A Chic Bamboo Jumper Find + 5 Reasons Bamboo Is Sustainable

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Bamboo. The word itself sounds zen. So if you can make clothes from it, that zen will rub onto you, right? Your average item of clothing is either made from cotton, wool, denim or synthetic materials. So when I heard of bamboo clothing I had the following thoughts:

  • Is it scratchy? What’s the quality like?
  • How does it make my fashion choice more eco friendly?
  • Can you find bamboo clothes that don’t make you look like a hippy?

I’m here to give you an honest opinion on all those questions, plus more. If you want to fast forward to a chic jumper find that I love, just scroll straight to the last half of the post! But I think it's also cool to have a proper understanding of why you're making a positive impact when you opt for bamboo. 


1)    MR KUN – a special substance in bamboo that is your friend. 

There’s a substance in bamboo called ‘bamboo kun’, which is maintained in the process of turning bamboo into fabric. This ‘kun’ has unique anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties, and is also why bamboo thrives in forests without the need for pesticide! Its amazing fibres have micro-gaps, meaning it’s breathable. And to top it all off, it is odour resistant = fewer washes = save more water!


I think this is pretty fab. Compared to the average bunch of trees, bamboo absorbs x5 the amount of greenhouse gases and produces 35% more oxygen! But how does this mean you’re decreasing your carbon footprint just by wearing bamboo? Well, if you purchase a bamboo item, you’re contributing towards the demand for the product. When consumers create a demand, companies plan more bamboo plantations. Theoretically, this is better for the earth as it protects the ozone by decreasing greenhouses gases in the atmosphere.


Eventually, when us aspiring minimalists do a whole clean out of our wardrobes, we should be aware that those polyester jumpers which don’t end up reaching a person in need will inevitably end up in landfill. Mind blowingly, it takes anywhere between 20-200 YEARS for synthetic materials to break down! But if we changed this story to you throwing out a well-loved bamboo jumper, you can sleep soundly knowing it is 100% biodegradable and will not cause pollution to our beautiful earth.


Bamboo is amazing and thrives naturally and organically (thanks to the ‘kun’ we learned about before). Harmful pesticides – BYE.


Every year we lose an estimated 18 million acres to deforestation. Our demand for growing bamboo creates sustainable, natural self-generating forests which revitalise the previously damaged and deforested land.



To answer my third question, YES! I have found a garment made from bamboo which is bo-chic! This raglan jumper by BambooMonkey is one of my outfit staples for everyday wear. I find that I can chuck it on top of my gym gear or wear it with jeans and it makes an effortless, fresh outfit. It’s made 80% from bamboo and 20% from cotton. Highlights of this jumper:

  • It’s soft and supple, no scratchiness in sight.
    • Literally feels like I’m wearing a cloud.
  • It’s odour resistant – as mentioned before, because of Mr Kun.
    • Being 100% honest with you gals, I haven’t washed this jumper since I got it (hahah gross I know) but it’s in the laundry pile now because I spilled hot chocolate on it…
  • It has thumb holes in the sleeves for those windy, cold days. 
  • IT DOESN’T WRINKLE. We have all been in a rush before, creating a pile of clothes, only to realise that when you do want to wear that sweater at the bottom, it’s wrinkle-city. Well, girls. The day I took this photo I pulled it out from the bottom of my “rotation” pile and it unwrinkled itself in under an hour! Bamboo is magic I swear.
  • I love the colour: "champagne pink"
    • Initially, I thought the colour was dull, but I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s not BAM girly, yet pink enough to stay in touch with your feminine side.

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Big love,

Kimberley x

P.S As promised, for your inner sceptic, this post does not contain affiliate links. Whilst this jumper was kindly gifted to me from the lovely crew from Bamboo Monkey, I have worn it for months before writing this post. This is a pure and honest review from me!