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Emotional alchemy



Have you ever desired to learn about the art of emotions when manifesting your dreams and desires?

We hear a tonne about how emotions play a part in manifestation, but what do we actually DO - as modern girls to do this successfully?!!

This masterclass holds all the secrets.

Have you ever had the urge to learn more about the REAL APPLICATION of all these energetic concepts that create your reality?


This powerful masterclass takes you from letting emotions happen TO YOU to wielding them in a way that allows your desires to emerge into your life with ease.

This masterclass is about creating an ELIXIR to raise your vibration so you can attract your desires into your reality.

When you create an alchemy of emotions, this helps you draw everything you need into your reality.

Some high vibe hit points that we cover include:

  • How to truly embody emotion to call in your desires (and practical tips on how to do this)

  • How to create a dream feeling within you that you can sink into to manifest with ease

  • How to create the feeling within you, then allow it to happen!

  • What it’s like to create this emotion, hold onto it?

  • Emotion is the direct connection to manifesting your desires. (As your emotion = your frequency!)

  • Remember what you think and FEEL about you bring about - in this masterclass, you’ll learn how to ensure that your feelings are aligned with your desires!

  • How action plays into manifestation, and where it fits with emotion.

  • Here, we break this ALL down!

Successful manifestation requires you to put yourself onto the frequency of your desires.

This pairs well with Desire Match which you can check out here!

EMOTIONS are what change your frequency!

It IS your frequency.

The earlier you know how to shift your emotions and in turn your frequency to be on the vibe of your manifestation, the faster it can quantum shift into your reality.

Time is valuable, your EMOTIONS are valuable.

In this moment now, you have the ability to have all the knowledge you need to shift your emotions to align with your dreams.

I haven’t come across a masterclass on such detail and universal logic on this topic! (Hence why I created!)



IN FULL, this masterclass is $111!