7 Wellness Tips for Christmas & New Year


You open your eyes from a restless sleep, realising it’s Christmas Day. Your sister starts blaring Christmas music in the lounge room as you flip your blanket off and spring off your bed. Hair in a mess, you run outside, your stomach gurgles and you're still in your pjs. Your eyes sting from the sunlight and mum’s already calling out to you to check on the Christmas fruit cake precariously sitting on a fridge shelf. You make sure another Tupperware dish, ready to take to the family dinner, didn’t fall on it in your fridge, that’s full to the brim. Your phone buzzes as texts come in, you remember you’re probably going to run into that relative you’re not too fond of at dinner. You feel out of order reacting to everything and just want to feel WAY MORE PEACEFUL THAN THIS.

This scene could be different, a lot more different! So rather than being throttled into a commotion of events during this holiday season, I have 7 wellness tips to intentionally practise, in order to maximise the odds for you feeling calm, happy and collected this week.


As you wake up on Christmas Day or NYE, give yourself a minute to lay in bed and set your intention for the day. Decide what you would like to happen and how you would expect to go about your day. Picture yourself going from brekkie, to opening presents, to lunch, to greeting friends and family, to dinner and then home again. By making the effort to do this little exercise, you have the power to pave the way for a beautiful day, rather than to slump out of bed and allow life’s events to run you.


With a billion holiday events to go to, there are so many opportunities to run off course from your health journey. Your aunt made her famous hot caramel pudding, dishes are more than plenty and not to mention the alcoholic bevs that are abundant. Of course, indulge because it is a special occasion, but don’t get to a glutton stage where you’re overeating and choosing the wrong foods. Something I like to do is to go for the veggies first and make sure I get enough of those before having treats and desserts. If you’re going for the sweets as it’s a special occasion, pick a small portion of each one you want to try, rather than filling up your plate with large slices. I always see the kids at these events get slices bigger than their heads, taste a little then make a sour face when they realise it’s not as yummy as they thought it’d be. Remember you can always go back for more if it’s really that good!


When we’re around family, there can be gears mashed the wrong way or yellow bruises being poked at, so take time out to recalibrate. Meditate in the car before you walk into lunch, or before you get out of bed in the morning. Meditating will give you patience to pull upon, should you get stuck in a conversation with an elderly relative about whether you’re renting or buying a property in the future (boring - *touch wood*).


Make the dish that you bring to the lunches and dinners healthy! Don’t bring in trans fats, junk food and sucrose filled foods. Home-make a delicious dessert from raw foods, nuts and coconut cream. Don’t bring junk to your family and friends! Show them that healthy food can taste amazing.


Instead of being sheepishly afraid of this uncle, and this cousin or this hyperactive nephew, see everyone that you come across with love. Rather than projecting fear and past beliefs and events onto them, give them the benefit of doubt, act with grace and treat all equally. You’ll feel way less anxious in the whole situation and calm within yourself.


I spent last night with my pen and journal writing out the small successes I had in the last couple of months. Things like, I started this blog, began a Youtube channel, created a Wellness program (which is coming out DEC 28th!), completed second year of osteopathic studies; whatever it is, big or small list it and realise how much you have achieved! 

When you have done that, that’s when you can begin to plan big for next year. Many people cop a lot of flag for New Year Resolutions but I’m going to be completely honest and say that I freaking love planning new year resolutions. I get that we can always do it at any time of the year - "why is the 1st of Jan any more important than the 23rd of September." But there really is something special about writing “2018” in the date at the beginning of every journal entry, verbally saying “twenty eighteen” when speaking to people and advancing to the next grade of school or uni. Everything around you is making a shift, so why not run with it? I personally gain a lot of momentum from it! So this year, go unapologetic about the “new year, new you”. 


Don’t worry about your bank account, or the fact that all those Christmas gifts bit a chunk out of your Europe trip savings. Stress not that Valentines day is already only two months away, just allow yourself to fully be present. Future or past tripping will only make you resent that you didn’t treasure the present moments you have. Each day, your family members and friends who surround you get older, and so do you. Treasure your loved ones, Christmas and New Year only happen once every year so make sure you’re present, every second of it!

I hope these tips help you stay joyful, calm and collected! If you're a health & wellness lover, I cannot wait for you to try my 21 Day Wellness Program! It launches on the 28th December, just in time for 2018. If you'd like to be on the list for an exclusive early bird price, find out how here!

Until next week!

Big love,

Kimberley x