How To Keep Faith Of Your Manifestation When It Seems So Hard


Hi gorgeous girls! I am writing to you now from Stockholm!! Not long ago, I was just in Paris, living out my dream - I was present so much so that I haven't written a blog post until now! But in the process, I got to stay at an incredible 5 star hotel, Hotel De Nell which I absolutely LOVED!! Think a deep marble bath, they open the car door for you to get into the hotel and take all your bags up seamlessly! Complimentary drinks in the fridge and Parisian views through the windows! The photo above is a photo I took on my last day there! My pinterest moment!! Hahaha.

Anyways! Today I wanted to write a blog post about a matter that ALL of us could always get a refresher on! How to keep the faith in your manifestation even when it seems impossible or hard or when you simply lose heart! Here are my tips!

1) When it comes to manifestation principles, like attracts like based on vibration.

When you hold the vibration of a certain outcome and desire, like a monthly money goal, or a number of people you want to sign up, or a new job etc - the universe is rewiring everything so you can receive that goal! In the mean time, you simply need to stay a match and be in a state of gratitude. This is the ULTIMATE STATE for attracting your desires!! (More about this later). Ultimately, remember that the world is catching up to you. Stay a match and it's only a matter of time before you're living that reality!

2) Stay in GRATITUDE!

It can be so easy to slump into "ugh nothing is working out for me" or "I'm sick of this, I give up" vibes - but that is a one way ticket to letting things go downhill! Rather than give up, have gratitude for what you already have. When you do so - you are focusing on the present moment and adoring all the things you have manifested into your current reality! This is essentially filling up the first cup of gratitude. You can then move on to the next level of gratitude.

3) Take GRATITUDE to the next quantum level!

This is when you're filling up a cup that doesn't yet exist! This is where we insert gratitude into the level of which you already have the thing that you don't have right now! SO! Really what I am saying is, create gratitude for already having X and keep on stretching the time, seconds, minutes for how long you can maintain this gratitude and belief! The more you can stretch it, the more the energy adds up until it hits a threshold for you to receive it into your reality!! <3

Now here are some affirmations to solidify this all!

>> I am a match for my desires now. My body is transmuting all energy and frequencies to be a match for my goals and dreams.

>> I have such gratitude for all that I have. And I have such gratitude for all that is to come that is actually already here.

>> My vibration is a match for what I desire.

>> I am in the energy of receiving now.

>> I am in the energy of saying YES to my desires now. I accept them all. Yes yes yes.

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That's all for now my loves!!!

Big love,

Kimberley x


Jasmine Shah