How to Protect Your Positivity as an Empath

Being an empath: it's like we have an antenna and are receiving everyone's emotions, good or bad.

Being an empath: it's like we have an antenna and are receiving everyone's emotions, good or bad.

Over this weekend, one of my closest loved ones was going through a lot of pain, and not to make this blog negative, but it brought me down and today as I write this post, I’m reflecting on what I truly should have done rather than let myself go down to wallow with them. Many of the posts that I write are sometimes written for me, because it’s what I need to hear the most and I’ve googled and no-one else has created a post about it. Now that I’ve written this post, I really believe that there are also other people who may benefit from it. Now let’s drop the negative and come back to ourselves! I hope you enjoy this one and that it serves you today! x

Many of us are empaths, myself included. Many of us don’t even know it! You know that you’re an empath if you can feel how someone is emotionally and you unconsciously begin harbouring those emotions. You can be swayed by other people’s thoughts, desires and emotions and have gut feelings about certain things. If you walk into a certain room and notice someone is feeling down, you feel that you must bring your energy down to meet them. Often you want to give and help people out of their troubles and sometimes forget to look after yourself and receive. Today in this blog, I have a few tips on how I personally deal with keeping my own energy bubble clear of these emotions.


Yes, the first thing is to protect yourself! If you don’t protect yourself first, like you would if the oxygen masks on an airplane flopped down in front of you, you cannot help anyone else. Before you engage with a person who may be going through a negative phase, make the intention that you will not go down to that level of negativity. Even imagine creating a bubble around you protecting yourself from the negative vibes.


When you’re making time to help people who are feeling sadness, anxiety, pain or bodily dysfunction, you have to give yourself boundaries. You may have a friend who is working through, for example, anxiety. If so, this is what you can do you protect your own energy. 

  • Have a switch which you’re able to turn ON or OFF - and when you’re ON, give as much as you feel you can help. When you’re OFF, hold yourself true to that and give yourself time to ground and live your own life (more on this later). When you’re constantly helping the person as they text you every hour, you’re going to be flipping that switch like crazy until you blow a fuse! 


It is so easy to spiral down with the negative person, quickly and rapidly. Especially as an empath. If you lament and resent with them, you begin to lower your emotions. The result is that you wouldn’t have helped them and you most definitely wouldn’t have helped yourself. So how do we go about helping our loved one without stubbing our own toes?

  • We speak to the light in them. If someone fell overboard, you don’t just jump into the ocean to go save them. You could both end up lost at sea. You grab the safety ring and hurl it towards them with a rope attached. Similarly to this, when you’re helping your friend, don’t dive into the sea of negativity. Simply throw them the ring and bit by bit, pull the tether towards you to get them back onboard. This looks like helping them bridge from “the world is ending” to “things really aren’t so bad.” It’s helping them see the positive and reeling them towards your more positive energetic level. 


As an empath, there’s a chance that after interacting with a person who’s wallowing in sadness that you will also carry some of that mood. We do not want any of this baggage! It’s so important to ground yourself and give yourself time to come back to where you thrive energetically.

  • Meditate - take 5 minutes to recalibrate to your natural self.
  • Dance - to your favourite song to dance off any bad vibes.
  • Speak to a positive friend - they can bring you up, easily!
  • Get outside - connect with nature.
  • Use a mantra to lean back on love. One I use is “I choose to feel love instead of this.”


Sometimes we feel so strongly that we can see a way out for our loved one, and we want to lead them there. But there is also a chance that they are not ready and that they may need to hit rock bottom before coming on their way back up. Wherever that person may be, honour it and know that you have done your best to help them. You can only help someone so much and if you try to continue to keep giving, they will not be on the same energetic level as you to receive that help. This causes an energy leak and what you really are doing instead is taking away from yourself.

I hope that these 5 tools and messages help you to help your loved ones through any difficulties, all whilst remaining strong and protecting your energy! 

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Big love,

Kimberley x

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