Biggest TakeAways From The KW High Vibe Brunch In London


Hi girls! OMG I am in such a HUGE HIGH right now! I just got settled into my new Airbnb in London having wrapped up an INCREDIBLE high vibe brunch with two amazing London girls, Ruchi and Vee. 

To set the scene a little for you, I'm sitting on a black leather sofa-chair (that's what I'm calling it!) and looking out over the balcony into a beautiful green park with trees and a beautiful London church! 

It was SO amazing because it was such an intimate brunch, and we got to dive incredibly deep into a BUNCH of things! If you want to hear what we got up to: here's a quick summary - (if you want to get straight to today's topic of the blog post, just scroll a little!)


It might seem like the ego is trying to be good to us and is saying that the more prefect you get something, the bigger the success - HOWEVER this is a LIE! The truth is that things are never perfect and staying in the mentality that you think it will be only keeps you where you are. 

One of the girls was mentioning how she has freebies, she has a website, but for the last 2 years hadn't put herself out there because she was fearful of things not being just right yet! She was waiting until she got 10k followers before launching any of her programs or announcing she was a mindset/manifestation coach! She has since decided to take action on all the little things that she had been setting aside! (SO PROUD OF YOU GIRL!)


When you have an emotional charge around money, that's when it can be difficult to supersede past limiting beliefs and quantum leap to the next level. If you're too extremely in "I'm so rich" or too extremely in "I'm in lack" this causes a tipping of your baseline and vibration that can cause you to manifest undesirable outcomes. The person who gets too cocky around money could sabotage and lose money. Likewise, the person in lack stays in lack!

When you become neutral around the situation that you're in right now whether that's in debt, or just keeping up etc then you empower yourself to make money with EASE! 

I shared a super empowering technique at brunch, with the girls, where we balanced out the charge they might have had around money. While the specifics of the exercise remain exclusive to the girls who came to the event, in short, we balanced both the negative and the positive.We saw that there are both good and bad sides to whatever situation you're in! We then felt into the neutrality of the situation and felt a DEEP sense of freedom!!

We all were bewildered at the sense of potential and abundance and openness that was available around us!! 


In every event I've hosted or created, large or intimate, I have only attracted people on the same vibe. Girls who love the modern, luxe lifestyle (in fact, all three of us at brunch today had such HIGH VIBE designer bags by synchronicity!!!) who are ALSO kind (you don't have to be snobby just because you're abundant!) and who are super relatable and can become FRIENDS! 

I love having events like this because like minded people meet and become friends almost every time! It makes my heart sing!!! And I am so grateful!! So when you invest in events, courses, programs, I truly believe they are also an incredible way to make friends and realise that your vibe really does attract your tribe!!


That's it for this week gorgeous girls!! If you're wondering where the next high vibe brunch may be, my next stop is LA!!! So stay tuned if you're an LA girl!! 

PSSSSS!! The Boss Babe Mentorship begins TOMORROW! If you'd love to join, it's not too late! You can check it out here!! 

What's up next for KW? Let's just say, if you love money vibes and the energy of money... keep your eyes on my IG story to hear what is to come!!!!

Big love,

Kimberley xo

Jasmine Shah