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Habits for wellness

By Kimberleywenya

To really up-level your wellbeing and life, you need:

  • a connection to your mind & body
  • strong relationships with others
  • connection with nature

And girl, I have got your back!

I believe that you didn't just stumble across this program by luck. The universe has guided you to exactly where you need to be.

The Habits for Wellness 21 Day Reboot is a program designed by me with you in mind. It's where I have combined habits that I use daily to maintain my best wellness levels, all for the price of a brunch date.


Here's how it works...


The beautiful Habits For Wellness workbook digital download to print and make your very own. Now, this isn't your average workbook, it's been designed with daily motivating quotes, encouraging prompts and a chic minimalist aesthetic to inspire you to come back to practise habits from your wellness toolbox, even after completing the reboot!

21 Daily inspiring videos

Each day has a video to set the scene for each habit you'll be working on, thoughtfully filmed to give you inspiration and the right energy to get you feeling happy and motivated!



Now we've all got places to be and things to do, so I've added a bonus of the audio recordings for each video for easy on-the-go access!


Get encouraging email support from myself! Ask me any questions you have whilst doing the program.


Just a sneak peek of what's waiting for you within...

Just some of my favourite habits we'll be doing...

Day 01 | Mindset 

Learn how to live, breathe and design the life you truly desire to live.

Day 02 | Environment Cleanse

To cultivate your wellness, we need to cleanse the negative in your life to make this journey as smooth as possible. We want a glowing white, new canvas. 


Day 03 | Journaling

We dive deep into how to tap into your inner wise gal with journaling.

Day 08 | Mindful Words

We watch how changing our words beautifully transforms the things we experience in life. (Including a cool experiment I have to show you the power of words!)

Day 10 | Love over Fear

This is the backbone of my wellness practice. A habit you will want to use daily to connect deeper to yourself and others.

Day 15 | A Gut Feeling

Ever struggled to make decisions? On this day, we nurture a habit to be able to make the right decisions that will always lead to where you must go.

Day 20 | Flow

A habit you will want to use on the daily to make even the toughest tasks so much easier to complete. 

This is perfect if you're ready to...

  • Feel happy, true and connected to yourself, mind & body
  • Enhance your relationships
  • Elevate your happiness levels
  • Live the life you want to, with confidence
  • Wake up ready to be dedicated to a life you love

All for $2 a day

Hey gorgeous. I am beyond excited for you to feel the joy and ease in life you can create when you properly pursue your wellness! I've made it as affordable as possible so anyone can try it and see the amazing benefits of doing many of my favourite wellness habits.

People have asked me in the past which wellness habits I do to feel happy, fulfilled and positive daily. This program holds many of my secrets! 

The way I see it, you can spend $44 on a cute top, and keep it in your cupboard and never wear it. You can spend $44 on a two hour seminar and walk away inspired for the week. Or you can spend $44 on a 3 week wellness reboot which will give you daily guidance and habits that you can come back to - which, I promise you, if you do the work you CAN'T not up-level your happiness and wellbeing!

So what do you reckon? Worth a shot to feel happy, inspired and ready to live a life you love?

Big love,

Kimberley x

Habits For Wellness 21 Day Reboot
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Thoughts from gals

Habits For Wellness was such an amazing 21 days. I picked it up when I felt like I really needed a general life overhaul so I loved that it touched on all aspects of wellness.
The workbook was beautifully laid out which made it extra easy to reach for every morning and all of the videos and tasks made such a huge difference without taking too long to complete.
I never needed to spend more than 15 minutes a day going through the reboot topic and I still saw massive changes. This really helped me complete the challenge with ease because it was fun AND effective. I have found with a lot of other programs of this style I would drop off after a few days and not complete them, but this one was perfect for me. The best part is that whenever I feel like I need a reboot, I can either revisit a specific section of the book OR just print out a fresh one and run through the 21 days again to create more amazing shifts!

- Madeline Nimeh @madelinenimeh

Speaking of value, Kimberley has provided a wealth of resources in order to help you get the most out of HFW. I’m not ashamed to say that I was fangirling over her workbook. It’s beautifully designed, and stocked full of prompts for each day of the challenge, as well as daily quotes for your inspiration. 
But that’s not all. Another thing I especially loved about HFW was the daily videos (she also conveniently offers audio if you don’t have time to watch the videos). It was nice to have a visual each day, almost like a direct check in with Kimberley to keep on track. 
Along with being affordable, HFW is a challenge that is able to adjust to your busy life. It can be hard to keep tabs on your health, especially if you’re a mom or you have a busy schedule, but Kimberley has made this seamless. One thing I loved about her daily videos is that they were only about three minutes long. While providing great value in only three minutes per day, she makes the challenge easy to do every day, with most days of the challenge only taking about fifteen minutes of your time.
I chose to do my daily journaling right when I got up, and I noticed that it was a quick way to get my mindset into a positive flow. Each day has a specific focus, so it’s really about checking in with yourself a few times a day to stay on track. This only takes a few minutes, and it helps you to make sure you’re consistently choosing health throughout each day.
Throughout this challenge, you can see just how much Kimberley has infused in each day. Her heart comes out in her work, and it shows that she’s really taken the time to make these 21-days the best that they can be for you.  
In a world with so many sales tactics and companies trying to get your attentions, I think that there is so much to be said about a product in which the creator has really taken the time to provide their customer with the utmost quality. This can definitely be said for HFW, and for all of Kimberley’s work. She puts 110% into everything she does, and that’s part of what makes this challenge so special. 
We live in an age full of noise, and often the things that are trying to get our attention are not actually beneficial to our souls. HFW is different because Kimberley made it that way. She cuts past all of the noise to craft something that she truly believes in, that is truly authentic and beneficial for your life. 
I can’t say enough good things about HFW, and these past 30 days have been some of the best for me because of it. So I hope that you’ll choose to check it out, as well as Kimberley’s blog, where she provides high quality content every week. 

- Abbey Mae https://livesoulfullyfree.com/


Is this program only for beginners?

I created this program thoughtfully to cater for people at all stages of their wellness journey. Whether you decided yesterday to take responsibility of your wellness, or whether you've been working on it for years, this program will still guide you to take yours to the next level.

Can i get a refund?

As this is a digital product, sorry but no refunds will be issued!

Who are you to create a wellness program?

I get it, who am I right? I'm Kimberley, and I've been working on nurturing my wellness levels for the past three years, and more specifically in the last year. I have completely changed my perspective from a judgemental, victim and pessimist mindset coming from lack, to a positive, lively and abundant view of the world. I've been to seminars, read countless self-help books and have invested in mentors and coaches. I have seen my life shift totally in this short time, and continue to see it tend towards the life I truly desire. And now I want to share it with you and how you can make the same thing happen.

Where do I get all the videos and bonus resources?

The workbook will be delivered to your inbox immediately! (Thank the interwebs). To access the videos and audio, the page "How To Use This Book" in the workbook will have instructions on how to access the HFW resources page.

Is there a hashtag for this program I can stalk?

I know, I do it too. We all do the classic stalk to find out more about the program and how it is! As the program blooms, feel free to search the hashtag #habitsforwellness or follow me on Instagram @kimberleywenya to see bits and pieces I'll be sharing.

Got more questions?

Contact me here.