How to Clear the Blocks that Keep Us From Being Happy


Sometimes it is super clear why we’re unhappy. Maybe things didn’t go our way, or someone made a stupid comment. Then there’s times where we know we should be happy, everything is going for us yet we feel blocked and can’t step out of the dark. Or maybe you feel like every time you try to be happy, something bad happens. Or maybe you just don’t feel happy at all, and you’re stuck in a cycle of anxiety, fear and worry.

All of these crappy scenarios have one thing in common: that there is a block from happiness. I’ve come to realise from my own personal development journey and working with clients that there are blocks that hold us captive and away from happiness, and these blocks come in many forms.



They can come as the feeling of loneliness, lack of guidance and feeling lost. Sometimes you just feel like you don’t know where to begin to get back on track to feeling happy. You feel alone because no one can relate to your situation, or you’ve grown apart from your friends, or it’s so hard to speak out for fear of others’ judgements. You have no guidance and you’re wandering around aimlessly in life!


Maybe you listen to your ego, the part of you that dwells on the past, creates fearful thought in the present and projects it onto the future. You allow it to overrule your mind, listening to all the nasty things it says like “your tummy sticks out in that photo,” “you’ll never get that dream body,” or “she’s so much more successful than you.” 


Instead of understanding that life happens FOR you, you think that like is happening to you and that everything that’s happening is uncontrollable. You let your days play out, you let others influence you and press their values upon you. You don’t realise that you have the choice to choose your thoughts and co-create your reality!


You allow past trauma to get to you. It’s what your belief system is based on and because of that, when you try to estimate what will happen in future situations, that is all you know and so that is all your mind can project into the future. As a result, any new opportunities that you’re faced with crumble because the file in your mind that you use to play over again to see if things will happen well (no matter how well you want them to go) will go poorly, just like it happened in the past. So you get stuck in a cycle of this issue and it will keep replaying in your life until you shine light on it and bring it forward for healing. 


SO let’s turn this blog a little more positive and talk about the good stuff - how we can actually FIX this stuff! I’m going to counter each of these blocks I wrote about above with how you can clear them. 


If you feel a lack of guidance, you aren’t in touch with your inner self and your desires. Create a spiritual journey of your own understanding. Tap into your inner wise gal and ask her for guidance. You can try writing to your intuition, literally ask yourself a question in your journal, then wait for the answer. You should feel the answer come naturally from within you!


Quit that crap for good! Don’t listen to the negative self talk you hear. What will help is “The Band Effect” - placing a hair tie on your wrist and throughout the day if you notice negative self talk, either snap the band as a friendly reminder, or switch the band to the other wrist. You will really realise how much crap your mind says that isn’t healthy for your wellness at all!


Okay so this sounds ridiculous because you technically cannot ‘use’ the law of attraction as it’s a law and so it happens just like the law of gravity (you can’t USE gravity, it just happens). So what you need to do is educate yourself on how your thoughts up until now - every single one of them have caused you to be in the current situation that you see yourself right now, reading this blog. 

What you think of is what causes your reality. If you think to yourself “don’t spill this blueberry smoothie on your top, it’ll stain,” guess what - you will stain your top. If you think “I’m going to find a carpark in this busy carpark,” you will find a carpark! (Try this next time).

I will be talking a lot more about this in video trainings in my Facebook group The Daily Wellness Collective if you’d like to head over there!


To get over past trauma, you need to go through healing it. Many times this can be done by forgiveness and for seeing your situation with new eyes. Giving yourself (or someone) another chance. Healing can be done by reading self help books, or I coach girls on how healing can be done. 

One of my clients came to me with a friendship issue and couldn’t get past how she was treated so poorly in the past. Her friend had so rudely ignored her on a traveling trip and by the end of it, she couldn’t stand her! Yet, she was still faced with having to deal with this girl, seeing her posts on facebook, Instagram, you name it. So we walked through forgiving this friend (which she is still working on!), and plugging up the energy leak that resulted from the worry and this friend sitting in the back of her mind. After she went through healing this patch, she felt so much free-er, and like she had gained ALL her energy back! She had cleared that block, and now she is much more focussed on the things she wants in life, and she’s able to manifest the things she desires!

This is what she had to say:

Kimberley is amazing! I was struggling with some emotional baggage that kept popping up in my thoughts all day, every day and it kept pulling me down or just messing with my productivity and creativity. Within just one session, Kimberley not only helped me to see the bigger picture, but also gave me tools and exercises that made an immediate change in my life. I practice them daily now and every time I do, I feel like there’s this heavy burden being lifted off my chest and it just makes my entire day so much better and more productive. If you need to drop some negativity like I did or you’re looking to implement more wellness into your life, Kimberley is your girl!


Don’t wait until you’ve hit rock bottom to start working towards your happiness. If you feel like you’ve had simply ENOUGH of these blocks holding you back from being happy and want to save the time of you feeling unhappy, moody and in downer town looking for answers, I now specifically coach on how to clear the blocks in life you might be facing that are keeping you from the joy you deserve. 

Many of my clients have had amazing results from the tools and sessions where we dig deep into their limiting belief systems and their past in order to clear the blocks and unapologetically be happy, be joyful, free of anxiety. If you’re ready to let go of all these blocks, you can grab your free 30 minute call with me here where you can share your story with me. I promise I’ll listen with compassion and understanding.

Hope these tools help you this week!

P.S I am releasing a recommended book list this Wednesday in the resource library! So if you’d like to get started right away on your self help book journey, sign up below to get the password to the library!

Big love,

Kimberley x