With Kimberley Wenya


The ultimate modern girl mastermind experience


So you're here on this page for a reason - you had a call in your heart to click on the link.

>> You felt called to come here and see what this was about. And so you're here now. And you're curious.

There are a few things I know for sure about the kind of girl who is ready to join this mastermind.

This girl is:


She's fierce and she's got power and is deeply powerful and she knows it. There's something different about her and she knows that she has a BIG freaking message to share with the world.


All her life she has produced work at a high level. In school, she was top of the class, she was always on time, she knew the standards that were required to wow the teachers and her fellow students. People always wanted her to be in their group for her intelligence (even if they weren't friends with her) - and she knew that... And she knew that she had a gift that other's didn't. The gift of high excellence work -> which now translates to her FREAKING high level work NOW in her business.


So deep down she KNOWS her freaking worth. She KNOWS that she is priceless to the world, to the universe. She GETS that she is beautiful and is loved. And whilst she may have a few issues now and then and forget it sometimes, she always ends up coming back to knowing who she is and what she's on this planet to do.


And oooh man she really knows that when her GAME FACE is on, she freaking SHOWS THE F*CK UP!

She IS a warrior woman of love. She is a warrior woman for her cause, for her message - and all at the same time she knows she isn't fighting a fight. She is simply a messeneger and ambassador for what she is creating. The term and label warrior woman doesn't mean she's here to pick a fight or here to WIN a war (although we LOVE winning, we're always winners...) it simply means that she KNOWS what alignment is, SOUL, DEEP alignment where her work aand message is so damn sharp that it CUTS through the bullshit, the noise. OH YES, this feeling is deep, it's nuanced and it's unique, sophisticated, but if you're reading this and feeling this on a soul level, you completely get it and agree.


She is teachable, her mind is malleable. She's able to get things on a high complex level of teaching. Her working mind has neurons firing at quantum speed, allowing herself to shift and change and align herself with the mindset and the thoughts required to accelerate her work of excellence and level of success - and in turn the money and the clients and RESULTS that show up in her business. She is open for constructive feedback, she is open to hear the answer. She also knows that the aanswers are from within her. And she also knows that I won't tell her anythting she doesn't already know. But she knows the POWER and having the answers led from within her - because she understands that this mastermind isn't about spoonfeeding but it IS ABOUT unlocking of the deep, unlocking of the inner knowing that was always within but somehow dormant.


Along with being teachable and able to soak up daily lessons I'll PERSONALLY be sharing in the mastermind group chat, her energy is on FIRE. It's one that can shape shift and be elevated easily just by being in the energy of others of a high level. She has energy that is able to be lifted and elevated and she herself knows that she is aable to contribue high level energy to the group. She's here to be a PART of the mastermind, not to just sit back in the backseat. But she also knows that some days it's totally okay to be a creeper and just listen in on her high level conversations being made and soak in the deep energy and knowledge. Eitherway, she knows what she's signing up for and she's ALL IN.

Reading this all, she already knows she is being called to rise.

Reading this all, she already knows this is for her.

But maybe she'll think about it a couple days - or maybe she'll sign up right away.

Eitherway, she knows that SHE WILL BE and IS and part of this high level mastermind already.

She sees herself being amongst other high level women, in the midst of it all getting new ideas to accelerate her business and her life success.

>> She is READY to NEXT LEVEL THE HECK out of her business and life.

She also knows that this mastermind is not all simply about business. That there will be talk about inner personal knowings and issues - and all will be solved from a blueprint perspective.

She knows the the work is but not limited to:

  • Self worthiness talk

  • Energy around herself, protecting it, not draining it

  • Her partner (or calling in her partner)

  • Her confidence and her standards

  • Fear of success, mindset beliefs


  • Whether she should stay at high level places and 5 star hotels

  • Whether she's spending too much money or not enough money

  • Whether she knows what she actually WANTS

  • Knowing who she even IS (she's finding this all the way and uncovering this)

  • Life in general (nothing is off limits)

  • Family dilemmas

  • Money mindset

THIS isn't simply a mastermind for wealth building, business energetics - it's a MASTERMIND for life intrinsically, for you to design your best life. However of course, I had to create a focal point for the work we are doing, there are NO limits. Whatever is brought up in the Mastermind IS and WAS always meant to be.





  • 6 x bi-weekly hot seat coaching calls

  • Access to any of my NEW courses that I am running at the time. (This also includes ones that I am currently TEACHING so if I launched something a few weeks ago but am teaching it, you still get access that that!! So the earlier join, the more courses you have unlimited access to!)

  • Access to the high level mastermind secret group chat! >> Where SO many of the downloads will be happening

  • We start 1-1 private coaching in the chat IMMEDIATELY when you join! No having to wait around til we start to begin having NEXT LEVEL transformations!

  • Access to the secret Facebook group!

  • Access to me whenever you'd like a coaching hit from me! 

  • And ALSO!! You get 2 x 1-1 calls with me where we do the innerwork together, deep!



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So love. I see this as next level - HIGH LEVEL coaching - all with the vibes of being in an elevated energetic room!

If you’re still here, you feel something inside of you is curious.

Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to get the vibe - or just more information!

Private Message me over on Facebook through Messenger and I’ll get back to you :)

Otherwise if you’re feeling ready for the LEAP, for the QUANTUM SHIFT!

You know what to do <3

Big love,

Kimberley xo