Journaling: 3 Reasons


Between you and me, when’s the last time journaled? These days, when the subject of journaling comes about, I feel like everyone tends to go quiet and those who do journal don’t really feel like announcing it to the world. But why? Let me remind you that journaling doesn’t mean reliving those days when you were in grade 6 writing about a crush you had. By all means, write about your dream man if you like but definitely open your mind to this super cost-effective form of therapy!

The actuality of it is that journaling has a plethora of benefits that remain untapped if you let this image hold you from it. What do I think of when I journal? To me, journaling means you’re a driven soul whose passionate about your goals and appreciate exploring thoughts with pen on paper. What’s special about journaling is that if there are things you feel uncomfortable or unsure about talking to your friends with, you can write them down on the pages without confident that you're free of judgement.

I don't remember who from exactly, but I heard a stat that said that many successful people journal daily. And this doesn’t actually surprise me! Let me guide you through 3 reasons why.

Happy days

I like to start my journaling session with listing 5-10 things I'm grateful for at that very moment. Let's make this blog post interactive - I want you to think of 5 things you're grateful for right this moment! (Pause reading now). Okay, now that you've done that, how do you feel? Today's not going as bad as you thought, right? Whenever I practise gratitude whilst journaling, I physically feel a wave shift myself from feeling average to a little happier. If you're finding difficulty writing your list, read this quote carefully: 

"Any moment of our life that we cannot recall with gratitude is a moment that we have not fully examined." - a quote by a role model I highly respect, Dr John Demartini.

Decreases anxiety

When we write down our thoughts, we organise them in a way that is comprehensible, therefore we allow ourselves to mentally untangle from the mess of thoughts in our minds. Remember, no one is going to read what you write, everything is just between you and your journal, so let it all out. 

If I have a bad day or I happen to have a dilemma in my mind, I’ll write the first things that are running around in my head. I’ll put pen to paper and let it all flow out. Before I know it, sometimes in under 10 minutes I’ll be satisfied with a rant, and sometimes I’ll even have made my mind on the dilemma that was in question! I feel calmer and this also lets me get a better night’s rest. 

Boosts your confidence

I can literally hear you thinking, how?  Don’t worry, we’re not writing corny things about ourselves in a narcissistic manner. When you journal, you naturally will want to recount the amazing things you achieved during the day. Doing this gives yourself the time you deserve to really bask in that sense of achievement and happiness. The 17 seconds that it takes for you to hand write that fond memory allows your body to release endorphins and dopamine to boost your self-esteem and mood. (If you’re wanting to further work on self-love, definitely read my post here!)

Reach your goals, faster

I love this one. When you’re journaling, you tend to write what your intentions are or what you hope to do in the future. It’s a safe zone for you to dream and want things without judgement. It doesn't even have to be fancy, it can be about you wanting a puppy (personally, I would love a little golden retriever pup), or hoping to achieve straight A's. As you write your heart's desires, you let your brain understand where you stand and where you wish to be. As a result, your brain begins to work out ways of action you have to take in order to get there.

A beautiful part about journaling is that at the end of a year, you can read an entry from the beginning of a certain period in your life and realise that things have really changed, or improved, or that you achieved many of those goals that you once found overwhelming or impossible! 


Now let's think about you. Would you consider journaling now that I’ve explained three valuable reasons to? If you’re unsure where to start, I’ll walk you through it. If you’re not ready to commit, you don’t have to go to the shops to buy a brand new moleskin journal, just grab an old notebook, a pen that you love (mine’s from Kikki. K., I adore their stationary) and begin writing! Scribble the date and time, and write all the thoughts coming through your mind. Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes, you might even find yourself wanting to write even more. Write to your heart’s content!

Now what better to implement this amazing free form of therapy than to be guided by a Journaling Flow Workbook that I'll be releasing on Wednesday! If you would like some ideas or guidance on what to write, or how to journal effectively, I have a workbook with some inspirational prompts and exercises, along with a 30-day challenge so you can really leverage its benefits. All that's needed is that you sign up to the bo-chic club using the button below.

I hope you give journaling a go and love it. Til next week!

Big love,
Kimberley x