How To Collapse Time + Insight Into The KW Timeline


Today's blog post is a little longer than usual! I am writing this on a marble table, in a Stockholm mall, with my newly bought Louis Vuitton speedy bag sitting in its brand new case! I feel EXTREMELY high vibe and I am ready to share it all with you my love!!! SO let's get STARTED!

I wanted to share my journey because I know that it's so fun and inspiring to see exact months and timelines of people who have made success to a certain degree! SO this is what I've done today!

Over the last week, I've been reflecting on how I've TRULY collapsed time in my life! I was studying at uni, to become an osteopath in late 2018 - and by that time had decided to go full time into the business. Within 6 months in my business, I had hit 5 figure months. 10 months into the business, I had reached a 6 figure BUSINESS! And this was from ground zero. I had no previous audience, I wasn't "IG famous" or anything. I started from scratch, girls.

Now zoom over to the now - JUNE of 2019, I am traveling the world - WORLD TOUR VIBES!! (through Europe right now then to LA in the next few months!) and I am LIVING THE DREAM!!! Money flows through the business with ease, I stay in the places that I love, I invest in beautiful designer bags that align with myself and so much more! To give a timeline... this is what I THOUGHT would happen.

In FEB 2016 - I began studying osteopathy. I had already finished a bachelor degree in science at Melbourne uni. 


  • Finish the degree.

  • Move onto a masters in osteo for another 1.5 years. 

  • JULY 2020: Work in the clinic and possibly start my own clinic!

  • JAN 2023-2025: Then after working in the clinic for 3-5 years >> travel the world on the money I saved from working. 


  • OCT 2017: I stuck through it all! And then I got to the end of second year and I started to feel called to start something on the side! A blog if you will! I blogged about health (you can still find those posts in the archives!) I started to dive into personal development.

  • JAN 2018: I began my BUSINESS! I sold my first product, Habits For Wellness!! Then started coaching! Then I started to morph into a manifestation coach, launching my first group coaching program with just three girls in MARCH

  • MARCH 2019: I kept on building the business. I worked my butt off on the sides of uni in my third year of studying! 

  • APRIL 2018 I MOVE OUT! Into my dream student apartment! (Which I manifested!)

  • JULY 2018: I find out that I hit 6 figures!!!! I am absolutely dumfounded because I my goal was to hit $50k this first year of business as I am still studying!

  • OCT 2018: Biggest month of the year! I travelled to NYC to study with Gabby Bernstein in my EXAM WEEK! Yes - a HUGE leap of faith!!

>> NOW WE HIT 2019!!

  • I AM FULL TIME IN THE BUSINESS! I decide to not continue osteopathy.

  • MARCH 2019 - to now: I decide to become a digital nomad boss babe. I start in Athens to travel all through Europe to live my dream life!! The business is hitting comfortable multiple 5 figure months! And it continues to grow as I build the 7 figure business!! (I AM SO GRATEFUL!)

LITERALLY. In just ONE YEAR, I collapsed time to what I thought would only happen in 2023-2025.

How did I do it?

1) I followed my HEART not my head.

It was SO hard to leave osteopathy, I actually didn't even defer (meaning that I technically "can't" go back). But I know within my heart that what I am doing now is what I am MEANT to be doing! When you follow your heart and not your THINKING mind, you make decisions that align with your DESIRES and not what you CALCULATE to happen. When you calculate, your brain cannot think of all the things that it must account for to shorten time. HOWEVER - when you download from the heart, the universe intrinsically includes all the things you wouldn't see or catch than if you THOUGHT about the decision. I took the leap - quit osteo and went full time into my business! 


If I had done this alone, I can assure you that it would have taken longer. When you're in the energetic presence of someone who embodies the elements of what you desire to have, you snap it faster to yourself in your reality! You are influenced by their vibration, by their know-how and you have them as your go-to for help as you navigate your desires and the map to achieving them. I have had 1-1 coaches, I have been in group coaching - but the most powerful investments have been ones where I am closer to the coach. As in more 1-1 time! Whether you can afford to get a private coach - or even just be in a group mentorship environment - you WILL accelerate and collapse time both on an energetic level and intellectual level! 


When you lament in your current situation and how it's not how you want it to be, you're ATTRACTING more situations just like that!! HOWEVER, when you live in the essence of your desires and how you actually want to live - you call in more. So when I had enough money saved and also overflow to buy a Chanel bag -- I did so and I drew out and milked the gratitude I had for that one Chanel bag! I LIVED IN THE ESSENCE of having the things I desired! I did the same thing when I rented Airbnbs to work in and FEEL luxe even when my student apartment didn't feel so luxe! I MILKED IT. I LIVED in the essence of what I desired to have and then some! Seek gratitude and appreciation in all that you have and know that in doing so you ARE calling in greater and greater things and snapping your desires into your current reality - even if you CAN'T see it right now.


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Big love,

Kimberley x


Jasmine Shah