How to Work Less Yet Achieve Great Results


When I was 5 years old, I began to learn to play the violin. My first lesson started with me using a cardboard tissue box as the body of the violin, a deconstructed cereal box as a foot map for placing my feet correctly, and a pencil as my bow. For the next 13 years, I would work feverishly hard to master playing the violin. Some days I would have tantrums and get angry at not being able to play properly. I felt like I was working upstream, and getting pushed in the opposite direction making all sorts of noises, any that were the total opposite of the beautiful sound I was trying to make. 

I have been accustomed to always working hard to achieve what I want. When I wanted to master the violin, I practised 2-3 hours everyday. When I wanted to achieve consistent good grades at school, I would come straight come and study until early hours of the morning. I became a disciplined girl of what is known as the Newtonian version of work. Sounds geeky, and on a Sunday arvo it may sound a little heavy, but boy is this intriguing. Get excited, let’s do a little exploration.

To explain this, we’re looking at a science analogy between Newtonian and Quantum physics. Don’t stress, it’s actually really simple, and such a cool concept. Buckle up and read with an open mind!


If the aim was to win a battle, when we’re talking about Newtonian thinking, picture battle ships. Quantum, however, would be the atomic bomb. The difference is that in the Newtonian concept, much more hard work is required from the battle ships to “win a battle” when compared to the mass effect of an atomic bomb. In Newtonian physics, we consider the world at the atomic level or larger. However, in quantum physics, we look at the sub-atomic level; the pieces that make up the atom such as the electrons, protons and other particles you learned about in Mr Giovani’s science class in high school. 

So let’s dive a little deeper into the science, what does this mean? At the the quantum level, things behave differently and defy things which we know to be true with the Newtonian atom. For example, in Newtonian concept, we feel like teleporting is impossible (you’re dreamin’), but at a quantum level, hypothetically it's possible. Now hold this thought, and let’s get to the good stuff and how it relates to our workflow.


  • This is how most of us are programmed to work. We think of what we want and make a plan to get it. It is essentially, CAUSE = EFFECT. It’s striving to work hard to get what we want. Like myself as a high schooler studying like a crazy kid to get full marks on my maths tests.


  • Instead of CAUSE = EFFECT, in quantum thinking, we are CAUSING an effect. Like everything is sub-atomic, we deliberately shape our thoughts and emotions first before massive action. The key is to not think about ‘the how’ and the exact pathway to get to where you want to be. You simply focus on where you are and your finish line, and aren’t concerned with HOW to get there. When we use the quantum way of living, we are essentially “teleported” to where we want to be. There is of course more to it than just being teleported of course. So how do we get the results we want with much less effort? 2 steps.


You need to feel in a good space, or in a calm state. You can do this by doing something fun that makes you happy and gets you inspired, like playing with dogs, listening to your favourite music, chatting to friends. I personally love listening to podcasts, or writing gratitude lists.

The other way to do it is by meditation. This allows you to quieten your mind so you can hear from your gut what you should do next. 


Once you’ve gotten into alignment, feeling calm, peaceful and just happy-go-lucky, take the actions you feel inspired to take. This will take practise, to know when you’re coming from a place of inspiration or from desperation. When you’re feeling good, and creating work from there, you can trust that these actions coming from alignment will have a much greater impact on getting you to your goal. 

So this all sounds well and simple to do, but Kimberley how can you be writing about this, surely to write about it you must have a testimony of some sort? Well, yes I do actually! To wrap this blog up, I want to write quickly about my university grades and how I’ve changed how I study. I used to study the Newtonian way, thinking that I had to study every second, every moment that I had free. And trust me, it worked! I got the great grades I desired but it was so much effort, lead to burn out and exhaustion. So when I heard about alignment before action, I thought, ah what the heck I’ll try it. So this past uni semester, I decided to not work “harder”, but to instead work “smarter”. This was also the point in time that I began my blog (and eventually, Youtube) which also would take up a good chunk of time to maintain each week alongside two jobs and a full time Bachelor of Science in osteopathy.

It took time to get used to not studying, and allowing myself to even having hours to relax and read, socialise a lot more and work on personal development. I felt way more relaxed, happier and like studying wasn’t like swimming upstream without goggles as it used to be. I studied when I felt like it, and stopped when I had enough of it. (This time, it felt like flowing downstream, with goggles).

The best part is, that when I compared this past semester to all my previous years of study, I ended up achieving the same great results I always aspire to have! I was speechless when I read my results because when I ran this experiment, I was skeptical. I had used minimal effort but big inspired action which lead to successful results. I also got to enjoy the process so much more. Some people call this flow, and others say it's with the Law of Attraction (which is another topic for another blog post another day, another time).


Everything. I use it to write my blog posts, creating youtube videos, it’s used by elite athletes, climbers, gymnasts and sprinters. Also actors.

So reflecting back to learning the violin, little did I know that some days I was naturally in flow and my fingers were falling into place without me trying because I was in a good, calm place. On days this wasn’t the case, if I had done a little more work to get into alignment beforehand, then I probably would’ve had a fair few less tantrums and enjoyed the process a whole lot more whilst still achieving all that I would in the future. 

Big love,

Kimberley x