Lessons From A Boss Babe Gone Nomad - 7 Days In

Hi girls! So I write this blog post sitting in my hotel room at a hotel in Kos Island (Greece) and I'm wearing a fluffy hotel dressing gown (UGH I love these, they're a favourite part of staying in a hotel) and the ocean is washing ashore beside me literally a few metres away (we have ocean views I'm TOTALLY in love with!)

I wanted to write about my experience traveling as a nomad, as a boss babe - 7 days in! I've learned so much energetically, decision wise, savvy wise and it's all so interesting so here we GO!


The first thing I realised even from selling my belongings to leave Melbourne and go nomad for 9 months in Europe (but ultimately, this is an open ended trip) was that I started to lose my grounding. I was like - WHAT IS HAPPENING? I started to literally feel anxious and like I had no stability or foundations - I mean I had no address anymore and all I have with me now are 2 bags with clothes, some toiletries, makeup and technology. Like. That's all. So I started to feel like I had no grounding, like there was a part of me that had been LOST! It was bizarre because ultimately I knew I wasn't lost... I knew that I was simply shifting a lot of new/old energy. I also realised that I had found a lot of my grounding in things around me rather than FROM me. I've learned that I've had to plug into myself for grounding rather than finding that in OWNING a lot of things or being plugged in in some place for good.

>> I now plug into myself! I imagine a light connecting from my heart's centre to my bellybutton and finding stability, love and peace from there.

>> I am grounded wherever I go, independent of my surroundings and how frequent my travels are.


I started to have weird fears like, is the money going to continue to flow in when I'm moving around so much? It's this weird thing where you feel like because you're stimulated by so much as you travel, that you feel like you’re not concentrating and thinking about the business as much as you would if you lived in one spot... and THAT makes you fear that the money could have the ability to fluctuate. Because you're moving around a lot, you correlate that to the money and how that could be inconsistent.

>> What I know for sure is, money flows in REGARDLESS of where I am or whether I think about it or not. It's something that is like breathing. It's happening all the time, it's being generated always. Always flowing to me. Even if my routine changes and I do more or less action, my state of being is that money flows to me in greater and greater amounts!


There was a part of me who started to wonder who I even WAS! Even though I've done plenty of work indirectly that is soul searching, as soon as I jet settled off to Greece, I asked myself - well, without my things, who am I? I think we so often forget that we aren't our things, our surroundings - and when you travel you have so many variables that the only constant IS yourself and that is the only thing you can be sure of. So naturally, I got a little quieter, meeker - you start to realise how BIG this world is and you're not just in your own little ecosystem any longer. So then after I had my time of meekness, I decided it was time to STEP. IT. UP. No more hiding the life I've created, no more shame around being who I am - and getting backlash for it in the past - JUST BEING ME, PURE ME - and letting myself be paid for it!! Being bold, say things others might not so that I can do the things others cannot.

>> It's SAFE to be the you-est you that you can be and in fact it's the BEST damn thing you can do for YOURSELF and your business.

Each of these things came to realisation to me through my innerwork practice. Each day, I dedicate a portion of time to the energy innerwork. If you're ready to STEP IT UP and get out of ruts faster, reach success daily, get to your dreams and goals faster

>> Join me in THE ENERGY INNERWORK!!! We begin in 2 days from now!! I'm FREAKING beyond excited for this incredible course that is DEEP. REAL. WORK.

Big love,

Kimberley x

Jasmine Shah