Manifestation mentorship with Kimberley



a Note for my manifestation girls

For the best experience as you’re reading this page, listen to THIS song.

Your mentorship starts here, as you’re reading this.

You may be here for the first time, or the hundredth time.

Wherever you are, if you decide, know that it will align for you to eventually move forward in your mentorship journey.

Are you a boss babe?

Are you looking to create a business beyond your wildest dreams that brings income without question, daily?

Have you got the dream to create your business to 6 figures?

Both of these, I have manifested.

They’re a part of my life, a part of the standards I have for myself.

And it was through learning in both hard and easy ways.

My intention is to share with you the easy way - for everything.

The path of least resistance.

Because time is ticking and every moment counts in creating your dream life and business.

You’re manifesting as you’re living and breathing.

But are you manifesting what you desire?

The babe who is ready for this mentorship feels led to it from her heart.

She may listen to the KW podcast a tonne, and resonates deeply with what I talk about.

She knows that there’s another way to understand money and business.

There’s another way to move through life with ease and flow.

That’s what these high vibe mentorships are for.

And there’s more.


When you decide to enter a mentorship with Kimberley, you enter an energetic room.

The universe bends in your favour.

The magic starts and you’re elevated into a new vibration.

A new frequency where things flow for you, you’re abundant and receive money because you are YOU.

The girl who is for this knows that there’s more than me just telling them the answers.

It’s also about the energy - the spaces between the calls and voice messages.

Those spaces are where transformation takes place just by being in the energetic room.

This is why the mentorships are time-based.

Because the silence is just as powerful as the calls.

Being in the energetic room means that you, your energy and every single cell is in transformation, is up-levelling.

That’s what it means to be under manifestation mentorship with Kimberley.

As soon as you started reading this, you got your foot into the door of the energetic room.

Now the ball’s in your court.

Will you step up?



are you ready for your quantum shift?

coaching with kimberley

You have the potential to manifest your dream life. It’s time to rise to the next level.

mentorship with Kimberley looks like:

  • High Vibe intensive calls with deep insight into the energetic boundaries and energy work between you and your desires.

  • Recordings to your calls to re-listen to your aha moments. (My clients love to re-listen to consolidate the energy work)

  • Quantum levels of results (none of this linear growth) - when we manifest, we MANIFEST.

  • Understanding how to work with your energy to create your dream life (business, life, relationships)

  • Voice message access to check in with Kimberley for bursts of high vibes throughout the week

  • Any manifestation secrets she unlocks for herself - you have first access to!

  • Discounts on ALL courses!



Only some of the topics Kimberley can mentor you on

  • Become an energetic match for receiving more money than you can imagine

  • Manifest high vibe friends and relationships (+ soul mate)

  • Get insight into the structure of Kimberley’s business + how to create structure in your own

  • How to manifest your desires into your reality

  • How to protect your energy

  • How to embody the energy required to build an audience for your business

  • How to monetise a small audience (Kimberley began monetising with just 300 IG followers)

  • How to deal with fear + cultivate a success mindset

  • How to release fear and judgement of you building your business

  • Her journalling strategies and how to journal

  • The high level daily things she does to manifest abundance and her goals daily

  • How to set standards for your life (like receiving money every day, waking up and having your days play out exactly the way you want them to)

  • Becoming a match for your desires

  • How to raise your vibe and maintain it daily

  • How to launch courses, how to create courses that are infused with love and high vibes

  • How to manifest private clients + coach them

  • How to run a business whilst studying full time (Kimberley has done this and brought her business to 6 figures doing so in under 12 months!)

  • How to transition from job to your own business

  • How to work with crystals

  • How to set intentions and goals

  • Kimberley also works with energy and can read your energy to intuitively deliver a guided answer or pathway for you to your dilemmas. As an effect, her clients hear what they need to hear when they need to hear it to move forward and clear the blocks.

  • How to manifest as an extension of living and breathing, with ease

  • Finding the balance between hustle and flow



Take your business to 6 figures. Up-level through life.