8 week HIGH VIBE group mentorship



There’s a new vibe in town, almost like that-girl-next-door who's secretly abundant!

Like she's no fuss, tea in hand, a journal and ink pen by her side and she's ready to go.

She loves to dress up and go to dinners with her boy, but she also loves to sit all snuggled up in bed tapping away at her laptop getting work done as the sun shines into the room.

If you'd love to make money whilst in your pjs (in my case, linen pants and a cosy cashmere sweater) this is where I'm showing how!

The best part is that all of this isn't just about business and strategy.


Here at KW, we're all about incorporating the modern girl manifestation side of things.

We get the best of both worlds where we are doing our aligned action, yet we know that the universe is our best outsource-er in terms of bringing the aligned clients to us!

We're aligned with the universe and with the benefits of the law of attraction and manifestation.

It's all in a modern girl "i could really be freaking kickass abundant" vibe!


What I've found in the last couple years of business is this:

Business can be made out to seem like it's only for men in business suits taking the train to the city and talking about the stock markets.

But here is the thing!

>> From my own experience, I've realised that business on my terms mainly consists of working on my laptop in my yoga gear, or at a cafe with a hot pot of green tea and some sneaky gluten free biscuits on the side.

It also means getting to work any time of the day, for example, like after watching a couple of episodes of Friends on Netflix, once in my flow.

I get to do exactly what I'd like to do!

It means completely free days with pretty much zero work at all, but also days where I really love to sink into the hustle. 

The vibe of this group mentorship, Business & Wealth Creation, is that - us girls - we're all about creating business and wealth for ourselves, but we're not intimidated by the stereotype or thought that business is just for people in suits. We're kickass boss babes with more than we know up our sleeves. From the comfort of your own room, you're able to work effortlessly on things you love and head towards making the amounts “real jobs” would make (but, doing the work you love).

People may see us as the girl next door, wearing a favourite worn in t-shirt and shorts, an LV bag on the brink of slipping off our shoulder as we run off to a dance class or gym session. Yet, we're creating empires, spreading a loving message that cuts through all the noise. We're fulfilling dreams, elevating higher and higher amounts of income.

business and wealth creation

we do well hustling away at a favourite cafe with a pot of tea.



People have seen me looking like I've just woken up when I couldn't be bothered doing a full face of makeup and probably thought I was a broke student on a gap year, travelling. But the powerful fact is that, unknowingly, on these two shoulders is actually  a whole head of modern girl business strategy and manifestation technology that I've used to earn multiple 6 figures!

In the last financial year, KW brought in over $300k!!!

I KNOW. It blows my mind too.

I’m 24 going on 25 in a month, travelling the world and am unapologetic about being and growing into even more success!



We are the girls who seemed like the underdog. We are the girls who may have been overlooked in the past. We are the girls who know that we have what it takes to take things to the next level. We are the girls who have the potential to create true business and wealth creation.


just a girl doing her thing, earning abundantly from a wicker chair.


I’m interested, SO WHAT'S INVOLVED?


    • In these 8 weeks, you enter an energetic room of up-level vibes. There is something about being in a committed coaching experience where you’re elevated by the group itself and from the commitment itself!

    • Past clients themselves have described it as grasping this once they committed to the group mentorship and feeling automatically elevated on a daily basis just by even knowing they were deeply supported in the mentorship!!

    • You’ll start to feel like the universe truly is on your side and you see things from a lens of things happening for you. You’ll see signs and synchronicities guide you to what is aligned for you!

  • Absolutely Unlimited Masterminding & Group Chat Voxer Voice message support

    • This is where so much of our magic occurs. In Business & Wealth Creation, I'm just a voice message away to helping you solve the dilemmas and challenges you may face in our abundant 8 weeks together!

  • Bi-weekly group calls.

    • There's something about back and forth seamless chat flow in coaching calls - it allows you to offload any thoughts you're having around a situation and us create solutions for you. We discuss what's on your heart + create aligned action plans for you!

  • LIMITED TIME BONUS 1-1 voice coaching:

    • As soon as you join, you get 1-1 voice coaching messaging - EVEN before we begin the group mentorship! This means that you’ll have me a voice message away for bonus time before we start! The earlier you join, the more time we have for 1-1 coaching and priming your energy for abundance vibes!!!

It’s not too late to make 2019 your year.

Leaps and jumps in your income get to be your normal!

It wasn’t until September last year that business TRULY picked up in large numbers!

Anything is possible love!





Price goes up the closer we get to the start date!

In full, Business & Wealth Creation is $3111

If you're ready to take the leap, choose a payment plan below!



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