even a sixteenth of what we're doing in Manifesting The Luxe Life - the 4 week modern girl course for creating your DREAM luxe life.

Luxe might be freedom for you. Luxe might be excitement for you. Luxe might be designer objects. Luxe might be passive income. Or travel. Whatever your version of luxe is -- it's only a vibration away. A frequency over.

>> THIS COURSE is where we'll be changing the channel for you and ALIGNING you with the luxe life you deserve.

No more settling and no more waiting around. We collapse time so that the luxe life you desire isn't 10 years away, but can be a reality ASAP. For me, it became a reality within 12 months. TWELVE MONTHS!

So here is a journal prompt for you. The more you think about and dream on luxe, the faster it manifests in your life.

>> What is the luxe life to you? What does it look like, smell like and feel like?! Get specific.

Earlybird enrolment for MTLL closes in under 48 hours!! This is the second round of MTLL, and each time I do this course, it has a brand new flavour in it. This round's flavour is complete immersion into the luxe. COMPLETE immersion and integration of luxe.

Big love,

Kimberley xo


Kimberley Loo