How to Have Faith In Attracting Your Desires, Even When Things Seem Doubtful

Nothing but a clear blue sky. Not one thing to show. Not one cloud.

Nothing but a clear blue sky. Not one thing to show. Not one cloud.

When people first get into manifestation, they might come across it in a book or a seminar or movie. And from reading, watching of hearing about it they get SUPER inspired. It seems straight forward to hear that you can think of something, visualise it, feel after it and bring it about in your life.

Simple enough right? But what happens when you follow all the steps, you do everything you’re told to and the universe still doesn’t seem to show you even a peep of what you’re trying to manifest?

You feel blocked, you feel almost like giving up and defeated. This is when you begin to think, “what’s the point,” or “this manifestation stuff is too good to be true after all, time to get back into just working hard.” But when you have these thoughts, you lower your vibe and this is when you block your connection from the universe and begin to rely on your own energy and effort. You get stuck and you don’t realise that by only relying on your own abilities, you’re missing out on an unlimited ever-flowing support from a high power (whatever you believe in).

So what gives? What the heck should we do when we feel like we’ve got the vision board, we’ve got the goals written, we’ve journaled about it and even felt the emotions we would feel to have it, but we still don’t see what we desire to manifest?

I’ve hit times like this where I’ve wanted to manifest a boyfriend, or a house to move out into, clients or even just - friends! And at different times for each and every desire, I would hit this wall. Why wasn't I manifesting these things?!

The one quote that got me through each of these scenarios til I did manifest them into my reality was one from A Course In Miracles:

Those with certainty can wait, and wait without anxiety. 

One fundamental key for manifesting your desires is to have CERTAINTY. The law of attraction is a LAW of the universe meaning that if you are thinking, visualising, making big inspired action towards your desired goal, you WILL have it come into your reality. You can be certain about it. The part that we forget is that if we are able to be certain, then we can wait without stressing, without worrying. It means that we can continue to do massive inspired action and just wait for the time that everything clicks and your manifestation occurs! 

But of course, it’s easier said than done right? So what else helps?



When in doubt, journal. The first step is to work through whatever current feelings you have, whether that be doubt, sadness, pain or resentment. Write through feeling those emotions and once they have been let out, then start to scribe your desire as if you have it already.

Write it in detail! Write what characteristics you want in a boyfriend, what does he look like? Write how much money you want to make in your business. Write why you want to move out. Get CLEAR and allow yourself to go to town on dreaming about it. Once you have finished writing, remember the quote, “those who have certainty can wait, and wait without anxiety.” 

The final step in the journalling session which just adds the cherry on top is writing the golden statement: And so it is. 

Sign off your scribing session with these 4 last words and have FAITH. Remember that if you believe it, you will see it (rather than the popular saying “I’ll believe it when I see it.”)


The second tip is to ask the universe for signs. Don't forget that just because you're going through what seems like a manifestation drought that you can still ask the universe to speak to you! Simply ask the universe, "Dear universe, please show me signs on what I should do, or even just show that you are still supporting me." 

And then wait for the universe to respond. You may see angel numbers at the most perfect times, indicating to you what you forgot to do. You might see butterflies, telling you to not stress and that everything is happening in divine timing.

That is the main reason for delay in the universe - if you're doing everything you can to manifest what you want, remember that there is a quantum delay between you setting out your vibes and intentions in the the universe and you receiving your desire. The universe wants everything for you, it wants for you to be abundant. You just need to wait for the divine timing to happen. 

Use these tips whenever you’re feeling blocked or stuck and I assure you, you will get back on track to having faith and continuing your big massive action.

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Big love,

Kimberley x