Raise Your Vibe Masterclass

Raise Your Vibe Masterclass


INTRODUCING The Raise Your Vibe Masterclass

with Spiritual mindset coach, Kimberley Wenya

If you’re a gal who wants to consistently attract your desires into reality, then one thing you want to be sure of is that you’re raising your vibe. 

But if you’re new to this spiritual stuff (which I’m OBSESSED with!) then sometimes it’s difficult to stay high vibe when the people around you are negative, and low vibe.

This masterclass is going to help you feel like you can overcome any low vibe people, stay strong in your high vibe state so you can actively be ATTRACTING your desires!

It’s going to be all about

  • How to raise your vibe

  • How to protect your energy/vibe so you attract more of what you DO want

  • How to deal with low vibe people

  • AND I’ll also be sharing a recommended audio which I listen to in the morning whilst I read/journal to raise your vibe


  • DATE: JUNE 24th 8AM AEST. (On the weekend!) Convert the time to your time zone here.

  • Don't worry, the masterclass will be recorded just in case you cannot make it on the day itself! You will be sent a link to the recording.

  • 90 minutes of high vibing with other like-minded gals? Yes PLEASE! Sign up because this is the most affordable accessibility to speaking to me live!

  • The masterclass is taught live by me.

  • You get a chic, minimalistic masterclass workbook to fill out during class

  • The group chat will be open to ask questions during class!

  • Share your desires with others and send them out to the universe!

  • Once you sign up, I will be sending out a question sheet which you can send back with your answers so I can tailor the masterclass to you and prepare for your questions!

Don't miss this amazing masterclass to RAISE YOUR VIBE BABE!

Big love,

Kimberley x

For my aussie girls, please note that all prices shown are in USD!

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