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A World Of Signs, Synchronicities & Manifesting Your Desires


Hi gorgeous girl!

This is the KW course you’ve been waiting for.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to truly feel connected to the universe?

To create a world around yourself that was co-created with an ever-present energy around you?

I used to feel like life was happening to me rather than for me, and like things were beyond my control.

What I didn't realise that this was simply the result of my ignorance to the universe that surrounded me.

And so I embarked on a journey where I began to see whether this universe really did care about me. Whether things really were happening in my favour. Because up until that moment, everything in my world had almost told me otherwise.

I felt like things were never in my favour.

I felt like it was me against the world. I felt alone, lonely and just this young girl in her room with dreams that felt so far away.

I knew that there was more for me somehow. And yet, I yearned to be connected to something, a power greater than myself which was universal, independent of all things of the past.

And so I began to create a daily practice of exploring, or meditating on and connecting and journaling with the intention to create this beautiful connection.

The thing is that the universe speaks to us.

The universe talks to us! But unless you are open to receiving the signs and synchronicities, you're going to find it difficult to understand its language and way of communication.

Thanks to feeling so lost and alone, I felt it hard - truly difficult to really believe in this all. I mean, yes, I did kinda believe that a universe out there existed to support me but then I also had times that I thought I was being crazy!

I would flip back and forth like "I believe!" then "ugh this freaking doesn't work" and "as if this would ever be real".

As a modern girl, I found myself questioning and yet also wanting to create this connection because I KNEW that with this connecting I would become a powerhouse for manifesting all that I desired.

So let me share with you something.

THE MINUTE I began to let myself fully believe and surrender to the fact that this was all real and it could all be working for me - that is when my life CHANGED.

My abundance rocketed into five figure months. My relationships became much more genuine and authentic. I loved myself more (although this was so hard).


And this was a HUGE process of me creating this connection with the universe. In this program, I desire to show you the way. I desire to show you the way to creating these connections, believing and SEEING these signs - what they mean, what it means if you DON'T see it - we troubleshoot it all. I am here to guide you BE guided by the universe.

Life for me began to truly light up. Walking down the street just to get to the grocery store turned into walking past COUNTLESS angel numbers - 11:11 on the time, 222 in a car number plate - then I would see DALMATIANS! My universal signs. First on TV, then verbally, a friend said "I want to watch 101 dalmatians"!

Everywhere I’ve travelled, all over the globe, I’ve seen Dalmatians whether in cartoon form, verbal form or the REAL LIFE form! I walk this life knowing that I am guided and these signs and hints from the universe help me feel on top of the world, safe, led.

I started to feel like there was a power greater than myself that was helping me see the way. Finding the alignment. The path of least resistance. I was no longer leaning on my own strength. Every situation that I was in frustration and anguish changed into me turning to the universe seeking guidance and BEING guided.

This led to me seeing SO many of manifestations come to LIFE. As you are guided, you begin to see clear ways to what you desire to have. Things are no longer HARD. You mood is elevated, you feel so much more JOY, you feel inspired, motivated and in a world of utter beauty!


spot the red butterfly! this was the butterfly I saw the night after saying I would see one!

I'm now at the point where if I ask for a sign, I receive it without fail. It happens even to the point that when I accidentally ask for one, I RECEIVE! The other day I was on my podcast and I said "I'm going to see a red butterfly".

That very evening, as I was having dinner in Bologna I was paying at the cash register and I looked to my right and in the cabinet - there was a beautiful paper red butterfly!

This course was lovingly created for you if:

>> You desire to connect deeper with yourself and make messy inspired action from a place of guidance!

>> You already are seeing angel numbers, signs and synchronicities! (Now it’s time to understand what it all MEANS! We learn how to interpret the meanings behind all of these!!)

>> If you’re brand NEW to seeing angel numbers, signs and synchronicities but are curious and desire to feel this incredible support!

>> You have the desire to build a deeper connection with the universe

>> You want to manifest your goals and dreams!

>> You want to feel more joy, happiness on a daily basis with ease

>> You crave feeling supported, uplifted and guided to what the right decisions are for you

>> You desire to have a success mindset!


>> You desire to manifest more MONEY, ABUNDANCE and WEALTH!

>> You desire to be uplifted and elevate your mindset!

>> You want to get into alignment with your dream life!

This course is special from others because:

>> It is from a modern girl perspective (as all KW courses and programs are!)

>> It's all beautifully AUDIO BASED! If you love my podcast, then you know the sort of energy I imbue into my audio. ALL our beautiful content is audio with journal prompts and workbooks, so this lets it be extrememly seamless and flawlessly integratable with your life!

