Uncover The Taboo Around Money So You Can Finally Be Abundant

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There’s this taboo around money which often stops many of us from being abundant. We're taught not to talk about it, not to want too much of it, to work hard for it or think that people with money are rude, greedy or “money minded” (like that’s a bad thing).

In the last couple of months, I went through a whole shift to change my money mindset. I realised that I was able to manifest the experiences, the partner, places, the right people - but I was lacking in the money area!! So in this blog post, I’m sharing with you how I used to see money (which you might feel right now) and how I now see money. 

The first thing to realise is that the money that you currently have in your bank account is the reflection of your beliefs around money. Unfortunately for us, we create our beliefs as a child from our surroundings. 

As I grew up, I adopted my parents' money beliefs (like most of us have).  And unluckily for me, my family has also had a history of fights around money. So naturally, I started to build this wall between myself and money. I associated having money with the possibility of being threatened, and having problems. 

I also thought that you had to be born into a rich family in order to have money. I felt like because I grew up not able to buy some of the toys I wanted, or go on holiday that that was going to be my reality for the rest of my life. 

I thought that it was shameful to want money, and that people with money were snobby and  “up themselves.” I thought that people who wanted money were greedy and I never wanted to be seen as  a “money-minded” person. 

All these beliefs were ingrained in my beliefs system. It was the GLUE of my how my mind saw money! Then as I started to delve into personal development, I learned that these were just programmed thoughts that my mind had picked up as a child. The best thing I learned was that because they are thought I had learned, I could unlearn it and learn new, empowering ones formed from truth. 

The truth about money is that it is NOT bad to want money, nor is it greedy to want it. A quote that I love from Chris Harder is that:

“Money lets good people do great things.”

Money is simply a tool like anything else we use. A cute pen can be used to write uplifting words and a beautiful card for a girlfriend. Or, it can be used to hurt and damage like in Mean Girls where they bitched about other girls in the burn book. Writing terrible things about others didn’t make the pen BAD. The pen itself still remains neutral. It’s all about the person and how they use it. 


I always go back to saying that everything is neutral in this world. The phone you’re reading this blog post on is a neutral object, but it’s what it allows you to do that brings you joy - connection to others, entertainment, music etc. These enjoyable activities make you PERCEIVE the phone as a good thing. Money is also a neutral object, and if you use it for good, it is amazing. 

The other thing is that people get all antsy when talking about money. We all go hush hush and don’t want to say how much we are earning, or don’t want to admit that we want money for fear of being seen as greedy. I now have no problem telling people that I desire money because I know that it’s with a large amount of money that will help me be able to make a change in the world, donating to charities and supporting others.

I used to be so lost in terms of my money mindset that I didn’t respect the cash I had lying around or the spare change I had. After doing some major inner work and transforming my money beliefs, I went from having a couple thousand dollars in my bank account to a comfortable 5 figures in only 6 weeks!!

If you’re thinking that the universe is against you for earning money, know that is completely not the truth. The universe wants you to be rich. It wants you to be abundant. You have just built blocks and limiting beliefs against money that stop you from receiving it. 

If you know you have money beliefs that aren’t serving you, let’s get straight to work. We’ll be uncovering them in The Abundance Manifestation 7 Day Challenge this week! 

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Also, tell me in the comments - what are your limiting beliefs around money? How is your mindset?

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