The chic hippy predicament


What is the chic hippy predicament?

Natural alternatives are amazing and pure; they are a raw connection to the earth or nature and it often means humans do not meddle as much with what is organic. Let’s talk about: Things. Anyone can own things made from cheap, synthetic materials, but owning and investing in objects made from quality materials that have been naturally and carefully considered is a different story. A box of chocolate wrapped in bio-degradable plastic, recycled fibre and bearing a design printed in vegetable ink speaks of much deeper value than one packaged in cardboard from newly logged trees and BPA plastics. The genuine feel-good emotion you get when owning objects of natural origin is so refreshing!

Cue: the predicament

When people think of natural and alternative ways to things, they normally envision: hippies, mother-earth, hemp and rain-dances. I also held this social perception, so after going through a personal shift a few years ago and becoming invested in this authentic way of living, I immediately thought that I had to fit into the hippy stereotype. I bought clothes which suited the hippy aesthetic, yet didn’t end up wearing them ever because they didn’t feel right on. For a while I put this predicament in the back of my mind and alternated between metro, Melbournian student (black puffer jacket, Nikes, grey jumper and 2xu leggings) and unsure hippy (beautiful, colourful skirts and gypsy pants). Don’t get me wrong, girls look absolutely stunning and in their element in clothes like these. If you’ve got it and love it, go with it! I personally just didn’t jibe with it. 

Hello bo-chic

Then it dawned on me. Just because I enjoy natural alternatives doesn’t mean I can’t still express who I am, including the way I normally dress. I thought, maybe I’m not the only girl who feels like this; there have to be other girls out there too. I describe it with the word 'bo-chic', a balance between boho and chic. Boho: socially unconventional. Chic: elegantly and stylishly fashionable. Bo-chic: enjoying a chic aesthetic whilst embracing natural health and living. 

What kind of values does this blog believe in?

1)     Positivity. This is a place to add a positivity dose into your weekly life. We’re already surrounded by so much negativity, like the news and already have enough of our own self doubts and criticisms. My posts are designed to be read positively.

2)     Found treasures. You’ll hear about habits and products I come across that have helped me express this life/way of living (like in this post “7 ways to spread eco love”)

3)     I’m here to be real. I will cut the crap. You can count on me to say both the good and the bad. Going 100% natural may be unrealistic in today’s world, but it’s our efforts which count.

4)     A pretty space to look at. Feel free to keep this place open as a tab whilst you’re studying or online window shopping to keep the positive vibes flowing (that’s what I do anyway with sites I enjoy).

5)     It’s cool to be kind. Be kind. After you've read this post, try say one compliment to the next person you walk past - and I assure you you’ll feel good about yourself.

6)     Sharing things. Here, I'll be sharing things in all aspects (fitness, health, wellness etc) that I've learnt. I break down things I wanted to learn in the past so it can be easily understood, which helps solidify my own understanding (like my gut flora post here).

7)     This blog is not a judgemental space. Everyone is welcome, even boys, despite the “hey gal” banner.

8)     I’m here on a journey with you. Let's learn together how we can be ourselves, yet strive to live naturally/holistically. 

9)     I believe in transparency. You won’t see me recommending a brand without stating why I honestly love it and whether it was sponsored or not. 

10)  Short and sweet. I’ll be keeping my blog posts short and sweet, because scrolling down and not being able to get to the comments section after 10 thumb swipes is the beginning of a headache and gives me anxiety. E.g “50 occasions that stars from Friends broke out of character! You won’t have noticed number 13!”  (although I probably would been a click-bait victim to that article because, who doesn't love Friends). 

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Big love,

Kimberley x