>> We are having a high vibe PARTY of the universe where midway through the program we have a group video call to share all our stories and our journey!!


when you connect with the universe and allow yourself to be guided, you unlock the keys to manifesting your dream life!



To go FULL into the immersion of believing of having faith! Of trusting your gut and following the signs and the leads!


And then FOLLOWING IT! This course strengthens and truly sharpens your intuition. You will build a strong intuitive core. You will allow yourself to start making better decisions, less mistakes - only the ones that are truly required in order for yourself to learn lessons. This will have an impact on every hour, minute and second of your life. You will have more confidence in your decisions!


It requires this willingness to know that you CAN be gorgeous, chic, a kind wealthy woman who wear beautiful designer clothes AND believes in the universe. The new chic is guidance from the universe. We get vulnerable. It doesn't mean we need to force all our friends to agree with us - this is OUR own journey. We get to unite with others who feel the same in this program. We get to immerse ourself in a safe space where this is all possible!


There WILL be hard times. There WILL be challenges. But with these challenges there comes MASSIVE GROWTH! There comes massive WINS! With these challenges, you become UNSHAKEABLE! Aligned. Sturdy. In your power. These times call for an ability to surrender. We chat about what this means - because in the times it's needed most is when it's hardest.


In your space, it's about knowing that there's your very specific version of connection with the universe. It's branded with you. It's got your vibes. And it's a very very supported vibe. It's a good vibe.


YES!! With this deep and beautiful connection, it becomes no coincidence that you finally start to see all that you've ever dreamed of COME TO LIFE. It will feel like it's all too good to be true. But you will feel absolutely ON TOP OF THE WORLD! Things begin to manifest at such INCREDIBLE SPEED you won't even realise the energy put into it because it becomes simply a way of you BEING! As a part of your new baseline!


This is something I'm asked about SO MUCH! And this is something we truly nail down for you. Asking for and receiving your sign! Got questions about why you haven't seen your sign? Or why you see it in certain circumstances? We answer all this!! <3

Note: when this program says “universe” know that you may replace it with whatever resonates with you! Be that, God, spirit, love - it’s all up to you my love!! <3



This is how life happened.

I would wake up and snooze the alarm. Next minute I would JOLT awake, shocked because I SLEPT IN!!!

I’d run like a headless chook around my room to get dressed, late for uni. No time for a proper face of makeup so I’d feel OFF! The day began to unravel as a shit show!

I’d be late to the train station, late to class and feel BEHIND! I would get into an energy of “omg I’m behind!” and I began to attract more circumstances of ill outcomes! I’d miss out on a gift I was supposed to receive, or have to walk in the rain for 30 minutes.



After I integrated the secrets in this program:

I would wake up perfectly from my body clock just on time to have my morning routine. I would glance at the page number of the book I was reading and see the angel numbers 111 on the page! I smiled to myself knowing that I’m guided. I’d journal and create a beautiful headspace for the rest of the day. As I walk out of the house to uni, and check my phone - I’d see I had 111 likes on a IG photo!

I’d get to the train station perfectly on time and have the perfect seat on the carriage. As I’d scroll on Instagram, I’d see a photo of a - DALMATIAN! I would take this as a sign to my request to the universe I had made in my night routine the night before. I’d nod internally and feel on top of the world, guided by a power greater than myself! Life flowed on and on and the best things happened. I’d get the best tables in cafes, freebies! People enjoyed being in my presence and I in theirs (as I attracted high vibe friends!) I was guided to ways to create abundance for myself. The results of integrating all the secrets are LIMITLESS!! Things that I desired to manifest MANIFESTED without me even THINKING ABOUT THEM!


So what do you actually SEE change in your life with this course? What can you expect?

You can expect a MAJOR shift in how your life is playing out.

Things begin to bend in your favour.

Your desires that you’ve longed for suddenly begin to make way into your reality at heightened SPEED!

Your relationships elevate. You attract more high vibe friends.

You no longer feel in despair, at a loss for words in periods of challenge or loss.

You feel uplifted to the ten thousandth degree! INSPIRED. INCREDIBLE. AMAZING. ALIGHT. BEAUTIFUL.

Abundance expanding, increasing with flow!

Connection with other likeminded girls who are modern but love manifestation + the universe!

Gain a deeper understanding of the universe and how it talks to you!

Creating a beautiful mindset of SUCCESS! A mindset of LOVE and respect and growth!


Sera’s Thoughts!

