How To Be High Vibe


Hi girls! I have an achy back today, so I'm sitting in bed in LA writing this blog to you! I have my freshly manicured bubble bath OPI gel nails (I get mine square round shaped) and we are etyping away noisily!


We're bringing sexy back - yeah! Okay - not really, but at KW lately I've been bringing back the OG topics, going back to the basics, but definitely not at a basic level. We're talking topics that are well known and that people talk about but we go deep and also, in a modern girl perspective. 

So today I'm writing about: how to be high vibe. 

What even is high vibe?

HIGH VIBE to me, means of a vibration where you are attracting your desires! Controversial, yes - it's not a definition I have looked up and ACTUALLY it's the one I'm proud to have created myself! To me, high vibe doesn't necessarily mean you must be happy all the time (because that's unrealistic, et al Dr Demartini). 

Most people think that high vibe means being HAPPY - and to some extent - it is! However, there are items and objects that are high vibe - but they're not animate, and they're not necessarily "happy". So to me, high vibe means that it feels good, and at a deeper level it is the feelings of love, gratitude, and includes happiness, but isn't just exclusive TO happiness.

Have you ever walked into a crystal shop and it felt high vibe? And maybe the shop assistants were calm and mellow? This is a type of high vibe!

This proves that we don't always need to be happy, and a smiling emoticon to be high vibe. 

Here are some tips on how to be HV.


Sometimes you just don't have a lot of energy. In fact, sometimes you might feel totally exhausted, yet still feel high vibe! I felt this way when I got home from Disneyland at 1:30am. I was SO exhausted, but felt so high vibe! 

Being HV doesn't mean you have to be mickey mouse all the time. You can be laid back high vibe. And to me, most of the day, that's how I am. I could look like I have resting bitch face, but really, I am feeling good and high vibe. When you accept this, you stop judging yourself for not sounding super perky and you realise it's safe to be yourself and claim that you're your HV self.


We get so caught up feeling like success only follows after sacrifice or feeling like we've worked for it. When you are seeking to be high vibe, you let yourself do work AND do things in a place of alignment - i.e you do it in a way you enjoy it.

So people could think I'm totally unprofessional to be writing emails with my arms and legs splayed about and pillows propping me up writing, listening to Allday (I recommend his latest album), but I LOVE doing it this way. 

Is it normal? I don't know, I also don't really care! But doing things your way will let you have so much freedom and instantly allow your vibe to rise!

When is the last time you asked yourself what you REALLY wanted to do, and did it? >> food for thought!


Some of us feel like if we feel good for too long that something bad will happen. This is when I say, to remain in a balanced state energetically - every now and then bring in gratitude into the game. Feel into the gratitude of the things you love in your day. This will balance your energies and allow you to keep uplevelling and ascending flawlessly! 

Let yourself feel good, then feel some gratitude. Then let yourself feel good, then some more gratitude. If something off kilter happens, let yourself move through it, then find the lesson and find gratitude. YOU GOT THIS!

So what about the parts where we don't let other people get into our heads or mess with our vibe? And what about the days where it's hard?

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Big love,

Kimberley x

Jasmine Shah