I introduce to you: The Ease Of Attracting Money.

The 5-part training series to TRANSFORM how you are receiving money!!

Have you ever felt:

  • Like you have to freaking BUST your butt to make money?

  • As if money only comes in sometimes, not always?

  • Like you wished money would be magnetised to you?

  • Like you would LOVE if you could purchase things based on DESIRE rather than what you can afford?

  • Like you desire to be in the energy of ABUNDANCE much more often than you currently are?

  • Like money is something that you’re not used to receiving in large amounts with ease!

HEAR ME OUT GIRL - I have BEEN there!!

I created The Ease Of Attracting Money because I knew that my past self had questions. She had questions like:

  • How do I deal with being surrounded with friends who don’t feel abundant?!

  • Should you place a time frame around when you want to manifest money?

  • Is it better to be specific about how much money you want to manifest or not?

  • How do you open up your mind when for so long you have been influenced by negative money beliefs?!

  • How do you change how you receive money in your job where you have set income?

  • How do you let go of the worry of money when its not coming in?

Oh boy, past me had so many questions aboutt money that she didn’t understand.

Over the last 2 years, I have made DEEP changes to my mindset that have absolutely changed how money responds to me.

Money only used to come:

  • If I was tutoring for 60 minutes how to do math

  • If was waiting on tables at a restaurant

  • If I asked for my pay from my job

  • If I did admin work

NOW, money comes:

  • With such ease and flow while I’m shopping, sleeping, working out, eating, meeting family or friends

  • In BIGGER and bigger amounts! More than I can even imagine!

  • When I am living my best life, sitting at cafes and coffee shops all over the world!

  • In both expected and unexpected ways! (Through the business and not through the business!)

If you have been wanting to take your money mindset to the next level in a modern girl vibe, with journal prompts and the ENERGY required to take you there infused into the videos that you can play live in your room - THIS IS IT!

I asked and you girls voted!!! Many of you babes said you LOVE to aabsorb the vibes of money and energy whilst listening to trainings. And many of you said you LOVED journal prompts to support modules!


The Ease Of Attracting Money is like over the top supported with notes and journal prompts to enhance how you absorb these lessons and life changing principles into your being!!! You’ll find incredible journal prompts under each of the 5 training series that have changed my money mindset INCREDIBLY to be a clear running river to money!!

Things you will want to know:

  • These videos and trainings are packed with HIGH FREAKING VIBES! Just watching them is going to influence your money mindset!

  • This is AMAZING value for what you invest! T.E.A.M is worth over $777 (with the notes and journal prompts and the new thoughts that are going to transform your money mindset!)

  • You can do the modules at your own pace!! You can do a module a week or a module a day! It’s totally up to you!

  • At the point that I created this training, I was already manifesting multiple 5 figure months! So I teach about money ALREADY having created amazing results for money.

  • I re-watched ALL of the modules myself to create the notes and journal prompts and learned things again (MYSELF!!) when watching! It just proves how incredible the points are in this training!


What if you could receive money with total flow and ease?

Let’s just go a quick rant about how money gets to be attracted to you with ease:

You are a body of LIGHT of SUCH potential and you have every ability to LIVE to your potential!!

Because honey right now up until now you may have struggled for so long.

Perhaps the people around you don’t support you.

They may be low vibe and you’re trying your hardest to step up.

You’re doing your best to become abundant because it’s what you desire.

I hear you, girl. I hear you loud and clear. From my heart to yours I believe in you.

I believe that you can have the money that you desire to buy that designer bag, or go out for brunch whenever you want without having to order the cheapest thing on the menu.

All of this - I’ve been through. All of this, I’ve moved through. I’ve cried over how hard I’ve had to work, I’ve been frustrated. I’ve been bitter. I’ve been in every emotion possible with money.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, its that we can use the universe’s power to create a money reality we truly desire.

I’m here to lead you, guide you on the most common money setbacks and money beliefs that hold money from us.


Let’s overcome the struggle. Let’s overcome it all and begin to receive money with ease!

You are literally living a life that you have the ability to create each moment. The way that you receive money now can absolutely CHANGE - and for the better! You just need to give yourself the chance.

What if money started to enter your bank account or find its way to your hands in cash out of the blue?! What if you have the ability tot call in money with ease?

What if instead of attracting more bills that you don’t have money for, you attracted bills that you LOVED paying and had the money to pay it every time?

The answers and the support I have shared in The Ease of Attracting Money!!




T.E.A.M is worth over $777!! (AMAZING VALUE!)

Right now you can join T.E.A.M for THE price of $333!!!




Inez’s Thoughts

“I had been following KW for about 1 month and was SUPER curious about what she spoke about, having owned my own health and fitness business for over 6 years and dabbling into manifestation abundance for the past 12 months. Because I’m a huge believer that what you put in is what you get out, I decided to invest in The Ease of Attracting Money as a taster for what KW’s courses were like.

The course gave me SO many shifts in my money mindset, by the time I had listened to just 3 of the 5 parts I had already manifested 3 new high paying clients (over 4 figures each). The biggest breakthrough for me was that I had already learned a lot about manifestation, but Kimberley’s energy of really LIVING it showed me how to actually live in abundance too. Therefore, I become an energetic match to the client’s and abundance I desired. My business has been doing well (so close to 6 figures last financial year!), and this year I know I will PASS the 6 figure mark now that I have a more positive vibe behind all of my actions thanks to KW (instead of the fear vibe we as coaches so often have when we try to sell our amazing programs). Not only does this benefit me, but it means I can confidently offer my magical programs to SO many women around the globe that truly need help with their relationship with food and their bodies."



Are refunds available?

Refunds are not available for this digital course!

Can I do it in my own time?

YES!! Absolutely! You can take your time with this course as it is self study!

Other notes!

This course was created in early 2019. In investing in this course, you are taking your money mindset to the NEXT LEVEL! In purchasing this course, there are brand new journal prompts and notes added to the modules!