ready to become a match for your desires?

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Maybe you DESIRE to manifest money, a career, a relationship, friendships, or wellness.

WHATEVER you desire to manifest, this masterclass will kickstart you into immediately being able to be a match for receiving it.

If you were to choose ONE starter masterclass to begin with of Kimberley’s, this is the one.

If you have been thinking of investing in a KW masterclass, and want one that talks about the energy of how you can manifest whatever you desire, this is the one.

What you desire is yours already, as soon as you thought of your desire it manifested on a spiritual plane. Becoming a desire match means that it manifests in your PHYSICAL reality.

Girl, let the magic begin.


  • Will have you shifting into the energy of your desire right now.

  • Can be watched over and over to get back into the energy of what you want to manifest.

  • Can be applied to all desires. (Money, career, relationships, health & wellness)

  • Is for anyone wanting to improve and elevate their life!

  • Is super concise and FILLED to the brim with energetic changes to lead you into the shift you need to become a desire match.

  • Has been imbued with abundant high vibes, especially since this was created the day after KW hit 6 figures!


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this high vibe masterclass will accelerate your manifestations like crazy.

Hey girl, it’s Kimberley here. So at the beginning of 2018, I desired to make $50k through my business whilst studying full time. Deep down, I thought it would be INCREDIBLE to manifest a 6 figure year. I practised feeling into the energy of these desires, and on Nov 26th, 2018 I had found out I had surpassed 6 figures through my business!!!

I knew that the reason I had been able to do this was because I became an energetic match. I was a TOTAL match for allowing 6 figures into my business, and THIS is a KEY tool I used to manifest it.

I swear I channel in this masterclass, I have no idea where these thoughts come from, all I know is that it is GOLDEN.

This masterclass is a TOTAL game changer. I created it the day after having my big 6 figure breakthrough and I know that the secrets that lie within can be a total game changer for you also.

So, enjoy babe. You have got this.

Big love,

Kimberley x


Rebecca’s Thoughts

“Desire Match is truly a GAME CHANGER. 

Last night I felt compelled to purchase the Desire Match master class. Literally, I saw the email and my soul immediately began jumping up and down and shouting at me to run downstairs, grab my wallet, and start the class. Right then and there!

GIRLS. LET ME TELL YOU…. Desire Match is the closest thing to pure magic I have ever experienced!! THE ENERGY IS UNREAL!! 

From a very young age, I have always felt a very deep rooted spiritual intuition and power within me. Managing my energy, my “knowing,” and keeping it separate from the energy I absorb from others however proved to be extremely difficult. It was so overwhelming. I did not know what an empath was nor did I want to explore any “woo woo” stuff. I was closed off to it and I just wanted to be focused on what was “real” and silence anything that did not directly help me get what I wanted in life. The more I tried to quiet my intuition and power, the further and further I drifted into a life that did not serve me. As I began a personal development journey, it led me to the discovery of Kimberley’s podcast which was very different than the podcasts I frequently listened to. I just couldn’t help but feeling very connected to her energy and over time it began to awaken the part of me that I had suppressed for so long. 

I asked the Universe to please reconnect me to my power so I could finally begin to create the life of my dreams. I completed the 7 Day Manifestation challenge and became more hyper conscious of my thoughts and actions to show the Universe that I was committed. The Universe delivered and brought Desire Match to me. It was EXACTLY what I had been asking for. I feel like I am still on a high that I cannot come down from. The energy is flowing through my veins and I feel absolutely unstoppable. This class was the best thing I could have done for myself and I can already feel the Universe rewarding me for it.

GIRLS, please give yourself this magical gift. It will change your life!!

Kimberley, you are such an ANGEL! I have so much love for you and cannot thank you enough!!

-Rebecca Kaitlyn

Wait, a bundle?!

If you’re wanting something a little MORE - with complimentary classes and a well rounded personalised program just for you that INCLUDES Desire Match, then you are going to love The Modern Girl Manifestation BUNDLE!