How Get Out of a Rut and Think Your Way into a Good Mood


This blog post came to me when I was speaking to one of my girlfriends last night. She said to me, “I just have no idea why I feel crappy, I have no reason to but I'm just stuck feeling this way.” And sometimes, that’s the reality isn’t it? That we have no reason whatsoever to feel grumpy or moody - if you’re able to read this blog post, you and I are both privileged people! But we do. 

So what can we do to get into a good mood again, pronto? Because that’s where all the amazing things happen in life.


Usually when we feel crappy, it’s more than likely that there’s an energy blockage within us which might have built up from a subtle bad experience that day, or simply just reality not meeting our expectations. The key is to get that energy moving again by expressing it, in any way that you please. Whether it’s calling up a girlfriend and talking things through, or going for a long walk, playing ball sport or journaling - you decide what your flavour of expression is. Sometimes we just have no idea what’s bothering us and it’s only when we begin to explore and scrape through the surface of our thoughts that we realise there’s an broiling undercurrent with a meaning behind it.


A couple who rose to fame in the 80s, Jerry and Esther Hicks, talk about an emotional scale with various emotions ranging from bad to good. I'll place a wall-print I created below, and if you'd like the pdf to print out and place on your desk, you can download it from the bo-chic resource library here!

emotional ladder.png

Obviously, everyone experiences emotion differently, but this scale gives a rough guide on where you’re at in terms of feeling, and how you can step-stone to emotion number 1: joy. This ladder is so useful because when you're ever stuck in fear and powerlessness, and you’re that low, you’re most likely not going to be in a right mind to think of which emotion is the best to move towards next. All you have to do is pop out this image (feel free to save it to your phone, I have it as a favourite image!) and use the emotions above to think your way to joy. 

Sounds simple right? The aim isn’t to run as fast as you can through each emotion. The way you use it is by creating a new “more positive” thought each time you want to move up an rung on the ladder. Let’s do a full walk-through of how you would use it. For example, if someone was a number 20 (jealousy) and was thinking “I’m so jealous she has everything she wants in life and I don't,” then they could move to 17 (anger) as it’s a more positive emotion than jealousy. She could think “I’m angry that I’m not in that place she is”. 

From there, she could move to 15 (blame) "I blame myself for not trying hard enough”.

12 (disappointment) “I’m disappointed that I feel this way.”

9 (pessimism) “I won’t every be successful if I keep thinking like this.”

8 (boredom) “This is ridiculous, I’m over this.”

7 (content) “But I’m okay with it because everything that’s happening now is only because of my own actions.”

6 (hopefulness) “Perhaps if I try to take responsibility for my life, I can build the life I want rather than rely on others.”

5 (optimism) “You know what, that’s it I just need to take responsibility, get off my butt and take some action!”

4 (positive expectation) “If I do that, I’ll be able to get myself out of this rut.”

3 (enthusiasm) “Awesome, from today I’m changing my perspective on life and only hold space for positivity.”

2 (Passion) “And I’m only going to spread positivity because that’s how I want to serve others.”

1 (Joy) “My perspective is my own responsibility and everything is leading to positivity now. I feel happy, light and joyful."

Isn't it cool how just reading that, you're following the emotional rise to joy? You can literally feel yourself soften and feel calmer and lighter.

TIP! If you feel stuck on a certain level, or it feels like the next step is a big reach, hold onto that new positive thought for 17 seconds - the perfect amount of time to let your mind make a full gear shift. 


Once you’re feeling positive and are in the higher rungs of the ladder, it will make doing things so much more enjoyable and as if everything is flowing. This is one of the very tools you can use to get into alignment. If you haven’t read my previous two blog posts, they relate to this topic as they talk about flow and alignment! Read them here and here.

And an exciting announcement! I have just created a Facebook group for gals (or guys) who love all things wellness, personal development, positivity, health & joy. Please feel free to join here! There, we’ll be sharing recipes, tips and tricks, positive quotes, answering any wellness related questions and soon doing quick wellness workshops run by yours truly!

I hope learning about this ladder is exciting and useful for you! I know when I first learned about it, I was loving it because I personally love structure and a sure way to reach a certain goal; feeling joy. Many more habits and tips on living life vibrantly and happily similar to this are all in my upcoming Wellness Program which is coming out before the New Year! For updates and an early bird price, only available if you’re on the list, sign up here

Have a beautiful day, evening or night wherever you're reading this from!

Big love,

Kimberley x