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CREATE THE LUXE LIFE you truly desire



Right now in this moment, you may know that there’s a luxe life that you could be living right now.

If you've ever felt like it's too good to be true, or that it's way out of reach, let me tell you that the luxe life is a LOT closer to your reality than you think.

For the past months and weeks I have been studying the science and energy of luxe.

The complete embodiment and integration and living of what it really is.

I have dedicated days and hours to identifying what it truly is to live a luxe life.

In the past, I lived in a cluttered room with clothes I didn’t love, and broken objects.

The area under my desk was cluttered with boxes that my feet would hit every time I’d try to tuck my legs under to get to work.

I’d write my dreams into a little cheap journal that I pretended was leather and luxurious.

I dreamed and dreamed of living the luxe life.

Fast forward a year and a bit later and I now the the life of my dreams, staying at 5 star hotels and beautiful airbnbs.

I feel absolutely ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

I do the work that I love, I travel wherever I’d like and I am able to buy presents for my loved ones which brings me such joy.

I truly believed that I collapsed time.

What would have taken me 10 years was collapsed into one year.

I harnessed the power of the universe. I committed to a daily practice to MANIFEST the life of my dreams.

So what exactly is it that creates THE LUXE LIFE?


When you vibrate at the frequency of luxe now, you manifest it faster than ever.

When you embody the energy you desire to have in the future, you attract all that is on the level of that incredible energy.

You can truly live and breathe at a vibration where you get to have it all.

The luxury accommodation or apartment. The dream pins on your Pinterest board come to life. The dream van with beautiful furnishings and a fireplace you wish to drive around in as you explore. The designer bags you've had your eyes on.

It's not a decision between this or that.

You get to have the luxe PLUS the inner fulfilment.

The power from within you gets to shine bright whilst you're in this incredible environment you desire.

You don't have to choose between living luxe and embodying and FEELING true to your soul!

Imagine right now your dream life. Your dream house, perhaps beautiful chic crystals on a shelf, freshly styled with open spaces and areas, light literally flooding in. Wooden floorboards which are a light timber that line the floor, complementing the beautiful green plants placed thoughtfully around the house.

There is no compromise required.

Because when you visualise yourself, you also get to be thriving, radiant, beautiful, a woman who's been through more than meets the eye, yet echoes love. You have done the innerwork that enables you to live this beautiful life inside and out. You learned that you got to have it all. You are living your DREAM life.

Radiating and loving.

THIS is the power of committing to the luxe life.

It's understanding that this isn't just all about the material things (whilst we are definitely unapologetic about all that).

This is that and much more.

It's about truly creating space for the things you love at an energetic and physical level and bringing that together with the practical and required things for creating the exact life you desire by design.


Trust me, I’ve BEEN there. I’ve felt baad for wanting nice things. I didn’t want to hurt others by having more than they did.

All of these limiting beliefs crippled my ability to live large and live the life I’ve dreamed of.

We completely cleanse any ideas or limiting beliefs that are currently holding away the luxury you’ve been dreaming of.

We set you free to go for gold.

You deserve it girl.



There are two kinds of luxe in the world.


Surface level luxe is simply surrounding yourself with beauty and sumptuous environments. In this level of luxe, there is the possibility for one to feel incomplete, and those who do this but not the innerwork constantly search for more.


Is on a completely different level.

A level of excellence from within and without.

Girls like us desire to take our lives to the next level, and we realise it's the material beauty in COMBINATION with the beautiful deep soul work.

This concept is deep. As a reflection, this course is deep. Some part of you may feel that this course is speaking to you at a soul level and part of you feels drawn because you see the deep transformation that awaits.

Through living and breathing and my own trial and error I have had moments which made me feel like I was living a COMPLETE dream!

Things have occurred extremely quickly for me.

In the span of one year, I went from full time student to boss babe nomad travelling through Europe.

This all was created from aligning myself with my true vision, the luxe life I desired.

I now am moving through the Greek Islands, travelling through Italy where I will get to be staying in places I've only previously dreamed of staying in. But here is the kicker.

It's not just the NOW that gets to be luxe. The entire journey here got to be luxe. I knew that I desired to be in the energy of LUXE as much of the time as I am on this planet. It pained me to think that time is ticking and those seconds minutes and hours were going to mean less time spent in luxe vibes.

Which is why I decided that the whole freaking JOURNEY to where I am now got to exude and vibe luxe.

And that has what has occurred for me.

You don't need to wait til you buy a Chanel bag to feel luxe. You don't need to wait til you can stay at the Plaza Hotel before you can feel luxe. And here's the other thing - YOU DON'T NEED TO FEEL LIKE A FAKE OR PHONEY WHILST YOU'RE ON THE JOURNEY TO IT EITHER.

I've felt those feelings where I've literally wanted to stop everything and tell myself off for even thinking I could dream big and live luxe. But I learned a way to unlock this, to release myself from the limiting beliefs that stopped me from enjoying the journey in luxe to more luxe.

The key is that life gets to get better and better.

Meaning you get to experience luxe and more luxe.

Not sacrifice, then luxe.

If you and I are similar, then you know that you too want this entire journey to be one that aligns and vibrates at luxe.

And that is what we're here to do.

