4 Benefits of Yoga + a big reveal!


Unravelling the deep-not-too-deep benefits of yoga

What comes to mind when you think of yoga? Maybe you think of your yoga mat that’s been moulded into a cylindrical cinnamon roll in the corner of your cupboard. Or maybe you think of that time you went to a trial class with your gal pal and grimaced at the intense tension burn at the back of your legs during downward dog. I’m only talking about this from experience, so when I decided to commit to attending yoga classes for 14 days at my local studio, I was determined to love it at the end. Honesty note: I did miss 3 days, the Wed, Thurs and Sat of the second week, but that was due to time constraints or muscle soreness!

In this post we’re going to talk about the five benefits that, together, motivate me to consistently practise yoga. Stay with me til the end because I have a little digital gift for the babes who want to begin (or give a little boost) to their yoga journey! 

1)    SPACE within the body

Yes, I definitely felt more flexible at the end of the 14 days. But yoga is not about getting flexible. It isn't about reaching your toes or doing the splits. A take home message I got from yoga teacher, Phil, was that, yeah, yoga is fun in the end, considering all the poses that we do and challenge ourselves with. But it’s truly about connecting with your body and learning to appreciate the good, whilst also breathing through the pain, tension, comfort and discomfort, and then being able to reflect that in life. By practising this skill on the mat, we can reflect it in our lives. We are able to work through the hard times life throws at us and breathe all throughout.
But rewinding back to the physical aspect, who doesn’t love being able to touch their toes? Personally, I almost feel like having more flexibility affects me mentally in a positive way. It helps me feel like I have created space within my body and in the joints, extending my reachability. Subconsciously, I then reflect this in my thoughts which lowers my stress levels. Feeling like I have more space triggers me to think: hey, Kimberley, you do have room to relax and room for trial and error in life. Chill x


Trust me, after a good challenging yoga sesh, you will feel sore. I attended Yin, Flow, Slow Flow (if you aren’t sure what these kinds of yoga are, read this post on the 3 main types of yoga!) The ones which I felt most sore for were Flow and Yin. On the days I had a hardcore teacher for Flow, I woke up the next day really feeling the burn in my quads, shoulders and pretty much my whole body. No matter how fit you may think you are, yoga is a whole other story as you’re recruiting different muscles to your workouts, sports and everyday movements!  Mentally, you get a release of endorphins, those feel-good hormones which help you stay out of the grump rut and high on happy vibes.

3)    MOOD

Doing yoga puts you into a positive mood, especially if your teacher unbundles golden lessons of positivity, gratitude or something along those lines during the practice. Practising yoga made me feel better about coming home from uni and not just going straight home to study. It got me out of my grump and opened a door to start tapping into trying to be positive about life. Because even if you have 4 upcoming assignments overhead or work from 9-5pm, we’re privileged to have the CHOICE to do yoga.
All in all, it will affect the quality of your life by putting you into a mood of productivity and ready to take on a new day or unwind for the night.


We have so many thoughts and are constantly thinking that we have to be doing something ALL THE TIME. Doing daily yoga really changed my perspective on everything because I was forced to put things down.
The first yoga session I went to on this project,  I placed my phone and bag into the wooden pigeon hole. All I had was myself, my yoga gear, a hair tie, 2 bobby pins and a drink bottle (glass bottle, keepin’ it classy and BPA free). It’s so simple, but that in itself felt free-ing! Every single time I got into the “yoga zone” before class, I experienced the same freeing feeling of having the ability to walk around in a room without the baggage of having to check my phone, or worry about my belongings. In that time, anxieties were gone, stress was dampened, and that has blurred out into my life overall. Once again, it was the notion of creating space in life, between university, travelling and work. Space is freeing and helps us stress less. 


Now! For a big reveal! This week I have just launched the bo-chic resource library! This is a free library that will be filled with worksheets, ebooklets and printables (I’m actually so excited because I love creating these, I get so stuck in!)

If you want to experiment with yoga and see if you can experience these benefits, I have prepared the YOGA LOVE JOURNEY ebooklet! And it’s all yours to print (on double sided paper, save paper ♥) or save on your iPad, iPhone, laptop! (8 to-the-point pages of guidance, reflection, planning, ratings, a cute quote.)

It'll help you:

1) Know how to find time to do yoga

2) Set some wellness goals using yoga

3) Tune into your happiness levels

4) Zone into decreasing your stress levels

5) Or just have a pretty doc to look at and make your desk look more inviting (coz who doesn’t love that)

NOTE: This ain’t a regular worksheet, I’ve filled this with love (even including the stress bar ratings!) – if you didn’t realise, I love pups.


It’s yours to download as soon as you sign up to the bo-chic club, where you’ll receive weekly newsletters and gain access to the free resource library which I’ll be adding to in the future! Join us gals to strive towards being the best versions of ourselves involving health, style and environmental contribution through holistic and natural alternatives. As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with the password to the library.

Gal, I hope you learnt about deeper benefits of yoga from this week’s post! (And to the 20% males reading this - Hey Dan, I see ya there!) Keep an eye out for your newsletter for next week’s post! Or if you don’t feel like joining, come back next Sunday whilst you’re having your arvo cuppa chai and get snug in positive vibes. 


Big love,

Kimberley x


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