How To Curate Your Own Little Personal Development Workshop


My long nail dilemma is fixed today and now I'm able to type normally!! *hallelujah*

Let all the goodness FLOW through now!!


Today on this crisp summer day in Edinburgh, I set up my own little personal development workshop. It was super cute! I'm going to share with you my tips on how I did just this!

First off, I knew that I wanted to go to a little cafe near my place in Edinburgh. SO I did the following:

>> I said "Dear universe, please bring me the perfect little cafe to do some work at and also to set up a little personal development workshop!"

>> I packed my LV speedy with my favourites: my macbook (of course, which I'm now typing this post on), my one hardcover book that I have with me whilst travelling (The Astonishing Power of Emotions). My fountain pen, a highlighter, and my favourite beeswax lip balm.

>> I did my hair in a nice way that aligned with my vibe of the day, pinned some new hair clips that have pearls and little diamantes on them for some flair and off I went! Raincoat on, jumper on to brave the Scottish windy chill summer. 

So I walked my way down the street and out of NOWHERE my head turned to the left on its own accord and I saw this homey looking cafe. I knew that this was the universe guiding me, and so I stepped in. The people inside were so inviting and lovely! I knew that this was aligned and thanked the universe for showing me the perfect place!

I walked in and found the perfect nook where I could set up shop.

I got out my journal and pens and started my workshop.


To me, a workshop is:

>> feeding my mind with some sort of new information that helps me to shift my mindset. Whether it be with the help of a journal and pen, a good new book or podcast or even a course I'm working on!

>> It's also setting up a nice brilliant atmosphere for my mind to drink in the new vibes! 


I like to start off with consuming some new content:

BOOK: if I'm reading a book, I'll read one to ten pages until I read something that I want to highlight, or that hits home. Personally, I love highlighting my books because it gives me this student-y vibe that I love to really lock in all this new info!

COURSE/PODCAST: I'll listen to a module enough as to hear some new concept that enriches my mind.

MEANWHILE: Iā€™'ll have ordered my favourite beverage (tea or a chai latte) and maybe a small bite to eat.

>> Today I had some green tea in a cute pot and a side of scottish haggis! (a dish unique to scotland)


>> Next, I love to consolidate all the new info I learned. If it was a main concept that hit my heart, I'll either write out word for word what I learned OR i'll re-write the concept in my own words. These days, I prefer to write in my own words because it helps me form my own understanding of the concept. 

Usually at the end of my workshop, I'll feel renewed and aligned with new energy that relates and builds momentum to the direction I desire to move into in life or business!

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Big love,

Kimberley xo

Jasmine Shah