the boss babe GROUP MENTORSHIP

the 3 month manifestation mentorship for boss babes

with kimberley wenya

The Boss Babe Mentorship

Hey babe.

Are you wanting to earn money abundantly through your business?

Are you a boss babe who believes that you have the ability to manifest your dream life?

And that the work is all about energy?

And that the universe is on your side?

Maybe you’ve wanted to be privately coached by Kimberley but aren’t ready for it just yet.

If you said yes to any of the above, I am SUPER excited to introduce to you the BOSS BABE GROUP MENTORSHIP!



It’s for the girls who are building their own businesses.

You’re building from the ground up and want to manifest consistent 5 figure months.

It’s for the girls who want to earn with ease. (And possibly even travel the world doing so!)

It’s for the girls who want to know what goes on inside my head - how I think, work and manifest.

It’s for the girls who understand that up-levelling and receiving money is all about energetic work and inspired action.

THIS is for the girls who are READY to transform and READY to up-level into the best versions of them.


In 2018, I built my business from NOTHING to 6 figures+

all in under 12 months.


I learned everything from how to start, how to build an audience, how to sell and manifest clients.

It’s my intention to share ALL my secrets with you so you can do the same.

Being a part of this mentorship means you enter my energetic room for 3 months.

You have full insight into my business and how I create offers that sell and find business/life balance etc.

You are elevated into a new state of being, thinking and creating.

Joining alone will raise your vibe and abundance mentality.

Ready to hear all the amazing parts of this mentorship?

You’re ready to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

You’re ready to allow things to manifest.

You’re ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL!

You’re ready to be coached and mentored by someone who truly cares about you.

You’re ready to be in the energy of someone who’s done what you desire to do!

I now travel the world doing the work that I love, staying in beautiful Airbnbs and 5 star hotels!

I am living THE DREAM! (And I plan to show you the way also!)

Whether you desire to go full time into your business or become a digital boss babe nomad, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

I honestly feel like a BIG part of my success has been immersing myself into the world and energy of someone who had what I desired!

What is the vibe of this mentorship?


It’s everything you wished for in a group mentorship at an INCREDIBLE investment!

It’s this feeling of hey girl, I’m travelling the world and working, come join me!

Let’s get your biz bringing in clients, money.

Let’s let you be the thought leader.

Fears? Let’s flip them.

Frustrated? Let me tell you I’ve been there before!

This is how I got past it!

Feeling lost? Let’s get clear. Direction. Clarity. You have got this.

I’ll be your cheerleader. Your go to gal to help you build your biz.

PLUS!! We’ll be harnessing the power of the universe to let this all be EASY with flow.

Walk with me, study with me, mindset shift with me, voice message with me - let’s do this together. x



    • For these 3 months, you are in my energetic room of constant up-levelling.

    • This energetic room elevates your energy on a daily just by BEING in it.

    • This is where SO MUCH of the transformation occurs.

    • You get insight into how I run my business, how I make decisions, create offers and sell abundantly. Also how I started!

    • You’re also in a mentorship with other uplevelling babes.


    • Where I’ll be answering everyone’s questions through voice message + text message throughout the week, for all 3 months!

    • My energy will transmute thru voice + text message

    • Meet other like-minded boss babes and mastermind with each other


    • Where I share strategy, tips and energetic secrets to manifesting + building an abundant business

    • You get full access to ask me anything - from what I’m currently doing in my business, to my advice on what I would do if I were you.

    • I also infuse any manifestation strategies that I’m uncovering!

  • exclusive facebook group

    • To connect with the other girls and post anything in your heart’s desire.



Get BONUS 1-1 Voice Message Coaching Access with Kimberley, AS SOON AS YOU JOIN!

  • Literally, as soon as you join! So the earlier you join us, the longer we have together for 1-1 voice message coaching! x



  • On your request, you get exclusive discounts on any KW course!!




START DATE: JULY 15th 2019

Note: Working with me privately for 3 months is currently a $9999 investment.

Join me in this mentorship for the most abundant price it will ever be.

3 months together of high vibes and creating abundance through your business.

P.S The next time this mentorship runs, the price will increase, you’re at an advantage babe since you’re seeing this offer now!


Desire more attention + 1-1 time to get maximum results? We have a VIP package!

  • 2 x 1-1 calls with Kimberley!

  • Your own private 1-1 voice message coaching b/n you and I!