Synchronicity or Just Coincidence?


Do you remember the times where you would be talking to a girlfriend and then you realised you had this random mutual friend who you never realised you both knew? And you thought it was such a coincidence?

Or maybe you remember that time you were having a conversation and at the exact same moment in time both you and another person said the exact same phrase together in harmony. And you looked at each other surprised and a little shocked and would call “jinx” or just assume it was a coincidence. Maybe things just slotted together perfectly for you like your work schedules being perfectly aligned with your college or uni schedule and you didn’t need to tweak anything!

They’re all coincidences right? Or are they synchronicities? This blog post already has so many questions so I’m going to start answering some of these questions!

A synchronicity is defined as: the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

I.e in normal talk, synchronicities are two events happening which believably seem to be related but have no connection whatsoever. The fact that you sit next to someone in class and they happen to be someone who also loves health and wellness out of all 50 people in the room, or you sit next to a random at a cafe who can help you out with your business. 

Society has called it coincidence, and it’s washed over so easily. But I like to use the term synchronicity a lot more. It means that these are signs or situations that the universe has so carefully curated for you to experience in divine timing (i.e the best time for you). 

Examples of synchronicities I’ve experienced are seeing angel numbers like 11:11 or 222 on billboards, 333 in numbers and 888 (well known for being relevant to money and financial abundance) after just depositing money into the bank. The fact that I’d seen these numbers in the perfect circumstances made it too precise and too meaningful to make it “just by chance.”

Recently, I've been shifting my brand towards manifestation and the law of attraction, and the day I did, my coach I worked with last year, Erin Henry sent me this screenshot of my sign from the universe - a Dalmatian! At the exact time that I opened the photo was just after I had brainstormed all the changes I was making and the vision I saw for my blog, brand and business. And to top it off with a cherry on top, the universe then arranged for me to be blessed with a law of attraction planner which Erin mentioned she bought but wasn’t going to use. She asked me if I wanted it! To me this was a HUGE sign that the universe was saying - go ahead with your brand shifts, it’s safe and your readers and tribe will love it. 

So I did! And this is why a lot of what I’m going to be talking about in addition to health, wellness and happiness will be about how we can harness the power of the universe, become super manifestors and attract more of what we DO want and less of what we DON’T want. It’s also why I am creating a super exciting 6 week program, The Manifestation Collective where we learn how to do just this and create the abundant reality you know you deserve and desire even if it goes against the odds! I'm telling you now that no matter WHERE you're at in life, you are able to turn it around to head towards how you want to be living. Why be a poor uni student and allow the stereotypes to define your life when that in itself is a choice! Why stay in a negative space? We make changes for all these scenarios in The Manifestation Collective. Read more about it here!

So synchronicities are powerful events to experience because they are guiding signs from the universe (or a higher power you believe in). After sharing about the law attraction to one of my good friends at uni, she told me that she had never heard about the law of attraction, but as soon as I had told her about it - she was bombarded with it left, right and centre! Customers at the cafe she worked at asked her questions and would leave her with a light passing comment like “It must be the law of attraction!” And she found a book that was being thrown out being sold for $1 titled “the Law of Attraction”. 

The way I even CAME across the law of attraction was a synchronicity in itself! I was coming home from uni on the train and my mum sent me a text message asking her if I could meet her a stop just past our home train station to help her carry a vase she bought from the op shop into the car. She’d then be able to give me a lift home. Feeling like there was nothing to stop me and of course wanting to help, I agreed and met her at the op shop.

The first thing I did was ask if I could have a browse at the books and see if there was anything that would catch my attention. For 10 minutes I didn’t find anything that caught my eye. But around the 20 minute mark as I was about to leave with mum I walked past a book shelf that I seemed to have missed. I stopped to look and I immediately set my eyes on a book about gut health - and beside it a book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which I had screenshotted on my phone only a few days prior because I wanted to read it! I look at it super shocked and was blown away at how quickly my intention to the universe to learn more about the law of attraction had come into fruition! I asked, and I received! I bought it straight away and read it quickly and that was where this all started. But it started from a mere synchronicity, the small chance that I would deviate from my regular commute home to a random op shop with my mum who was buying a vase for her flower arranging.

When I look back and realise that if this never happened I wouldn’t be where I am now learning about the laws of the universe and creating my reality the way I desire it, I realise how fickle our life paths are and how delicately the universe works to interlace to perfection what happens for you to experience it in the perfect time.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? So what will you call coincidences in the future? By calling them synchronicities, you open yourself to the possibility and acceptance that theres an ever-present support for you from the universe, and by doing that it'll only support you further.

Feel free to leave a comment of any synchronicities you've experienced in the past! These stories are so much fun to read and I'd love to read yours!

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Sending big love,

Kimberley x