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Remember the times where us gals had sleepovers and we would spend times sharing our deepest secrets and the things we really desired?

And then at the next sleepover we would do that same thing all over again?

And then we would play truth or dare because we loved the thrill or extending ourselves outside of our comfort zones and growing and learning more about ourselves?

I wish that we still had those. 

I wish that we had a group that we could come and learn and then share our desires, our wants, our journeys, all whilst growing together in personal development, spiritually and emotionally. 

I want to bring this back to town so I’m holding monthly masterclasses each on carefully picked topics that flow and will help you not only to clear your blocks to your desires, but also to grow and become the best woman you can be.

This is a place that we learn to become miracle workers, go-getters, abundant gals who manifest material things we desire, money, relationships and the life we want. We are unapologetic about this and work together to do so! 

Come join me for monthly masterclasses. To stay updated on the details, sign up below! 

Sending big love,

Kimberley x

june masterclass now open!

Raise your vibe so that you're truly attracting MORE of what you DO want, and less of what you DON'T want.


What masterclass girls have to say:

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I signed up for the Raise Your Vibe masterclass because I love Kimberley’s vibe and I wanted to learn more about how to maintain a positive vibe throughout my daily life. I found it SO fun and helpful because Kimberley explained different methods in an easy and manageable way. I knew about the Law of Attraction before the class, but I still learned new things during the class that made so much sense! Kimberley makes the class interactive and she really makes you feel at home. If you want to learn different ways to live a more high-vibe life and attract all the good things to your life, this class is definitely for you! Love Kimberley and this class!

Angela Ocampo from


I really enjoyed Kimberely's 'Raise your Vibe' Masterclass as it was interactive and supportive. I particularly found her discussion on tips to check in with yourself throughout the day very useful.

The first thing that made me sign up was the great price as many master classes out there are very expensive... and for my first one I thought this was a good starting point. I think that Kimberley offers a unique aspect to this subject of manifestation; as I am a young person myself looking into the future, I find it humbling to know that she is of a similar age and has come so far in a relatively short period of time.

- Aoife from (wellness + career guidance for the highly sensitive)

monthly masterclasses

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