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I am SO excited to announce a brand new - LIMITED EDITION 1-1 coaching program that is SHORT TERM!

(This has been unheard of for a LONG TIME!)

The amazing thing is this package is available with 3 AMAZING OPTIONS!


When I first began coaching in KW, I began as a life coach. I LOVED getting on the phone with my clients every week, catching up with them, stepping in high vibes and OF COURSE! Doing the energy work. I’ve worked with many women transformed:

  • Unhappy relationships to shedding these and calling in TRUE ALIGNED relationships (both romantic and friendship wise!)

  • Frustration with family members or extended fam to have harmony and love in these relationships

  • A low vibe money mindset to an open, beautiful money mindset in their day job so that they could manifest extra money on the side!

  • Their HEALTH from disrespecting their bodies, shaming their bodies to loving wholeheartedly who they are and the body they have.

  • Their overall daily anxiety to blissful daily joy and states of bliss!

  • Life happening TO them to them manifesting INCREDIBLE experiences! Amazing events begin to occur in their life!

Overall, I LOVE the life coaching vibe because it means you don’t HAVE to be a boss babe to have a coach - and improve your life to next levels of incredible manifestation!



OH HONEYS! I LOVE mentoring on business!! It’s one of my favourite things to talk about and share solutions and next level thinking to my clients about! There’s nothing like having someone to sound-board how you feel about a certain idea, or having someone to share your fears with that are keeping you stuck from moving forward! KW Mentorships are ALWAYS tailored to you, however many things we cover are:

  • ABUNDANCE mindset - the very energy and key that determines how money is entering your life right at this moment! We take things to the NEXT LEVEL with how you’re thinking, breathing, holding your energy! You are held accountable with staying in this vibe!

  • Releasing fearful beliefs holding you back - this is MAJOR! The number one thing that holds girls in biz back are the fears that arise out of NOWHERE that make you feel frozen in time! (But time keeps ticking on) and unless we release and overcome these fearful beliefs, they continue to have a grip on you! We abolish these so that you’re taking NEXT LEVEL LEAPS and steps to success in your business!

  • Being in the energy of success - this is big - especially at times when you feel like you’re NOT succeeding. For myself, having a coach and being able to speak into and call in success with them has been transformational for me to maintain a high vibe and take my business up and up and up!

  • Acting as IF! - How would you act if you were that 6 figure earner? How would you BE? What woudl you do? I probe you on tthese questions so that you’re really allowing yourself to show up at your fullest!

  • ALIGNED HUSTLE STRATEGY! Ohh yes - I wasn’t going to forget this one babes! This is for us to create action plans that are aligned with you to head to the next level without burning out - but with aligned action! This is where we LOVE the grind, we love the feeling of the work and we thrive in it. And in this vibe, we call in SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE of HIGH LEVELS!

I always think it’s important to be mentored by someone who hasa aalready created results. If you’re wondering, some things I’ve been very grateful and proud of for myself are:

  • Studying full time in a science degree in 2018, and built my business to 5 figure months within 6 MONTHS!

  • At 10 months, I had hit 6 figures! I finished 2018 with bringing in over $165k into the business as a STUDENT who had a biz!

  • To read the complete timeline of my journey and how I have travelled, read this blog HERE!



This was a flowing mix that seamlessly would go from life coaching to business coaching. We’ve cover relationships, thoughts about the body (body image and self love) to business etc! We are females - we are multi-passionate. We also have lives. Something might come up with your boyfriend, or with your family that you feel could be stifling you in business! Or perhaps your friends’ money mindsets aren’t exactly where yours wants to be and it’s keeping you down. And so in that - you might realise that you desire to have BOTH the life coaching vibe AND the business coaching vibe!

The choice is completely yours!


The transformational container is 6 weeks long!!

  • 6 x weekly NEXT LEVEL 30 minute 1-1 coaching calls with Kimberley

  • Unlimited voice message support - I’m on call for you when you need that boost and that extra help between calls! Get a high vibe shot into your day <3

  • Access to my energetic room where we think at a next level of thinking and BEING - we infuse luxe, abundance into ourselves just by being in the coaching program!



My usual long term coaching packages are $3333 per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months.


6 weeks of coaching including ALL the details above for

$3333 IN FULL!

3 and 6 month plans available on request!



To apply, please send me a DM on Instagram @kimberleywenya or on Facebook!




Meredith’s Thoughts!

It’s hard to briefly and concisely explain all that working with Kimberley has done for me, but if I had to put it into one word, it’s faith. Before Kimberley, I was completely at a loss of how to not only grow my business but how to grow as my own person. I had no real sense of connectedness to the universe, to a religion or spirituality, and yet I knew that there was more to self-growth and success than money and a business plan. Kimberley helped me to understand the things I was doing and the beliefs I was holding that we’re keeping me from my own success, and that success holds no particular shape or form. By teaching me to release the “how,” and to focus on what feels good and simply believe in my own abundance, abundant I became.

Not only did a manifest $3.5k within 2 weeks of working with her, but I have since continued to see myself, my message, and my worth in a completely new light. I no longer am driven by success as a monetary value in the future but by every small miracle, every day. For that, I am eternally grateful and that investment in KW is still returning itself multifold”

- Meredith Wadsworth (The Hye Life)



Veera’s thoughts on coaching with Kimberley

My coaching with Kimberley gave me an amazing kickstart on my journey to become a mindset coach. She helped me to crush my limiting beliefs about money. She gave me the tools on how to stay focused and motivated by discovering my reason why I want to do all this. She also gave me some very practical tips on podcasting and coaching.

I chose to have her as my coach because of her unbelievably positive energy and the way she shows up with so much knowledge.

She made the whole experience so empowering and I honestly felt like I was talking with an incredibly intelligent friend who just wanted to help me.

She's such an inspiration! I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn more about spirituality, business or mindset.

- Veera



Shannan’s thoughts

Not long after finding Kimberley’s podcast, I knew I wanted to work with her. Just listening to the episodes raised my vibration, so I could imagine how much a 1-1 call could help. I had a few questions before investing, which Kimberley was happy to answer over a video call and we then scheduled our 90 minute call.

As soon as I made the energetic transaction to invest in myself, I was seeing signs from the universe like crazy! I already felt so good about the investment.

It sounds like a long time but 90 minutes flew by. I feel like I could talk to this girl for hours! She has so much knowledge and explains things so clearly. I left the call with SO much motivation and feeling on top of the world. Kimberley helped me write out a plan for starting my business from scratch, step by step. We also did scripting exercises which brought things out in me that I never could have realised without her help.

In the days after our call, crazy things continued happening in my life. I feel so aligned and supported by the universe with every step I take in pursuing my dreams. And within a week I had manifested double the amount of money that I had invested in myself.

I would highly recommend coaching from Kimberley if you’re looking for guidance in any area of your life, she has completely transformed my mindset. Thank you Kimberley!

- Shannan Joy