How to Wake Up Feeling Inspired Everyday (even when life gives you lemons)


Those days when I grudgingly woke up and felt apprehensive of how my day was going to roll out to me are well and truly gone! I got to a point at one stage where I just didn’t want to get out of bed because the thought of a series of bad events happening to me was way more stressful than staying in the comfort of my warm cosy bed. But after I began my personal development journey, I formed a routine that has truly helped me now to wake up every morning inspired and excited for what life brings! Every morning I set the same time aside. The structure of the routine is more or less the same, but I’ll chop and change habits that I want to work on every now and then depending on what I feel like!

This post leads on a little from last week’s blog, where I spoke about Flow and Alignment before action. Click here to read that first if you haven’t! (Essentially it’s about how to get into a mode where you don’t have to try as hard to get the same awesome results). This week we’re getting into HOW I get into that flow and alignment, through various habits. 


Each day I have a morning routine. It’s when I prime myself for my day and get into a mode of intention rather than reaction, which, when you practise daily, gets you inspired for life! Let’s get some definitions flowing!

  • Intention mode = going about my day flowing from one situation to the next with the least amount of grumpiness or annoyance. Being happier and more inspired to do the things I love in my day.
  • Reaction mode = letting your day rule you. You react to snarky comments from your siblings, or get drawn into gossip with your work friends. You allow yourself to get in a crappy low vibe mood.

I’m going to briefly break down my morning routine to show how some of the habits I currently use truly help me get into intention mode.

Before I even get started on my morning routine, I make sure I’m not intentionally checking for notifications on my phone. In fact, I have it on aeroplane mode all night so that when I wake up, my screen isn’t filled with email notifications, Instagram likes and Facebook events. If we start our day with seeing that, we jump straight to reaction mode, our brains are flooded with dopamine, and other people’s agendas are thrown onto our pure, white canvas of the new day. 


  • I’ll hop onto the Insight app on my phone which is totally free (hence why I keep it on aeroplane mode, to mute the distractions!) - I usually use the timer rather than the guided meditations. It’s soothing to listen to calming tranquil nature sounds and being notified at 10 minutes by a soft bell rather than a triggering alarm to tell you to come back to your senses.

  • HOW IT GETS YOU INTO INTENTION MODE: When we meditate, we learn to release all our thoughts and create an inert awareness to them. This trains us in real life for when something we don’t particularly like happens. We are able to respond in a much more positive or inert way to negotiate and diffuse the situation well. 


  • I’ll then write my current thoughts or any inspiration I have resulting from meditation into my journal, as well as the things that I feel grateful for. If you’re new to journalling, you can download my free journaling guide by getting the password to my free resource library sent to you here!
  • HOW IT GETS YOU INTO INTENTION MODE: When we realise what we’re grateful for, we realise life is better than we previously thought, and that you can get excited for many more positive things to happen in your day. It trains us to be grateful even when we feel like there’s nothing to be grateful for, seeing the cup half full rather than empty. 


  • This is the big one that creates a difference! Before you leave your bedroom, get yourself comfortable, and spend a few minutes trying to visualise you going about your day with the best outcomes possible happening. That might mean if you have to go to the gym, envisioning yourself powering through an awesome sweaty workout. If you’ve got a work meeting, picture yourself walking in optimistic and literally feel yourself having a positive experience in that room with your coworkers. 
  • HOW IT GETS YOU INTO INTENTION MODE: rather than reacting to anything life gives you, you have already set an intention from the very start of your day HOW you would like for it to occur. This wires into your brain the best way to act, speak, walk and talk in a way for this to become a crystal clear reality.


As someone who has decided to be a student for life, I am always trying to grow in personal development - whether that’s starting new habits and learning new tools to enhance how I create my life. Habit examples are learning to listen to my gut, diving deeper into gratitude, working on my perspective and mindfulness. Perhaps I’ll read a self-help book or listen to a podcast, or do life exploratory exercises from a workbook. 

The most important thing to remember above all, however, is that we have a CHOICE to how we want to feel, rather than letting life happen to us. And a morning routine is how we can set that up for ourselves!


Absolutely yes! Whether you have to wake up 30 minutes, or one hour earlier than you have to, having a morning routine consistently will truly transform your life from being tired, worn out from responding to life, and instead taking charge, pulling up your socks and priming yourself to create your day the way you want.


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I hope you consider adding a morning routine to your life!

Big love,

Kimberley x