The Modern Girl Manifestation

Bundle is HERE!


The Modern Girl Manifestation Bundle is HERE!

I've intentionally selected four of my greatest masterclasses and trainings for girls who desire to create a deeper connection with manifestation and the universe.

If you're ready to dive DEEP into energy filled, and inspiring material that you can listen to actively and take notes in your favourite journal, or just even to listen to in the background of your life as you're putting on your makeup or getting ready for your day - then THIS is IT!

If you've not known where to start - but you feel called to pick a course from KW - and you desire to delve into something of HIGH HIGH VALUE - this will solve your problems.

It's finally here, a KW bundle - a MANIFESTATION BUNDLE for modern girls who desire to step into their next level!

Included you have access to the beautiful:







This is my powerbox of modern girl tools and practices and the universal theory behind how to manifest with such ease and grace whilst enjoying every single part of the journey!

Want to become a match for your desires?

I got you covered!

Want to shift your reality and change the life you live in to more of what you really want to see?

Got your back, girl.

Want to understand manifestation at a deeper and energetic level where you see your potential and FULFIL it?

Got you covered!

And want to understand the basics of manifestation - yet at a complex level?

- yes - THIS is all included honey!

4 AMAZING KW trainings have come together to create the Modern Girl Manifestation Bundle.

This is a beautiful quartet of powerful masterclasses that will create a space for you to breathe into in your daily life to shift shift shift into your next level. You will create a deeper understanding of manifestation which will enable you to live your life to the full. You'll begin to grasp the energetic principles behind how you manifest! And why some days you have are completely OFF and others are completely aligned.


Your go-to masterclass to become a match for your desires. I walk you through energetically - through the mindful changes that are required to BE A MATCH!


A heartfelt and beautiful talk I did in Melbourne LIVE! Never released before footage of how to quantum shift into your dream reality!


A duo series of two powerful masterclasses on understanding how manifestation unfolds in our lives. The more we understand, the greater power we have to manifest our DREAMS!


And of course, the lucky masterclass. An all time favourite - where we dive into the basics of manifestation at a deep level! Many girls familiar with LOA have still come away from this masterclass learning SO MUCH!

This powerful bundle will set you up with the energy, the vibration and the know-how of manifestation.

Understanding the within, the without, the woo all from a modern girl perspective!

Each masterclass complements the next. Whatever order you do them in is perfect.

You will hear what you must hear in the perfect order.

My secrets - i share with you now.

With the knowledge within these masterclasses,

>> More of these days become more aligned for you. More of what you desire comes true for you.

>> Your relationships become lightened, blissful

>> Your world will begin to bend to your favour knowing that the universe is on your side.

I am so excited for you to dive in, gorgeous.



Save 20% when you buy the bundle!

altogether this won’t even cost $444

in the bundle, grab all 4 masterclasses and trainings for only $297!



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Amaris’s Thoughts!

"I have been feeling so inspired lately and have already sat down and manifested some things and they are already happening. This is within 3 days of starting the Modern Girl Manifestation bundle!!! I am so excited and I am so happy that there are people out there like Kimberley who dedicate on teaching us such magical tools. What an inspiration! Thank you so much Kimberley!"