Slow Fashion: 7 Reasons Why It's Okay To Be An Outfit Repeater


Hey babe! Today is my first birthday blog post! I decided to dedicate this post to something I love, fashion - and a different take on it. We're talking: slow fashion. Enjoy! x

What is slow fashion?

The reason why I’m writing about slow fashion today is because I feel like this is something that everybody secretly would be okay with. Every time you have an event, do you feel just a little bit stressed out because you have to find an outfit that you haven’t worn before?

You go through that whole thought process. It starts with “shit, I don’t have anything to wear,” when really your wardrobe is full of clothes you’ve worn before. You make a mental note telling yourself to keep an eye out when you’re online shopping for something in your size that looks cute. And then the event is approaching and you still have no luck because you’ve just been lucky enough to have this event come up in a fashion drought. Nothing online looks like what you want and nothing fits. You worry that that dress you spent $187 is already on Facebook, and your friend already tagged you so everyone has seen it. 


Okay, now I’m gonna take a breath and calm a little because I got into a rabbit hole there. But you know what? Given that scenario, I’m actually now so okay with re-wearing the same outfit to another event. Let me tell you why. 

First of all, this is a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM.

You are not going to die, it’s a dress, and yes it sucks if people judge you, but there’s this thing called life, and you will never be able to avoid people who judge you. Also, if you look good in that outfit, give it it’s glory for making you look 100.


The amount of clothes that are thrown out each year all over the world is a huge eye opener! A stat from this year says that Australia alone disposes of 6000kg of fashion items EVERY 10 MINUTES. And most of this can’t be re-sold in op shops and ends up in landfill. So choose your clothes wisely, keep your favs and don’t feel pressured to buy clothes all the time!


A major reason for why we’ve gotten into this “one-wear” cycle is because we don’t want to be insulted or judged by friends. Real friends won’t judge you for what you wear. And if you’re finding that they’re bringing you down, are they really your true friends? See this also as a test on whether your surrounding friends support you in your endeavours. 


By not having to buy new outfits for every event, you save money! You’ll have more money to spend on more quality objects and dresses rather than just cheap nasty cotton dresses. 


Just because it’s the same outfit doesn’t mean you have to wear it with the same hairstyle, makeup and accessories! Change it up. One thing I like to do is once I've worn a "special occasion outfit" to its fair share of events, I demote it to the "casual-wear" category and dress it down with t-shirts or comfy shoes.


Now would this be a Kimberleywenya post if there wasn’t a wellness component to it? You will stress less if you tastefully re-wear that same skirt and top because you don’t need to frantically go and buy a new one. How does this affect our body? We sleep better, can finally lose that lower tummy fat and have a mind that is not overclouded. 

7) #30wears

It’s okay to wear things more than once, in fact I aim to wear my clothing items at least 30 times at a very min. If you’re curious to see a public figure promote this, Emma Watson is an avid supporter of the #30wears movement. She’s a massive inspiration alone!


Then that’s totally fine! Just be mindful of how you dispose clothes. Then rather than throwing the clothes out, sell them online. 

I will never forget this quote from Lizzie McGuire, “I may be an outfit repeater, but you’re an outfit rememberer and that is just as pathetic!” Not that repeating outfits is pathetic (which is what this blog post is trying to get across!) but if people are judging you, why give a crap?


I hope this inspired you to think about this not-so-mainstream topic!

Til next week.

Big love,

Kimberley x