How To Know If You Are Aligned With Your Own Energy


In the last few days, something that has truly been on my mind is: coming back to myself. Recalibrating to everything that is Kimberley Wenya. Letting my heart lead me.

This is definitely one of the most challenging things as a creator and business owner because so often we get distracted by what everyone else is doing. We think that they know better, or that if they say that one way is the way to do it, then we should be doing it that way.

What we forget to remember is that each of us is unique. Each of us have a certain genetic makeup, different ways of learning, different ways of functioning. We have a spirit within us that can either soar and lead us to what matters, or we can stifle it without realising and go down a path that really has detours to our goal.

So what does it really FEEL like to align with your own energy? Because how do you know if you THINK you're aligned with your own energy but you're really not?

Here are some signs that tell me I am NOT aligned with my own energy:

  • I'm not as passionate about my business as I would normally be if I was aligned.

  • I feel there are 4 walls around me that are limiting the progress or the vision that I have for the business.

  • I feel resentment, low energy. I self sabotage by staying up late when I actually should be sleeping.

  • I don't feel inspired to create, and I constantly am thinking about a "certain way" to do things and am trying to fit into that box.

  • I don't fully "get" the "certain way" about things that I am thinking about and I spend a lot of time trying to comprehend the idea. This to me shows that it's not a concept that I innately understand, and it feels like I'm going upstream rather than with the flow. NOTE: this is totally different to learning a new tool and feeling aligned with that EVEN IF it is a challenge. This is a complete different feeling!

  • I just feel lost, I feel scattered, all over the place. I lose a sense of who I am.

Here are some signs that tell me I am aligned with my own energy:

  • I feel OPEN, FREE, INSPIRED!!! I feel like ANYTHING in any moment in time is possible for me, like I could have a quantum leap in how money is coming into my life!

  • I lose the external tracking worry. This is a worry where you feel like because others are following your journey (a coach or peers) you feel like you must stay cohesive to what they are following. Meaning like if you're making $10k months and you are hoping to jump to $70k because you believe it and you feel inspired to reach to it, you feel self conscious or you don't give yourself permission to fully dive into the goal because you worry about others judging you if you didn't hit it. When I release external tracking worry, I just aim for the goals that feel exciting for myself and I release the outcome and THIS is so key to manifestation!! Who cares if I reach it, who cares if I don't reach it! It's all about being playful with it all!

  • I get these VIVID visions of the life I desire to have and the energy I want to embody. One I've been having lately has been me sitting on Santa Monica Beach with my airpods in, my iphone in my left hand listening to my clients' voice messages and looking out into the blue sky and the ocean. Soaking in the sunshine, answering my clients, journal by my side. My hair blows in the wind, I'm tanned and healthy and I'm absolutely LOVING life. THIS is the vision I have right now for myself, and I know that I am making this a reality because right now I am sitting in an uber on my way to Venice Beach area! I can see myself doing this EXACT THING!!! And in visualising this all, I am visualising calling in more beautiful aligned 1-1 clients who desire to be in a container where I love and support them in whatever they are going through. (whether that is life or business!)

  • I feel close and intimate to my business. Before, when I was mixing what I thought I SHOULD be doing with what I really wanted to do, I had gotten so confused. Now that I am aligning with my own energy, I have this emotional signature around what the business feels like to me when its thriving. It feels like OMG, open, expansive. It feels like a really yummy loving feeling, like I cannot WAIT to get out there and just show up and living my life! I see the vibe and essence of KW and it's specific. It's modern girl everything. It's joy. It's happiness. It's gratitude. It's pink. It's beachy. It's peachy (haha). It's luxe. It's kind hearted. Warming. KW leads, it doesn't persuade. It lets girls find their own way that works for them rather than prescribe things that MUST be a certain way. KW welcomes all. KW is multicultural. KW is a community. If I had to explain the energy, it feels like your best friend who you know isn't catty, but is chill and goes with the flow. That looks at you with non judgement. Who is here to listen and help, uplift. It's global, yet travels with me as its heartbeat as I move around the world. This is the loving energy I see in KW.

>> If you have a business, perhaps recreate this but for your biz and vibe!

I have so much more that I could probably say about aligning with your own energy, but all I do know is that the key is to TRUST YOURSELF. The key is to follow your heart. An affirmation I made for one of my gorgeous clients is HEART OVER MIND. It just reminds us to let ourselves be led.

Find an environment in personal development where you feel like you can fully say what you feel like you need to say. Find a group or a coach who will always lead you to the answer that is already within you. This is my complete intention with my latest 1-1 coaching program, NEXT LEVEL MANIFESTATION! 6 weeks, you and I. You can choose between life coaching or business coaching! So far, I have a gorg girl who has chosen life coaching and the vibes are roaring!! I'm so excited for what we are going to shift! If you'd love to find out more, just send me a DM.

Anyway! That's it from me this week my loves! PS if you're in LA and you're free this Sunday, I'm holding an intimate High Vibe Brunch: LA!! You can find all the details for it here!

Big love,
Kimberley x

Jasmine Shah