Two Mega Manifestations I had Over the Weekend! (MUST READ)


Okay, so first off before I start this blog post, you’ll need a recap to the background story just so that you kind of understand how much of a big deal these manifestations really are! Before you read ahead, if you haven’t already, read my previous post HERE on how I manifested my ideal apartment to move into. Once you’ve read that, come back here. I’ll wait!

Okay read it? Or read it in the past? 

Okay so where to start off, if you have been listening to my podcast, The Kimberley Wenya Podcast, then in one of the first few episodes I spoke about how finding my ideal apartment actually sadly fell through.. I was so crestfallen mainly because it was exactly what I had described in my journal entry which I scripted with the intention to manifest the ideal place! The vibe was perfect, it was in the best location, the price was perfect and it was close to the rock climbing gyms and markets/shops that I loved. 

The sad part

About a month ago, I was sitting on a rock (literally) in the Grampians watching Byam climb when I received a text from Georgia, who I was supposed to move in with. As soon as I saw my phone screen my gut told me something wasn’t good about this text. As I read it my heart sunk as she told me that there was a miscommunication with the real estate agent and the guy who owned the apartment actually wanted to SELL it. So she was going to be kicked out, and I would never move in.

When I heard this news, first off I was so heartbroken but then I remembered that a “no” is never a “no” from the universe. If something falls through it is only because something even better is coming. And so I picked myself up and kept my head up and kept embodying the version of me that was going to move out. I kept prepping myself at home as if I was still moving out. I sold clothes, cleaned out my room and took up the independence and the confidence that I would have, if I had moved out!

Kimberley moves on

Over the next few weeks I kept looking for a new place, I messaged people and even got to the point that I was going to move into a non-deal place because I felt almost desperate! Other people just wouldn’t respond when I asked about their share houses, or I looked at the photos and nothing sat right. I just kept dreaming of the first place which I set my eyes on and the only place I had seen in real life - the humble apartment in Brunswick that fit my desires that had fallen through. 

I was especially confused because I was teaching, talking, coaching and writing about manifestation! How could I be talking about manifestation when something fell through like this? But I knew deep down that this wasn’t a bad sign, that it was all a part of the plan of showing girls just like you that we can 100% create our own realities if we do the right things and live unapologetically. And boy was I right….

The universe's magic...

Fast forward to yesterday, and I was supposed to tutor a student for Year 10 maths at 11AM, so I sat at the study table with my Law of Attraction book (I always read or listen to learn constantly in extra time - as Tony Robbins says "NET time!" - no extra time!). 11:11 comes by and still no show! In the mean time my friend Lee texts me and says its 11:11! A little annoyed, I text to ask if he’s still coming for maths tutoring. He then apologises saying that he wasn’t able to come over today. So I feel pretty irritated but thats okay, patience is a virtue. I decided to fix up my calendar for uni (which starts tomorrow!)

As I’m tapping away on my keyboard my phone begins to vibrate. 

"That’s random," I thought - I look at my phone and it’s Georgia from the apartment in Brunswick. My heart skips a beat but at the same time I try not to think too much of it. I pick up and she apologises from not responding to my message 3 weeks prior about suggesting we find a new place we could both move into! Five minutes later after friendly small talk, she says, “So the owner of the apartment was trying to sell the place and I just didn’t want to message you earlier in case it didn’t happen, but my parents managed to buy the place off him and so now, I still live here and I was wondering if you wanted to move in still!”


As she said this my jaw DROPPED and it was like a freaking dream had come true! I hadn’t heard from her for 5 weeks and I had pretty much moved on! What were the CHANCES!

I began to realise how everything was being perfectly organised in divine order by the universe. My maths student hadn’t shown up so that I could receive this call from Georgia because previously we had always missed each others’ calls and messages. And I would be moving in in April, which was enough time for me to get my shit together! Not only that, her parents had to win the auction of the apartment and then she had to like me as a person enough to call me and ask if I wanted to move in!!

