How The Universe Can Help You Achieve Your 2018 Goals


As I sat my butt down on my swirly chair at my desk, excitedly alternating from scribbling notes in a notebook, watching a goal setting video, to typing my goals up on a spreadsheet and then writing some more notes, I made the decision to set some pretty BIG goals for 2018. I set one in each of the areas of career & finance, relationships, experiences, health & wellness, and personal development. I wrote each goal unapologetically, just like we all should because we only have so many years ahead, so every year we should be growing and allowing to do so without judgement of ourselves and what we desire.

As I sit on the couch writing this post I am lit up, so excited to share this with you, and am hoping that you’ll bear with me on the ride. Because what I’m about the share isn’t the usual “work hard, time manage, and you’ll get straight A’s no problem.” We’re getting into the metaphysics of things and how you can truly attract your goals right to your doorstep (with big action).

Because these steps may seem a little out there, I’m going to use an example that has proven to me that this works, and I’ve done enough experiments to have faith in it enough to blog about it! Although this story isn’t to as great-a-scale as what most people’s New Year goals are, it’s still big enough to show example. Let’s dig into the story. **Note: when I use the word “attract”, it goes under the basis that you attract the energy/emotion you put out into the world (more on this in another blog post).

The story

So a while back, I decided that I wanted to move out. As the months went on, I started to think about what kind of apartment/share house I wanted to move into. I loved a certain suburb north of the city. I had certain preferences of the colour of the walls, the kitchen, and the roommate I would have. Over the last year I have been learning much about manifesting things that you desire. I had heard of people getting checks in the mail, finally meeting their soulmate, nabbing their ideal job, the list goes on. And success leaves clues, so I listened and learned almost everything I could to find out how they did it. 

So I decided to follow suit. I had gone onto an online site which has listings of places to rent, and a few places caught my eye. I sent I mish mash of messages to each house and yesterday, I finally visited the one place that I had was truly considering. It was in the right location, after all, but you can only tell so much from looking at photos. When I went to see the girl who lives there, the second I stepped in I felt like I could live there. It had the right feel, the right vibes and no tv! (I personally don’t watch tv so this was pleasant to me). 

When I got home, I was still contemplating, I was thinking it was too good to be true. None of the other people I messaged to come check out their places had responded, yet the place that I wanted the most was the first one I got to see. I felt like it couldn’t be this easy. Then the fear of “maybe something better is out there” crept in, “what if I just haven’t looked at enough places?”

So I decided to sleep on it. The next morning, I woke up and as I did my morning rituals (meditation, reading, journaling, visualising) I thought back to how nearly two months ago I had written down the exact things I desired in the place I wanted to move to. I quickly flipped back to November 30th in my journal and found the diary entry where I wrote as if I had moved into my ideal house. I whipped out my pink ink pen and underlined every single detail of the entry (photo below) which aligned with the apartment. 


It had 15 out of 17 things (including the timing, just before uni) that I had written down as my dream apartment! I sat frozen in my bed still in pjs, thinking “this has got to be it. I’ve attracted and found the place I’m supposed to move into! I really did it!” Not to mention the rental market is a crowd fest, what were the chances?

Since that moment, I messaged my housemate and am moving into the place in February. But between having the desire of wanting to move out and attracting it, it wasn’t just like I wrote it down and boom it arrived. There was work that was done, so now I’m giving you the steps I used. 


  • You must have thoughts that truly desire your goals. 


  • You have to FEEL into how it would be to already have your goal achieved. A thought without feeling doesn’t help you attract/achieve anything. It only attracts what you currently have in your life. Emotion is a form of energy and with it, you attract the reciprocating energy. The metaphysical gist is that we are atoms and beyond atoms, we are pure energy and so if we send out certain vibes, that’s what you’ll get back. 


  • What exactly does it look like to have your goal? How do you feel? What do you smell? What can you hear? Your brain can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality. The same brain activity occurs in both events. You activate your RAS (reticular activating system) of your brain which is responsible for noticing certain things in your life experience. It picks out things which are relevant to your interests. E.g you will notice certain ads or people with certain similarities, open emails that you never do that lead to building momentum towards achieving your goal.


  • When you write, it slows down your visualising process so you have time to truly feel and imagine. Not to mention, you can measure up what you attracted with what you wrote to make sure it’s on track! 


  • So you can hear from yourself, listen to your intuition whether everything is aligning. I went on to ask other people to send photos of places and things just did not work the same. The prices were more than I wanted to spend, the locations were non-ideal, the house didn’t have the right looking vibe (which you can understand better when you spend time in stillness with yourself).


  • You must believe it’s going to happen, and expect it, but not hold on to the form of the outcome. What does that mean? It means that it may not come in the way that you expect. Although the humble apartment is beautiful on the inside, you wouldn’t tell at all from the exterior in the community building area. My housemate also hadn’t replied immediately after she had “seen” my message online (not for another week) - but I was completely fine with that. I simply trusted, believed and things moved on from there. My room is smaller than I’d like, but not too small (maybe I should’ve added that to my diary entry hahah). Let GO of the form of how your goal will appear and allow yourself to receive. 

Keep an open mind

Others may see this as God answering their prayers, others see it simply as attracting and manifesting. Regardless of what you believe in, The Law of Attraction is also supported with theories by many physicists. 

You use electricity and not know how it works, but still enjoy the benefits of it. So why not enjoy the benefits of this if it truly works for others?

I'll be speaking more about this topic in my Facebook group, "The Daily Wellness Collective", so please feel free to join here!

Big love,

Kimberley x