02 // A Little Bit About Kimberley + My Wellness Journey (Get to Know Me)

Often I love to know more about the person who hosts a podcast (I mean, we’re listening to what they have to say yet we know nothing about them!) So I decided to early on, not beat around the bush and record an episode of a little bit about me so you can feel my vibe! 

You’ll also notice I speak a little lower pitch in this episode (and from now on) because I realised I was using my nasal voice (lol!) I googled this and realised so I’m now using this diaphragm voice which is so much easier on the ears to listen to (and edit!) It may seem like I’m less excited but trust me, I am just as passionate and excited minus the harsh nasal sounds hahaha. 

I hope you enjoy this episode, if we have any similarities let me know on my Instagram @kimberleywenya!


Big love,

Kimberley x