In the mean time I also matured a lot concerning my relationship with my family and I learned a HUGE lesson about manifestation. I finally knew FOR SURE that what I have been talking, posting about in the past few months about manifestation is FREAKING REAL GUYS! 

So you can imagine, of course I said I wanted to still move into the place! I was SOO gobsmacked and shocked but in the best way possible!! I know that writing this out in a blog post won’t do the justice of just how amazing this was to experience - the disintegration of a dream that was too good to be true for it only to come BACK into reality!! Tomorrow I’ll be releasing a podcast episode with some audio that I recorded ON THE SPOT after the call because I was so bloody excited! It’ll be perfect to listen to if you want to get high vibe!

The perfect jazz bar

If that isn’t enough, girls, on Thursday night I manifested the most perfect little jazz bar for Byam and my 3 year anniversary - to listen to the podcast story of this, listen to WKND SPECIAL 03! We had tried weeks and weeks to find a bar with jazz that didn’t have an entry fee but always failed to find a place. We’d just end up deciding to go home. But ever since I’ve been sharing my stories with him about seeing angel numbers and synchronicities or signs from the universe (like a Dalmatian, for me) he has been more open to it and I have been more comfortable sharing about it with him! - As a side note, an episode is coming up on how to not freak out your boyfriend from all this woo woo stuff.

Let me give you the rundown of the night. We walked into a wine bar that we usually go to but they said they didn’t have any tables, but since we were just after drinks, they offered for us to check out their sister wine bar in the basement. So we said sure, we’ll try it! 

When we got down there, the atmosphere was lovely and I saw some instruments set aside in a corner. As I eyed them, I asked the waiter if there was live music. He said “Yeah, the musicians are just eating dinner at the moment but there’ll be music in 1o minutes!” 

I looked at Byam and grabbed his arm. He looked at me and we both started laughing. Within 7 minutes, the band started to warm up their instruments and started playing amazing jazz music. This was exactly that we had envisioned for our date night, but little did we know if would be at this little random basement bar we accidentally came across. They even had goats cheese and a better wine selection than the other bar we’d been to!

To top it off even more, before we left I asked the waiter if they had live music every night. Get this girls… he said “Oh no, we only have jazz music on Thursday evenings from 8-10PM.”


My eyes widen even more and I’m in even more freaking faith in the universe because not only had we come across this bar, we had come across it at the exact DAY and TIME that they had jazz music. WHAT WOULD THE ODDS BE!

I write these stories, girls, to INSPIRE you and help you find the faith that when you believe you can create your reality exactly as you want, the universe TRULY responds to your desires and that life you envision. You just need to know HOW to play the game of life, the tools to use to stay in alignment with manifesting your desires. You need to know how to keep your vibes high even when it seems like the universe is saying no. That is exactly what I did when I thought the apartment had fallen through! And I’m so amazingly happy to see how it ended up panning out.

If you want this for your life, to be seeing amazing synchronicities and seeing your ideal life coming to reality, this is an invitation for you to come spend 90 minutes with myself and others gals just like you who are likeminded and want to continue to RAISE their vibes to manifest their desires. I’m holding a masterclass on March 4th (AEDT) which is super affordable - especially if you want a boost to your week, month and year on how to start curating your own life the exact way you want it! There's only limited spots available because I want everyone to be able to speak and share their journeys! So I'd sign up quick pronto!

I’m sure you know now after reading this post (and when you hear tomorrow’s podcast episode) that what I speak about and teach now is NOT just talk, I see real results and I want the exact same for you.

Sign up for the Raise Your Vibe masterclass HERE! As I finish this blog post off, it’s 12:22 (grab your pocket guide to angel numbers by signing up to the free resource library HERE!) and I have a little homework for you.. If you could imagine your life right now exactly as you’d like it, what would it be like? Write for at least 10 minutes on how you envision it. Even send a photo of it to me on Instagram! I want to help you bring your dreams to reality. 

Also if this story was inspiring for you, please share it with others, your gals, your dog, your grandma- anyone! Know that it’s simply up to you to start living the way you want. The question is, when will you decide to start living it?

Sending big love,

Kimberley x

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