Hi BABE! I'm super excited you want to hear more about Quantum Level Leaping.

Okay so! I had no idea I was creating this. But it has been created. It is something that I know souls out there need to hear. The things is, that you know that you're for this if you feel called. There is no such thing as convincing that needs to occur here. You already know that you've wanted to work with KW. You already know that you're meant for MASSIVE success -- QUANTUM SUCCESS!

Now, if I were able to do this all over again, there's one thing I know for sure.

I would have wanted to have been able to hire a coach who could GET ME to where I knew I wanted to be.

I would have wanted to hire a coach who could truly help me see how I could collapse time so that I could be where I really wanted to be.

The fact is, I didn't hire a coach who did this for me, I actually took this on my own terms and decided that I was going to be the one who gets me there - I was going to be the one who was going to collapse time for myself so that I could have the 6 figure business (and the soon to be (but actually already existing) 7 figure business).

Now let me be COMPLETELY clear.

This is not me getting you there.

This mentorship is NOT me GETTING you anywhere.

I'll tell you what it really freaking is.

It's me facilitating the DEEP AND ROOTING TRANSFORMATION that requires to take place in YOU to GET YOU TO GET YOU THERE.

>> It's not about me. It's not about me getting you there at all.

>> If that was the case, this would be a complete disservice of what I am to do as your coach and mentor.

SO. There are coaches who may tell you that they can get you to a certain place.

And for a long time, I myself hired coaches based on the thoughts of him or her getting me there. But that was the wrong way to go about this whole experience.

The whole experience truly is that YOU have this f*cking amazing power that you aren't using yet.

YOU have a deep power within you where you HAVE all the answers.

YOU KNOW all the things that are required for you to get to where you want to be --- but you haven't unlocked THAT yet.

... YET.

So. This is what we are set out to do in QUANTUM LEVEL LEAPING.

Over the last 12 months I've seen my life absolutely freaking QUANTUM LEAP from 1) living at home with my parents earning $400 a month, studying full time with a cluttered room in a scarcity and lack mode 2) feeling unfulfilled in life with my job as a receptionist 3) having friends that weren't there to fully support me TO THEN >> 1) moving out into my "then" dream apartment (i have since quantum leaped to new standards!) 2) earning multiple 5 figure months with flow and ease and 3) having a PASSIONATE, BEAUTIFUL tribe around me to support me through the ascension I continue to be on to my dream life and the impact I wish to have in the world.

SO, you know that you want to be places.

You know that you wish to have close contact with a mentor as such.

Someone you could be in contact regularly, someone you can get their opinion on.

Someone who you know has achieved what you desire to do, be, create and have.

>> Not to toot my horn, but I have achieved a f*cking lot in the last 12 months and it wasn't on accident.


And I'm here to now pass this onto you.

I am here to guide you through the forest of the unknown where you feel lost, where you feel like you cannot have do or be what you truly want to have do or be.

Fear is an ever-existent foe that we seem to come across and in my past I know that what has TRULY helped me to excel and accelerate and quantum leaps through the levels is having that mentor to tell me "hey, look at it this way.

This is what you're not seeing. The universe is telling me to tell you THIS."

All these things, I found redirected me back onto the path to greatness, to success, to quantum freaking RESULTS!!!

There were several things I realised TRULY helped me to quantum leap. These are the ones flowing to mind right now:


I never doubted whether I would get to where I wanted to BE. I never questioned it because i knew deep FREAKING down that it was all going to happen. YET! This is easier said than done. We knuckle down on this so that you create UNWAIVERING faith within yourself so that patience is not required >> simply the practice of that faith paired with self-belief.


I learned that BIG energy was something that was within me but that I was hiding. I was constantly thinking that if I was to shine bright and BE the big energy in the room, then what would happen if it faltered just for a second? People woudl see I was a fake. WE OVERCOME this feeling so that you realise that BIG ENERGY IS A GIFT! Big energy is the power that is wihtin you that MUST be shown in order to BE and EMBODY that quantum level leaping version of you.


No more of this "i'll hide in the corner and mumble my blog out loud" - NO, NADA -- you cannot hide in this energetic room. THERE IS NO TIME FOR HIDING, NO TIME FOR MUMBLING - THERE IS ONLY TIME TO BE HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR SO YOUR MESSAGE CAN CARRY! This then lets the money roll on in...


Kicking away those fellas that don't serve you. The "rich people are mean" thoughts or the "I can't want money, that means I'm a bad person". BYE BYE BAD THOUGHTS AROUND MONEY, HELLO GOOD THOUGHTS AND - OH! HELLO AMAZING NEW INCREASING NUMBERS IN BANK ACCOUNT!


How many times have you been too stuck in the masculine, and not in the feminine? Or perhaps you got really stuck in the "sit back and relax" and didn't lift a finger at all. (So you got... no results). When I figured out the balance between the M and the F, I started to see that life came together beautifully. My manifestations came faster, the money increased and IT ALL FELT SO GOOD.


When you join this mentorship you're entering the next-level room. It's part of the joining - it's integrated into the button you press in order to be a part of this all. I CHOSE to press join and move into next-level rooms with my mentors - and it CHANGED ME. This will do the same for you.


We need to dispell all those beliefs of the "I can't have it all" - because you really truly FREAKING CAN!

Sacrifice is NOT required for you to get to the top. Overworking is NOT required for you to succeed. It's all about the energetic and the magic that is within you that you aren't yet using.


WELL DUH! You're working with KW so OF COURSE we will be speaking about energy. All these things are an intrinsic part of how I speak and teach. So much of it also works through the energy in the text messages and voice messages you'll be getting regularly from me. You may not even properly read something or hear something BUT YOU WILL GET THE ENERGY. Adding on to that, my soul will speak to your soul, my higher self to your higher self. It's all this spiritual exchange in the other realm that you begin to realise is coming and spreading into the physical realm which manifests as the subconscious actions you'll begin to do as you work on your business and life.

OKAY - sound freaking amazing yet?

I thought so. So, let's talk about the logistics then. (Or at least what this really contains).

>> 6 weeks, you and I, delving into the ENERGETICS, THE QUANTUM, THE MANIFESTATION PRINCIPLES AND UNIVERSAL LAW YET IN A MODERN GIRL WAY - to get you quantum level leaping.

>> Access to up to one weekly call a week - us diving into what is beneath the surface that you're hiding or not willing to see or the things that are holding you back from the quantum jumps in success.

>> Bi-weekly group call with all 1-1 clients where I speak on a topic that the group needs to hear

>> Unlimited voice message and chat!! (this is golden to be able to literally ask me your qs anytime)

>> Discounts on KW courses



As soon as you join: You get IMMEDIATE access to voice message coaching with Kimberley.

The earlier you sign up, the more time you have before we begin!

BONUS: When you join now, get access to Manifesting The Luxe Life as a BONUS!!!


1) What do you desire to create?

2) Why you and why now?

Feel free to send me your answers! x