5 Reasons to Meditate Daily


I used to think meditation was for hippies. It can sound intimidating to those who haven't tried it, or those who are unsure of its benefits. But I've come to practise a certain type of meditation that just simply helps me live and be at my best. If you’re just starting out, you one hundred percent can accept mediation simply as a tool, independent of any religious or spiritual context. You don't have to get super spiritual about it if you do not want to. In this blog post, I’m talking about meditation as a therapeutic tool. 


It's scientifically proven to help you become happier and improve your quality of your life. It really helps you connect to the "real you" and have a clear connection to yourself. Ever feel like you can so easily come up with answers for your girlfriend's dilemmas so easily, yet you cannot come up with the same diplomatic answers for your own problems? Well, if there's one reason to love meditation then this is definitely one! You may not know it, but you have a whole lot of inner wisdom that you don't even tap into. It's all completely available to you, all you need to do is quieten the noise around you and listen to what your heart is actually trying to tell you. And we can do this through meditation.

I have been using meditation for the last couple of years, however it has only be the last few months where I’ve used it daily. What do I think of it? I think that it has made a phenomenal difference to how I approach each day, and the events that occur. On days where I’ve accidentally woken up late and not had time to meditate, I feel like the rest of my day my brain is running on 30% battery and everything seems foggy and unclear. Let me explain the main things I feel I have directly received from practising daily meditation.


Rather than reacting to situations that unfold in your day, mediation gives you the ability to CHOOSE how you want to feel. It's the greatest tool for this! Often we blame others for the struggles you have throughout the day. Our thoughts go like this: “She was in the bathroom the whole morning and now I'm late!" Or "person X is being SO annoying today, listening to her makes me so agitated and moody.”

But, if you take the time to meditate in the morning, you set yourself up to control your reactions to narky remarks by people (who, by the way, just have nothing better to do). You stop them in their tracks by not reacting the same way you always have, or you turn the situation around 180 degrees into making both your own and their day better.


After you meditate in the morning, you feel like you’re in flow with your day. You want to go ahead and do the tasks you have set for yourself. I feel like when I meditate, the activities I do begin to feel easier, whether it be university work or blogging. I’ll have to tell you this cool example. 

I recently had a university project from a subject that’s considered “boring”. We had to write about a chronic disease (e.g asthma), and how a person could improve it through 3 behaviours. You’re already falling asleep just reading that sentence right? Well, I meditated that day and realised that I could take this project as something to get excited about - I decided the behaviours I was going to write about were: stress, anxiety and gut flora - topics I love talking about. It was a contemporary approach but I got to talk about yoga, mediation and gut health in this uni project, and the best part was that my project marker loved it!

Another note: something I also find when I meditate, is that my mind tends to recalibrate and understand what my priorities are. I feel into what the next step is to do during my day that feels right and natural. That way, I get stuff done in the order that feels best to me.


For a long time I never realised I was getting tension headaches from mindless worry of my to-do list. Like today, (unless you're on holidays) I’ll bet that you probably have a long list of things to do. If you get headaches from it, you will definitely will want to try meditation. You will feel like you have space between thoughts, and space to complete the tasks you have at present. It literally feels like a heavy, lead halo of overwhelm is lifted from the crown of your head. All with, meditation!


Okay, I know you can relate to this one. Sunday morning comes and everything is happy days, then it nears Sunday afternoon and you're feeling low because you know school, uni or work is on cue again for tomorrow, so you might as well wallow in the sadness that there's only 8 hours left of “Sunday". This was me for about 17 years of my life! In the end, you just wasted those 8 hours feeling crappy when you could've been present in the moment having fun chilling at a cafe with your girlfriends. My point is, that meditation makes you PRESENT, as you watch your thoughts come and go but you do not react. The more you practise meditation, the more you feel you carry the very same mind skill to more hours of every single day. Meditation is all about being present and avoiding what I like to call "time traveling" (thinking in the past, or worrying of the future). With repetition, you can be more present and enjoy life! 

So, how can you get into mediation?

If you're new to meditation, take it slow as it can seem a little strange at first if you're an avid overthinker. I started off with guided meditations on Headspace a few years ago, and I now love meditating on my own. Here are my recommendations:

  • Headspace app (great for beginners)
  • Insight timer app (great for guided meditations, but I mostly use the timer for the tranquil background music and bell)
  • Youtube any kind of meditation you’re after e.g self-love, visualisations, gratitude (you name it it’ll be on youtube)

I hope you consider adding meditation into your daily life! 


Big love,

Kimberley x