7 Mindful Tools on How To Deal with Negativity



December is near, bringing a change for hot summer mornings in Australia, or for some of us wintery white evenings. It’s safe to say that a new season is coming, and I always love customising, and choosing new mindset tools to use on a daily basis for personal development. Since my exams finished, I felt stuck in a rut and could feel my mindset being clouded with negativity. Someone would cut me off in traffic and I'd just sit deeper in the negativity. Or someone would mention something and it would trigger me to think negative thoughts. And the worst part is that sometimes this happens for no good reason, it just is. So how do we get out of it?

MY MINDFUL TOOLBOX - Negativity Edition

1) the SCRUNCH 

This tool is great when you’re experiencing little flecks of negativity drifting around your mind. You know, those thoughts that just nudge you to keep thinking of hypothetical situations that you would hate. E.g you start thinking that person you dislike is going to be at that party and begin to think of all the things that could go wrong all because of them. Before you know it you’ve talked yourself out of going to the party , and all because of the possibility of a situation happening which your mind has made up from past negative experiences. If you actually think about it, sounds ridiculous right!

  • HOW: I like to imagine seeing the thought as a piece of paper in my mind, and visualise it scrunching up and throwing it out. Works like a charm, try it before you dismiss it!


2) the BUBBLE

This one sounds funny, but it also really works, especially when you’re in a room with people who seem negative. Much like when people talk about their “personal space bubble,” all you’re doing is creating a bubble but for your own positive energy rather than vacant space. 

  • HOW: Imagine creating a bubble of positive vibes around you coming from your body. When you try this and walk around with it, it literally feels like your baseline happiness has lifted.

If you feel like there’s still some negativity lingering within your bubble, I imagine a vacuum sucking all the bad vibes out and then mentally re-seal it. Funny right? Keep laughing until you try it out 😉


Sometimes we are surrounded by people who are draining energy from the room. Whether it be because they’re having a bad day or are just grumpy, it’s no fun and we often feel like we must lower our own emotions in order to not make them feel bad. 

To an extent, this is sensible however in some situations this may just cause both parties to lose. They feel bad, and you lower your emotion to make them feel better. You both feel low. Of course, be sensitive and if you feel it’s right, you might consider continuing to express your positivity, because  may even cheer that person up. 


We are human, and we often feel like once we are coming out of a rut or bad mood that we need to “gradually” come out of it. This is not the case, and if you’re finding that you’re feeling guilt in reaching a happy comeback, realise that YOU DON’T NEED TO! There’s no imaginary police telling you that you must clock up 10 hours of guilt for wasting time feeling terrible before returning to happiness. Instead, forgive yourself for the time you used feeling low and move forward immediately - the second you realise this. Even use a vacuum to suck the guilt away. 


Sometimes you need to ask yourself if there’s a deeper reason that you’re feeling negative. For example, are you guilting yourself and feeling crap because you’re binge eating? Go deeper. Ask yourself WHY you’re binge eating. Is it because of family issues or unhealthy relationships in your life? There may be some unresolved issues within your life, and until you fix things, it will not go away. In fact, it will keep showing up in your life like a cycle. Humans are meant to grow and we cannot unless we work through negative blocks properly.


Let everything flow out onto the paper. There’s a possibility that you’ve been internalising everything happening around the situation, and if that’s the case then turn to paper because paper’s good at being a silent listener and also for laying out things for you so you can see clarity in a situation which may have become cloudy. For more on journaling, read my blog post here.


I’ve just recently learned about Tapping. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a therapeutic technique to release stress or bottled up emotions. It can help you to GO DEEPER like in tool #5. You tap on different areas of your body (meridians) opening you up to release what’s really going on within. I love this video by Gabby Bernstein on tapping here

I hope these tools are a nice addition to your mindful toolkit, and that you try them out whenever you’re in need.

Have a beautiful rest of your Sunday!


Big love,

Kimberley x