How Do Our Thoughts Create Our Reality?


I used to wake up thinking that life happened to me and that I couldn't control whether I'd stain my white top with tomato sauce (I used to love meat pies with tomato sauce...) and that I couldn't control whether people treated me badly or nicely! Today's blog post is going to help you understand the basics on how your thoughts create your reality.

A week ago I learned 32 Principles of life from Dr Demartini. The second principle said in a nutshell that our mind has incoming ideas and outgoing thoughts composed of OR associated with vibrations. He goes on to say thoughts are made from light wave particles (and a whole bunch of other scientific evidence that I won’t include in this blog post!) 


Our minds can tune in or tune out to certain thoughts by changing the frequency of them. When you tune into sadness or anger, you’re at a lower frequency (or vibe) than if you tuned into happiness, passion or joy! 

This concept is also how are mobile phones work. We can talk to our loved one thousands of miles away from us because our voice audio signal waves then create electromagnetic waves that are transported to Japan, America, Australia, Europe etc. So if our voice can do it, are minds do this also, only we don’t hear the results. But just because we can’t hear other people’s thoughts does not mean we cannot sense or experience their vibes. Much like we cannot hear a dog whistle but dogs respond to them because the sound is a higher frequency than we’re able to hear. 

Basically, your thoughts have vibes that also send out a signal out to the world which causes your reality to respond correspondingly! 

So now that you get that our thoughts have a vibration, that means that those people you dislike or resent 100% know if even if you don’t speak to them. They can FEEL your vibes regardless! So how does knowing this help us?

Knowing that are thoughts have vibes means that your thoughts can CREATE your reality or break it down. You ultimately decide how you use them. Have you ever wondered why things have never changed? It’s probably because you played the same story over and over again in your head, that of course nothing would change! 


Being stubborn is probably one of the greatest downfalls someone can have, because if they fail to be willing to change their thoughts, their reality will just keep showing the same thing again. If someone keeps thinking they’re a broke college or uni student and thinks “I can’t afford to buy this book” or “I’m poor cause I’m studying,” then that is the reality they create. If a person starts to say however “there’s more where that came from!” every time they swiped their card, then they allow themselves to receive more money. If someone says “ugh, I feel so fat,” then they’re subconscious mind is lapping everything all up and will give them the thoughts and inspired actions of a person who is fat - think binge eating, emotional eating, feeling shameful of their body and lacking self love. 

How long have you been telling yourself the same story? How long have you been telling yourself you are broke? Since only a few months ago, I have changed my beliefs 180 degrees, and I now refuse to think that I am a poor uni student because that is just a story that the majority of students have told themselves for years on end. I decided to change that because we all choose our stories and that is not my story - nor does it have to be yours! As soon as I began to change those beliefs, my bank account has gone from low 4 figures to steady 5 figures, and it is only upwards from here! People might find themselves having resistance against wanting money due to their belief of it making them a bad person for wanting so, or for them not wanting to be seen as greedy - and this is a whole other issue that I'll dive into another time, another day. 

So I want to ask you, what are your current thoughts saying and what reality are you creating?

What story are you telling?

  • Are you constantly late? Are you never getting A’s? Are you always procrastinating?
  • Don’t play the victim here because you are not the victim of the world you see. You create your reality, the power is all in your hands. This is a bit of real talk because I’m not going to mislead my beautiful readers (that is YOU gal!) on how their story is because of how they have been treated and how they have suffered because of other people’s agendas. No. That is total BS - you have created the very situation that you are in and it’s on your ownus to own that and to take control from this moment on.
  • You are better than this, you are stronger than this and you have the power to change your DAY, this moment right now after you finish reading this blog. 
  • Take note of your thoughts. Witness them when your ego is taking reign and then change them. It’s a constant practise not a spontaneous moment of change! But once you do start to change them, you start to see your reality shift….

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In the coming weeks I'll be diving a lot more into manifestation, the law of attraction, my own experiences with it and how it can be used to up your finances and up your happy.

Til next time,

Kimberley x