Yay babe! I’m so excited you’re curious about the mentorship - or even if you just want a high vibe message to your inbox from my heart to yours. 

So this mentorship I’ve been talking about - right - it’s called The Manifestation Group Mentorship but it encompasses SO much more than what the words give.  

I know what it felt like to wake up every single day and feel like life was hard. 

>> Like things weren’t going my way. I was like what the HECK is going on universe? 

I would TRY and TRY and TRY this and that - I did the journaling, I did the work but something wasn’t quite right.  

I wanted: 

>> to be able to manifest money with ease, flow in AVALANCHES! 

>> to manifest my soul mate who I would be passionately in love w/ 

>> to manifest high vibe accommodation so that I felt like a queen 

>> to INCREASE my happiness and feel bomber all the time! (Or as much as possible) 

>> freedom. To have a business that ran ITSELF and that the universe would allow to run for me (this is not a MUST for people seeking to better their lives BUT it’s just what I wanted.) 

Maybe you want some of these things, maybe you have some of each thing. But you desire to uplevel in ALL areas.  

You don’t want to be so-so in money, so-so in your love life, so-so in your happiness - you want it all. 

Well let me tell you babe. 


You get to have EVERYTHING you desire. No catch 22s. No small print. NADA. 

The thing is, you’ve grown up with a certain way of thinking. You’ve grown up living life a certain way.  


>> Some of these things AREN’T serving you for creating the life you long for. 

They are COUNTERINTUITIVE to what we really should be doing to let the universe work in our favour.  

Maybe some of these things you’re already making way on - well this mentorship is for the FULL immersion of this. The full commitment to practice this. To implement. To get my feedback on your decisions - your dilemmas. 

You know those little internal battles you sometimes have between yourself and your other self? Like: 

> I really want to hit my business goal this month - but what goal do I go for? The stretch goal or what I think is realistic? 

> I keep attracting really douche bag guys. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME - why is this happening? Am I really only avail for these guys? UGH! 

> I feel like I’m f*cking stuck in a rut - WHY - HOW - WHEN! I am so sick of this. I don’t have the motivation - I feel fear and I can’t see a way out OMG.  

I. Have. Been. There. 

I know what it’s like. And let me tell you it’s FRUSTRATING. 

The whole intention for The Manifestation Group Mentorship is 4 weeks of: 

>> Seeing from a BRAND new perspective that completely SHIFTS how you perceive life. 

>> UPLEVELING to the next level - letting the NEW you emerge. 

>> Stepping into the TRUE boss babe you are - stepping into the KICKASS girl you know you are who smashes her goals and says “the better it gets, the better it gets!” 

>> Being in an AMAZING energetic room filled with the answers that you already have within you BUT haven’t found yet. We unlock you. We unleash the power to attract that you have within you.  

Since practising intentional manifestation I have:  

>> Manifested friendships with HIGH LEVEL people I desired to be around 

>> increased my monthly income x 9300%!!! Yes it sounds crazy but it’s the numbers. 

>> Manifested my soul mate who I see myself marrying (soon!) 

>> Manifested an incredible dream business doing my soul work, that brings in the money to support me 

>> Manifested raises in the job I was in before starting my business! 

>> Manifested AMAZING grades at school even whilst running the business 

>> Manifested a better outside ME! - like literally better clothes, hair, skin etc (next level) 

>> Manifested the best relationships ever with my family and loved ones - even if they don’t see eye to eye with me and my beliefs. 

So what will you need in order to manifest the above (or equal to in your life?) 


You will require—  

>> the willingness to SHIFT into abundance 

>> clarity in what you desire. 

>> a SAFE space to transform 

>> a quantum SHIFT! To go ALL IN to your new way of being and your new way of LIFE! 

It just makes sense that to DO this you will have to step into your WARRIOR WOMAN who is willing to step out of your comfort zone. Your next level you.  

Now the reason why most girls DON’T make it through energetics 1 alone is because 1) there is no accountability, no safe space for them to ask if something is right even when they feel stupid. 2) there is no accountability for a quantum shift! No-one knows - they literally chose on their own and it’s SO easy to slip back into old you.  

In TMGM - you have the accountability. You are IN the energetic room. We are ALL held accountable of the highest good.  

Now once this is felt, we move into: 


>> We ask for it all. We say yes to it all. 

>> We decide to be treated as one of the best. Because you are one of the best. 

>> We are the first class livers. We are UNAPOLOGETIC about being the best version of ourselves and asking for what we want.  

>> ALLLLLL whilst - being a kind, RICH girl. Abundant. Girl. 

NOW! We will also be addressing the deep blocks that you may not even KNOW about - the unseen ones!  

The subconscious blocks you’re currently unaware of. We go DEEEEP.  

I’ve worked with countless clients who had unconscious blocks to money. love. relationships. career. health. >> We work on your internal condition so this is reflected back TO YOU.  


>> Now that we’ve said yes to what we initially wanted - what MORE do you desire? 

>> What MORE can you step into? 

>> it’s the uplevel PAST the next level.  

>> We PUSH the limits of what is possible for you in your life.  

We are re-wiring your mindset, your energy, your vibration, your FREQUENCY for all desires good. For all things wanted. For all the goals.  

We’re creating with the universe in a way others aren’t right now. 


We do ALL this in The Manifestation Group MENTORSHIP! 

>> This is next level. This is high level mentorship. There are no workbooks. There is no SET agenda - because the universe ALWAYS has a higher plan for us than we know. There is the POWERFUL intention, container, room and THAT is what creates and delivers.  

SO what’s involved: 


For this month, you’re in my energetic space of manifestation + uplevelling This energetic room elevates your energy on a daily just by BEING in it. This is where SO MUCH of the transformation occurs. Freedom to ask as many questions as you’d like, whenever you’d like. You’re also in a mentorship with other babes who love personal development + manifestation! SPOTS ARE LIMITED!!! 

GROUP VOICE CHAT Where I’ll be answering everyone’s questions through voice message + text message throughout the week! My energy will transmute thru voice + text message Meet other like-minded babes who are on the same wavelength!  

TWO HIGH VIBE LIVE TRAININGS Where I share strategy, tips and energetic secrets to manifesting your strategic future by design. You get full access to ask me anything - from what I’m currently doing in life, money mindset, business, to my advice on what I would do if I were you. I also infuse any manifestation strategies that I’m uncovering!  

EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP To connect with the other girls and post anything in your heart’s desire. 


>> As soon as you join, you have FULL 1-1 voice message access to coach with me. So. The earlier you join, the more of this time you have! 

NOW if you feel called to rise up, or you’re even just a little curious and you have NO idea why, answer the following qs:  

  1. Why did you feel called? Why you? (Maybe you have no clue!)

  2. Why now?

Just reply back on IG/FB chat :)

If this is an energetic match and feels aligned, then we can chat costs etc! XO