How To Turn Jealousy/Confusion Of Other's Success Into Your Success

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Hi girls! 

It's almost midnight in LA, and I'm sitting with my back against a big circular king sized bed with a dozen beautiful white roses next to me - but I had a BIG download I wanted to share with you! So I always aim to write things with a positive note, and whilst the title of this blog post may sound a little "darker", it's still from a lighthearted space! 

Have you ever been utterly bewildered at how someone has made X amount of money or success, and perhaps you felt jealousy? OR, you noticed and felt their messages weren’t coming from a place of integrity, and yet they were still succeeding...and so then your jealousy turns into confusion!? If you're kind of nodding, then this is the blog post is for YOU. 

Now, this blog post is set to be neutral from a mindset view around any sort of weird energy you might have around someone that has success (monetary, business wise) that you may feel is actually out of integrity with their message or what they teach. 

Have you ever looked at a person and observed them not aligning with their message, or not walking their talk OR not exactly being the nicest person -- yet still walking away with an abundance of money? And being in the personal development space where you're learning about being a kind, loving person - has it shocked you how certain people are abundant and wealthy even if they don't seem very nice? 

When you first begin/began your personal development journey, it is highly likely that you heard things about how the limiting belief "rich people are snobby or mean" is untrue. (Because it is untrue! However it's untrue in the way that we don't want that to be something that holds you against creating money for yourself.) And so you might have already addressed this belief and have started to align with the belief that you can be a nice person and receive money! 

And then maybe you've been in this belief for quite a while now (which is AMAZING for your money mindset!) so much so that you feel like people in this space of manifestation and law of attraction must be nice people to receive abundant amounts of money!

The thing is that whilst I have been in this thoughtship area (yes, I did just make that up) for 18 months now, I have come across many people who've asked why so and so has earned so much whilst being untrue to their word - or there's this questioning around "how do they (human in the spiritual space) get to act like that, yet still make a lot of money?"

Perhaps you've heard of certain names of people who have 'fallen down the ladder' because people realised they weren't actually as authentic or genuine as they seemed - yet they still amassed a certain degree of wealth. 


Why is it that there are people who don't walk their talk or don't fully align with the love and heart centeredness that they preach about - who yet still receive an abundance of money?

Well girls, here is the answer:

>> The universe doesn't judge/critique or check who receives money.

It all relies on your MONEY BELIEFS!!! It has nothing to do with being a "good person" or "not being a bad person". When it comes to money, it's all about your sole relationship with money. This is why there can be drug lords who are rich as heck who receive money, and how there are unfortunately abundant people who aren't that nice! (But let me assure you there are MANY, MANY people who are lovely, gorgeous amazing people who are abundant, and it's good to put our focus here!) But for the purpose of today's theme, I'm bringing up the otherwise non-aligned belief.

This is almost mind boggling because you almost assume if you've been listening to podcasts all the time and consuming courses, that it's a "given" that being a person or a thought leader, that they are a "good person" of sorts and if a day comes that they don't seem to be as good as you thought, you begin to wonder - but HOW are they so abundant?!

Now of course I was going to write this blog post so that it serves us also in our on money journeys - so my take home message is this:

>> As long as you harbour any sort of bitterness against these people who may have fallen from the pedestal that you put them on, yet are making lots of money - it's only being a disservice to you. It's only holding YOU back!

>> Rather than having distaste and disappointment for them not meeting your expectations, and having somehow still received an abundance of money - release these emotions and forgive them. Wait forgive them? YES forgive them! I love to use forgiveness almost like a green card, but it's a green card that releases that person from your mind so that you can be free and move on as yourself with your own energy. 

>> Simply say, "I see you for who you are, I send you love and I forgive you and release you." This is such a neutral and good energy way to make peace with the situation.

If it really still bothers you, write out what is triggering you about this person so that you can lift the veil on what's being lit up from you. Remember that this is just an assignment to be worked on!

>> What in this person is triggering me? How is this mirroring something within me? For instance, someone who has a lot of success but who you feel is out of integrity might trigger you because you KNOW that you have the capability to be in TOTAL integrity in your business, and be successful, yet they're NOT in integrity AND they are seeing monetary success (whilst you may not to that degree yet). And so it triggers you! And so this is just a mirror for you to realise OHHH it's time for me to truly show up because if a person who isn't in integrity is receiving abundance, I sure as HECK can release limiting beliefs and have the success I've always desired! 

Now part of this work is about releasing the old, so we can move into the new. Seeing others' success can often trigger jealousy, but when you enter a quantum shift where this is no longer a trigger for you, but a thing to encourage you because their success is an indication of what YOU are capable of - then you are empowered!!! 

Now girls, if you're ready to make a quantum shift into success whether that be monetary, business wise - I have a whole process of how to shift into actually making that next move and COMMITTING to release the limiting beliefs, COMMITTING to be in full integrity with your message so that you can show up to your best. We'll be doing all this magic in Quantum Shift Into Success! We begin prework on August 1st!!! (SUPER EXCITING!)

Anyway, thank you so much for reading! If you know a friend who would relate to this blog post, please share it with her! 

Big love,

Kimberley x

Kimberley Loo