Abundance Abounds - Money Journaling Prompts

Abundance Abounds - Money Journaling Prompts


Hi girls!! The KW Journal Prompt ebook is FINALLY HERE!

KW has created a strong reputation for journaling and I’ve been asked countless times what the journal prompts are that I use! So I decided to create this beautiful ebook filled with 33 journal prompts, just for you.

I have infused this ebook with such tender love and care. If you look at the front page, you’ll notice that the design is similar to that of a figure eight. That’s because that was the inspiration! The angel number 8 is the number abundance, and since we are journaling for 30 days of ABUNDANCE abounding, I thought it was perfect!

Minimalist, chic and modern girl, this 12 paged ebook is filled with the journaling prompts I myself have used in the past to create the multiple 6 figure business I now own!

And the best part is - you can have it for a fraction of the price that it would cost in a masterclass!!

A beautiful series of 33 journal prompts to absolutely TRANSFORM your mindset with money. Daily subtle shifts to lead to a mindset curated, primed and optimised to let abundance abound.

Once you purchase this digital product you will receive an email with the download link! <3

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