Style Your Mindset: Easily Avoid Junk Food


Hey gal, prepare yourself because this blog post has a little more sass than others, the reason being that this is something that I am so passionate about conveying, and is what more people need to hear. Three years ago I used to be a massive junk food fanatic. I ate McDonalds up to twice a week, and in one sitting I would eat a big mac, medium French fries, down a sprite and then cram down a soft serve or apple pie. Now to put this into context, I’m a petite girl. I’m 4’10” and weigh 37kg. So for me to consume that amount of energy in the form of food was insane. I used to have weekly binges where I’d hide in my room watching Vampire Diaries with green tea (oh so healthy) and a big bag of salt and vinegar chips. Either that or I’d be putting my wrists down a packet of Pringles. That was my lifestyle and binging was a horrible habit. So when I say that I now no longer crave junk food, I’m being honest that THIS mindset I’m about to tell you about is the only thing that has really made it easy. Or at least simple. Let’s be real, it’s not easy at the start! But if I didn’t tell you that I’d be lying to you.

1.    Your body’s cells are literally made from what you consume.

Yes, literally, you are what you eat. We all know that is old news, so how is this life changing? Well the key is how I think of it this way: don’t think of it as “oh I eat a potato so now I am a potato”. Instead, think of it as, “whatever is in this potato, whether it be pesticides, carbohydrates, minerals or vitamins is what is BUILDING my body’s cells.” To me it is now repulsing to think that a greasy antibiotic injected low grade piece of Mc-patty would be what is creating my cells in my body. Does that signal value for your body to you? I don’t think so. Now reverse this thinking, and think of a delicious home-made organic vegetable lasagne, creating those very same body cells. Different story, right? You feel energised just thinking about it!

THINK: Whether you like it or not, what you eat is going to make up your biological cells. So choose wisely. Some of you might be thinking, “but what’s the big deal if it makes up your cells? I still look thin either way!” I also went through a time where I looked skinny on the outside but I was Skinny Fat. That basically means you’re slick on the outside and not so attractive on the inside. That doesn’t allow you be your optimum version of yourself! So what do you choose?

2.    Think about your future

Whether you’re 16, 22 or 37 years old, I think it’s so important to always look at the bigger picture. Every time you chuck junk food into your body you’re shocking it with unclean fuel, and it wears down your metabolism. Not only this, save yourself the grief from heart disease concerns (yes gals, this is not a drill. A study in 2015 showed kids as young as EIGHT YEARS OLD in the US are showing signs of having semi blocked arteries!!).

THINK: Is what I'm eating going to serve me well in the future? 

3.    The food companies don’t give a sh*t about our health

I used to think “oh wow, Go Natural are so kind, they really care about my health! They’ve labeled this honey nut bar as “healthy” so obviously it is!” - NO! This is not how the world works. Sorry to break it to you gal but the world still and will forever revolve around money. This means that food companies will go through everything to try and get you to buy their product. And if that means targeting 20yo females to buy their frozen yogurt or low fat chocolate cake, they’re going to go for it. Another tip: junk food demolishes your beautiful gut flora! To get a general understanding of gut flora and why this matters, tap here.

THINK: majority of the food companies don't think about what's truly good for us. It’s up to us to make the smart decision on whether something really is healthy. For a basic start, read food labels and whatever you do, avoid sugar!

 4.    “I can have it, but I CHOOSE not to have it”

Rather than going against your cravings and resisting it, create flow. “Resisting” junk food makes you feel like you need to overcome it. Rather, create flow in your mind by saying I choose not to have it. “I choose not to have that packet of salt and vinegar chips because I know I’ll regret it in the morning because my face will be puffy from the sodium and it’s not adding any nutrition to my body”. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips x

5.    There’s always a healthier version.

You can transition to a holistic lifestyle by creating healthy versions of what you love. I still love chocolate but I only eat whole food chocolate made from ingredients like coconut butter and nectar and cashews and no sugar. Not only does it taste yum, I don’t feel crap after having a portion of it, when I feel like it. I can tell you that there are healthy alternatives for nearly ANYTHING you already crave. I often use superfood powders to replace flavours like chocolate, caramel and vanilla! You can read a post about which specific ones I use here. If you’re stuck for thoughts, DM me on Instagram @kimberleywenya and I'll personally help you come up with a natural alternative!

Mastering your mindset

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don't beat yourself up on it if you crumble once in a while, it's all a journey and every step forward is still one step away from junk food. Write these steps down in the notes on your phone or in your diary, or revisit this blog post when you need another boost to keep your health compass calibrated. 

Free workbook!

I've released a free workbook on mastering a mindset to avoid junk food in the Bo-chic Resource Library! If this sounds like something you'd love, sign up to the bo-chic club for the password to access to all the freebies I'm creating. 

In the mean time, if you want to work more on your mindset, I recommended watching That Sugar Film (2014) to get an idea of how sugar really affects your body. 

I hope you loved this post and that some of these tips are useful for you. You got this gal!

Big love,

Kimberley x