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manifest in your daily life as a modern girl.

be in the energy of manifesting your desires.

Hey girl.

So maybe you’ve heard a little about manifestation.

It’s a concept that can change your life, and all it involves is changing your mindset and doing inspired action.

All whilst feeling supported by the universe, and allowing things to be easy!

Manifestation is talked about everywhere- in books, on podcasts (like my own) but when it comes down to the nitty gritty…

How do you actually manifest as a part of your daily routine?

How do we let manifestation be an extension of just LIVING and breathing?

Right now, you’re manifesting.

As you’re reading these sentences you’re manifesting - but the question is, are you manifesting intentionally?

The answer to that can be found by looking at what you’re attracting into your life right now.

Are you seeing things that you like? Are you achieving your goals?

Or do you wish there was an easier way to achieve things?

Maybe you wish there was a way that things could be easy - and that manifesting intentionally was just a part of your daily life and routine.

What does a day in the life really look like when you’re intentionally manifesting?

You might be thinking…

What rituals should I be doing?

Do I need to meditate everyday? Do I need to journal everyday? How much time does it all take?

And most of all, how do I do this in my full schedule, and in a modern girl way?

All of these are questions I used to have when I began my manifestation journey.

I read all these books and followed all these leaders, but they all talked about concepts and not the PRACTICAL steps for us modern girls to take to manifest our desires intentionally.


That is why I created this incredible course.


This is no ordinary course.

The minute you join, you’re entering a high vibe space and container to hold and create your desires into your life.

It’s me riffing and downloading from the universe and sharing all my secrets, all my rituals, all that I know to intentionally manifest on a daily basis - as part of LIVING.

And no, it doesn’t involve long strung out rituals - the things I’ll be sharing are things that I do on the daily.

As a girl who loves an owns Chanel. And likes to have weekly facials and massages.

SO much realness and high vibes in a punch packed course.

High vibe energy will be abundant, and you’ll be in the energy of manifesting your goals and desires just by joining.

Join me in raising your energy and vibe in The Art of Intentional Manifestation.

This course is where I’ll be sharing all my secrets and specifics on how I’m intentionally manifesting every single day with money, life, a good mood, having a nice day and letting things play out the way I want.

Magic in a bundle.

The art of intentional manifestation

Manifest your desires as a part of modern girl daily life.


julia’s thoughts

I’ve been really enjoying TAIM! I have been experiencing so many breakthroughs this past week, but I mostly wanted to tell you that on day 3 of doing TAIM I manifested $50k with ease! It was amazing and all the tips were so practical and easy, so I just wanted to say thank you! I’m so happy with my decision to up level with you as my guide.. I am so pumped for 2019 now!!

TAIM ella

Ella’s thoughts

"I felt pulled to join the first round of TAIM as I've been an avid listener of Kimberley's podcast and really resonate with her message and way of teaching. I'm sooo happy I made the investment as I've learnt so much - even as someone who has read a lot of self development books - there's always more to learn. As a result of each masterclass I have pages full of notes and specific advice from Kimberley on different areas of my life that I want to work on. I feel happier and more in control of how I feel than ever! I'll be re-watching the videos whenever I need a pick me up. Thanks Kimberley <3 "

@ella.ryder on IG



  • Five incredible HIGH VIBE trainings all about how to manifest as an extension of living

  • Join the peer to peer support high vibe FB group for the training to meet other likeminded girls who are into modern girl manifestation!

  • Kimberley’s latest updates on what’s working for her in manifestation

  • Guided meditations and be in the energy of successful manifestations!

  • Kimberley covers all areas - money, life, career, relationships, mood, how your day runs etc!

  • Access to any future additions Kimberley makes to the course.

  • Lifetime access to the trainings to re-listen in your own time as many times as you’d like!



manifest easily in daily life



  • What if I can’t watch the trainings quickly?

    • You have them for life! <3

  • If I already know about manifestation should I still join?

    • ABSOLUTELY. If you feel called to delve more into how you can manifest as an extension of breathing - then this is absolutely for you! Kimberley will be riffing on the energy of manifestation and how she does it in everyday life to successfully manifest her goals. Just being in the energy of the course is enough to elevate your vibe and your manifestations!

  • Is this course for beginners?

    • Yes! This course is also super ideal for those who want to take part in The Manifestation Collective but didn’t have the financial ability to do so.

  • If I’ve done The Manifestation Collective, is this still worth me doing?

    • Yes girl! This is a completely different training to TMC. TMC goes through the whole process of manifestation and is a deep dive into how to manifest your goals. Whilst TMC teaches practical manifestation also, this training is how to implement on the daily and how a day and week looks typically to intentionally manifest in Kimberley’s experience. Hence, why this training was recorded over 5 days, you get to take a look into the sort of shifts that Kimberley makes in general to manifest intentionally!

  • I want a taste of what these trainings will be like.

    • Desire Match HERE is a great example of what each training will be like for the 5 days in terms of the HIGH VIBES and energy the trainings will give off!

  • Can I get a refund?

    • Refunds are not available for this course.


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