How To Succeed Even When You Feel Like A Failure

Hi girls! I am so excited to be writing to you from Lyon, France!

I'm currently at a cafe with an apple, carrot and ginger cold pressed juice with plants all around and timbers! I'll add a photo below so you can see!


Now lately what I didn't realise was there was something happening in my mindset that i know happens to SO many people around their business. If you're a mindset coach of any kind, or mentor - you know that you feel to set an example with your area of expertise! For me, I have the intention to set the example of being a great modern girl manifester as well as someone who is able to create success and manifest money powerfully with ease! + also whilst being high vibe.

Now I am NOT perfect and I am just as human as anyone - meaning that I also have ups and downs! In the past, I used to be afraid of saying that I had a down day or that I was getting frustrated because I was keeping my "reputation" up by showing one side! I now know that being a thought leader or teacher is not about only showing one side - it's about showing BOTH! It's about knowing that your downs are going to help those in that state relate to you, encouraging them that they can achieve what you have achieved also.

Whenever I stopped sharing both sides - I would feel a disconnect. I would feel like I was being inauthentic. And so the question then comes up as: then how do I show both sides without just complaining or seeming like a debby downer when I am a thought leader?! Let's explore this now!


So when you go through a challenge - it's good to share the reality of it - however the most important part of it is still adding VALUE to people. Sometimes the value is as simple as just being relatable! And sometimes the value is sharing a solution that came from the troubles you faced. It only becomes complaining if you are in a very charged emotional state and haven't reached any solution of some sort! I'll share my hardship right now: its that I'm am feeling quite tired and burnt out but still so called to write this blog post! And I know in doing so because it is so deeply aligned - it will add value and pay off!


When you're in a mentality of "there is nothing to hide" then you give yourself more space to be creative. You don't feel this weird energetic limit around you where you can "only think so far". When I have been the most vulnerable and open, I have had the most abundant thoughts and ideas come to me!! Write, post and create from a space of nothing to hide and know that your creativity will spark!


This is a silly sentence - but it's true. Just because you "failed" at something you taught before or you didn't abide your own rules doesn't mean you aren't a good teacher or coach. Teachers and coaches lead - meaning that even when you get knocked off your feet - you get right back up and you keep going. Those who have succeeded the most in the past have also failed the most - but so often we only look at their successes! Think about Einstein who made 3000 versions of the lightbulb before he found one that worked. His 3000 failures doesn't make him less of a genius than he was! Just like with you, falling down 200 times doesn't mean you should give up and stop being a coach. People are following YOU to be led, not shown a perfect picture! In fact, the times that you fail and show how to succeed following the failure inspires them EVEN MORE! Many times I have gotten out of alignment. Many days I have spent in hard hustle. But it doesn't make me less of a thought leader in manifestation - because ultimately I have manifested AMAZING things in my life (a digital nomad life funded by my incredible business that brings in multiple 6 figures each month! + so much more)

So be kind to yourself, share both sides of your journey and don't afraid to be human. I'll be human right now and let you girls know I finished eating at the cafe halfway through writing this - walked home and now I'm writing this without pants on (it's so hot!!) and on a timber desk in my cozy little airbnb in France. (AHHAHA!)

And on that note! I'll let you girls go!

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Big love,

Kimberley x


Jasmine Shah