How To Get Organised & Use Your Calendar For Manifestation


Hii girls! I’m currently sitting at a little snug cafe in Edinburgh with my pot of peppermint tea beside me! Being summer here (but a scottish summer) it's pretty chilly, meaning that any excuse to order tea in a cafe - I'LL TAKE IT!

So I don't think I've ever really blogged about organisation before, and there are two reasons for it:

>> Naturally as a human, I've described myself like a chameleon. I can completely melt into a new habit or change my personality based on my surroundings. This means that I've been completely Hermione Granger style in high school, being completely organised and borderline anal with things having to be a certain way, being "top of the class" and then I've also been a girl who is WAY laid back and relaxed, slept in til noon because I like the flow.

SO! There are two sides to me, it's also the very same when it comes to being a morning or night person. I would say by default, I'm most likely a night person BUT, I can also be the person who gets up early! So the reason why I started with this introduction today is because each of us have the ability to get organised. Even the most unorganised person can - it simply depends what season of life you're in and whether it benefits you to be organised!

And so the first thing that I want to say is this:

What you label yourself, you become. 

Label yourself as an organised person and BAM you start aligning with actions of being organised!

Label yourself as a disorganiseed person and wham - you're all over the place and a little mishap (trust me, nothing is wrong with this either! I've run my business in the past this way and have still succeeded!)

So once again, whether you're organised or not is completely your choice - but when I do feel like getting organised, this is what I do!


If it's the middle of the week for you reading this blog post, do this the night before the next day - just for one day!

If it's Sunday for you, plan the week ahead as far as it feels good!


I use google calendar to plan some blocks of time where I've got an intention. The key for me with google calendar isn't actually to stick to it with a T - it's actually so that I am aware of how much time I actually have to complete work, PLUS! I actually care more about the intention behind the time I allocate to a specific activity. e.g if I write in "self love time" for one hour before I start work, I might just be sitting on my bed and reading or listening to a podcast, but my intention behind that is to care for myself and fill my self love cup!


When you see your daily calendar as hourly intentions to time, you start to bring manifestation into the mix. This helps you to lean into flow more than action because it encourages energetic shifting OVER the need to be busy. So I LOVE this!

I make sure to leave BLANK spaces for some time lag which lets me flow from one thing to the next. I also like to leave a blank space in the evening to flow from what I want to do e.g a bath, playing nintendo switch or watching netflix on the couch with Byam.


For me to get motivated to be organised, I usually need a vision or character to get my inspired. I'll visualise a version of me that I like the sound and vibe of! I'll create her in my mind as a persona (almost like an alter ego) and when I desire to shift into this organised mode, I tap into her. 

My current vision is:

>> a girl who wears what she likes, hair clips, dresses, tshirts, no fuss linen pants.

>> she has good skin - she goes for a glowy look in the mornings with a little rosiness in the cheeks and highlighter on the tip of her nose, eyebrows and cheekbones.

>> she is on the BALL! she is relevant. unapologetically herself. she is inspired to work wherever she is. her success isn't dependent on her location. she is able to tap into her drive whenever she needs to. 

>> she earns ABUNDANTLY! and unapologetically. her income continues to hike up and up!

So create an organised vision for yourself and who you'd be if you were her! It inspires you to realise who you really can be if you tweaked this or that.

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Anyways girls! I'm going to dive into a few more things on my to do list before heading to a dance class later on today!

Have an amazing day!!

Big love,

Kimberley x

Kimberley Loo