When you were a little girl, a part of you truly knew you were made for the luxe life. Maybe you threw tea parties that were "inviting only your favourite imaginary friends" or created little spa days for yourself. I remember bringing out the red foot towel from the shower door and laying it down on the shabby bathroom floor, as if it were a red carpet, as I went to have a bubble bath.

I'd put on fake earrings as a little girl and I felt like a total princess. I'd replace them after using them because I didn't want to waste them. I'd open up a sticker book I got from my grandma and adore the colourful stickers inside that I would never end up using because they were too precious to me. And by the time I tried to use them they had lost all their stickiness. I had a favourite dress that made me feel like cinderella. And I'd wear mum's old dressing gown and run down the short hallway pretending to be Rose from Titanic running through the gallows of the ship, embarrassed if someone saw me. This little girl is inside of me, and she still exists.

As I grew up, that red carpet turned into having a luxury embroidered bed spread over my duvet. The fake earrings turned into beautiful 18K gold hoops from my favourite ethical jewellery company. The sticker book turned into a Pinterest board that sparked a dream from within me that felt so out of reach yet entirely possible. The cinderella dress turned into a black silk minidress that made me feel gorgeous. Pretending to be a girl from Titanic turned into visualising future Kimberley and the beautiful impact my business and future books would bring to the world. The ideas have only grown and matured since I was five years old, but that little girl still remains and lights up whenever I see something I feel is luxe.

In this course, I am teaching at a higher level of thinking. This is full integration of luxury from inside and out.

Girls who rise are willing to rise to this higher level of learning and energetics.



The definition of luxury is: a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort.

Living the luxe life requires us to have this in three areas:

within ourselves.

the surroundings & environment.

in relationships.

We design and manifest for all these to align with luxury.

The truth is that luxe is not something that is outside of you, it IS you. We’re here to unlock that vibration from within you, allowing yourself to attract all that is luxe into your realm.

Of course, I LOVE the luxe dates I have for myself, including solo girl time brunches on balconies overlooking the beautiful ocean water.

I have massages twice a week (one relaxation, one for deep tissue), facials once a month and mani pedi’s whenever I’d like.

I love Chanel bags. I own a capsule wardrobe with my most favourite pieces, mixing and matching and finding luxe combinations.

But not only that! I adore my surroundings, the freshness, and both the simple and sophisticated beauty - all of it.

I am able to see the beauty in any given situation from an average hotel all the way to a 5 star hotel.

I love my relationships, the ease and grace in each of them - even the hardest of relationships.

Manifesting The Luxe Life is a concept that embodies the dream life you desire.

Your version of luxe is that energy that you will be manifesting. Your exact vision of luxe is what we align yourself with.



START DATE: 27 MAY, 2019


This course is 4 weeks long!! You and me, working on your internal condition to SHIFT you into your luxe life.


    • Where we build on creating your IDEAL, luxe life -> bringing it to life seeing it come to life!

  • weekly Aligned luxe mindset work

    • Questions and energetic shifts that are specially engineered for creating the luxe life!


    • Ask me your burning questions in the LIVE round (this round!)


    • Where we will be masterminding together on the luxe life you’re creating


    • If I continue to add to this, you get access to each round and update!! (This allows MASSIVE returns on your investment)!

SO, READY TO manifest your luxe life?



BONUS MASTERCLASS: How To Manifest $1000 is live on May 22nd!

Get access to it IMMEDIATELY when you join now!


Weekly x 1-1 calls with Kimberley

Ongoing message support throughout the 4 weeks!

An immersive experience with close contact with myself!! I will love and support you the whole way through <3





Gillian’s Thoughts!

I took the Manifesting the Luxe Life course quite spontaneously even though I know a lot about LOA already. This course resonated so deeply with me. I’ve never wanted specific things or brand name items, but I think I had a mental block about what those “things” represented.

Having Kimberley’s energy each week was inspiring and helped me step into that state of being without feeling materialistic. The course is so much more than acquiring stuff or fancy hotels. It’s stepping into the girl you’ve always wanted to be and moulding it how you want it. It’s deep soul level work. I loved it. Can’t wait to do another course with KW!


Agne’s Thoughts!

Something about Manifesting The Luxe Life called my soul, and I signed up for it! Once I signed up, the mindset shift I had was absolutely — wow!

I started looking at my dreams, my friends, and my environment differently. The Universe is making its magic in the most unpredictable ways. The course was BEYOND amazing. ♥️

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.25.55 AM.png

Jessica’s Thoughts!

This course came at such a perfect time in my life as I have been feeling the desire and have started taking action on a deeper level on living the LUXE Life I have always wanted.

I just love the vibes and energy Kimberly is bringing and I have only just finished the prework for the course.

She is so at my level and is totally relatable and genuine. You can see and hear her passion in what she is teaching . Just doing the prework has confirmed a lot of the thought processes I’ve been dealing with and feel so aligned that I’m not alone with wanting this LUXE life.

The prework has already taken me to the next level by challenging my thought process and mindset. Kimberley shares her life experiences that really inspire you and help you make connections on how you can apply these LUXE principles into your life.

I can’t wait to dive even deeper with the course and continue with all the modules. I know this will be the NEXT LEVEL version of me I will take with me to my life and business!!!