Guided By The Universe was such an amazing experience! This is the first time I've invested in a coaching program in terms of manifestation side of things and literally! ONE DAY after enrolling, I received an email from a potential client (who she now is my client!) wanting to work with me and manifested $3333 in one day!!! Plus, we haven't even started GBTU yet!! That was absolutely amazing and the entire experience was so light hearted and fun. Kimberley has done an amazing work in terms of breaking each training into simple to understand "language" per se. So even if you're new to manifestation + LOA, it's genuinely easy to understand! On top of everything, the tools, prompts, and exercises designed by Kimberley are so valuable and I cannot wait to continue to apply the exercises into my day to day life moving forward. Thanks so much for creating this program, beautiful! <3



If you’re a listener of the KW podcast, then you know that my sign is The Dalmatian!! Ever since I have gotten my sign it has truly led me to aligned choices that have quantum shifted me to success and my desires manifesting.

It began with me seeing it on the TV on a walk. After a few weeks, I went for a walk and randomly took a different turn! What ended up happening? Taking this turn led me to SEEING A REAL LIFE DALMATIAN!! In the park! And the best part? It was staring at me. Almost as if it really knew it was my sign. After this, it’s been a constant sign for me that guides me in my choices and life <3

To me, my sign is something that truly uplifts me and guides me. In this course, you will find you sign (or if you already have yours YAY! we learn to interpret its meaning!) and use it as a beautiful manifestation tool.


This was the real life Dalmatian I saw in Milan when I had gotten the inspiration for this beautiful course!

It gave me goosebumps! And I knew immediately this course was going to absolutely CHANGE LIVES!


Hi gorgeous girl! I’m Kimberley. I am a Manifestation and Spiritual Mindset coach! I’ve been working with universal law and manifestation principles for 20 months, and in just THAT time, I’ve created a strong connection with the universe where I now have the ability to download information, concepts - even those that no-one has heard of!! In the last 12 months I’ve shifted my life to being a digital nomad living and moving around Europe, with a business with multiple 5 figure months (on its way to 7 figures!!).

This course is the epitome of all things grace, love, universe, manifestation. If you LOVE my podcast, you will absolutely LOVE this course! Think of it as the podcast on HIGH FREAKING ENERGY x a million + highly implementable actionable steps and intentionally designed journal prompts.

When you create a connection with the universe - and you understand what its trying to communicate with you - manifesting you desires becomes so much more effortless and full of joy rather than hard hustle!


Hi gorgeous! It’s no coincidence you’re here on this page. If you’re reading this, you are an energetic match for it! You’ve called it in. Your desires await.

The universe is simply waiting for you to say YES!



4 weeks of deep transformation and connection!

START DATE: 9th September 2019


    • To guide you each week on your intentions + the inner work that's required to be GUIDED by the universe!


    • You will receive 3 audio modules for the first 3 days! (To kickstart your journey!)

    • After that, there are two audio modules per week! This gives you time to integrate and listen! They vary in length and are created to fit into your everyday life! (after all, we all have full schedules!)


    • This is where you’ll meet other likeminded girls who are also embarking on this magical journey! Share your signs and discuss what they mean and most importantly - ASK questions where I can guide you!!


    • That are divinely guided and created for you to have the deepest of transformations and connections with the universe.

    • These truly activate your thinking centre of the mind + align you with a daily life full of flow and support!


    • To begin integrating into your brand new supported lifestyle - modern girl, high vibes - all that jazz!!


    • A meditation to connect to the universe! Get access to this IMMEDIATELY when you join!


    • Yes!! Halfway through our program we have a video group call party where we connect and share all that you’ve been experiencing!!



Join before the countdown ends

Get access to the Modern Girl Morning Routine


I could have made this course $1111 - easily!

The effect that it is going to have on your mindset and life is PRICELESS.

However I didn’t make it $1111, I didn’t even make it $777.

I desired for this course to be as available as POSSIBLE to as many girls as possible!

The investment for this course is INCREDIBLY abundant - and the earlier you join, the more you save and receive!



TOP 10 BONUS (in addition to above)

The first 10 girls to join get a personalised affirmation bullets from KW!

Simply DM on IG @kimberleywenya aletting us know you enrolled so you can receive your affirmations!

Choose a payment plan below!


more thoughts on GBTU

Listen to Elizabeth’s interview and thoughts about GBTU in episode 156 on The Kimberley Wenya Podcast!!

elizabeths thoughts

Elizabeth’s Thoughts

“Guided by the Universe took everything KW has every spoken about on her podcast, stories and FB lives and built upon it. If you ever wanted KW to go deeper into manifestation, into believing and trusting the universe - then this is the course. You’ll learn how to look out for the signs, more about angel numbers and how to let go to allow your manifestations to come true.

I’m writing this a month or so after wrapping the course and I actually can’t wait to redo it because the energy was just so high vibe. During the modules I manifested some of the most interesting and unique instances: From back-to-back dates to a pink sunset that everyone and their mother in NYC was talking about the next day. If you’ve got a handle on the manifestation basics and are looking for the next KW course to take, this is it.”

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